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Why is it that with nearly every psychological label also comes a stigma relative to the diagnosis? Does it extend from the person with the label or from society and the views of those who need help? Why is it so hard for people to accept things as they are without assigning blame? How does it all play out for the individual with the psychological label having to fight through the stigma coming from the process of seeking help to better ones self in the first place?

I often wonder if it’s merely a lack of understanding or compassion that contributes to the stigma around something such as “personality disorder“. When being talked to about this disorder you will find it relates back to your journey to get to the point of fighting with it. From that point many people search to assign blame instead of being accepting of the fact, it just is no blame needed. I find the stigma around such things to be just as troublesome as the actual ailment, not only do you need to fight with your ailment but then you have to fight with all those different views contributing to that stigma in the first place.

Blame plays a huge role in how such things are perceived, it confuses the point at which the stigma comes from. If you go through the system like I have you will find that there is no blame involved other than from yourself. We search for a reason, some definitive answer, yet assigning blame only brings anger to the situation destroying the ability to learn and grow from it. It’s a natural course to want to have a definitive answer but searching for one only adds to the struggles that will be endured through the journey.

Much of who we are today comes from our upbringing, the successes and failures of our parents both contribute to our own successes and failures. When going and getting a diagnosis and being given a label that points back to their upbringing as the problem often people will want to assign blame to their parents, ”they did the best they could”.


Why do I have such a problem with watching a situation where a parent will accidentally psychologically damaged their child? In those moments I realize how the situations I have endured from my parents have all contributed to my own psychological damage and the whole problem of not assigning blame becomes a convoluted mess. In the same way I have not been given the tools to deal with life so to they grew up in a situation where the tools were not readily available for them, in that day and age talking about these type of things was also looked down upon.

I tend to think of it this way, everyone has got problems but at least I can identify mine! Where they extend from is irrelevant to the fact of having to endure them but it is useful in understanding how to not make those same mistakes.

The only way to change the stigma around a mental health diagnosis is by first understanding nearly everyone is mentally ill in someway. It is largely the stigma that contributes to the problems relative to the person seeking help in the first place, when the more you explain how you feel and people look down upon you further for feeling it ultimately that is a larger problem than the feeling in the first place. The stigma around needing help ultimately pushes many people away from seeking help in the first place. Just simply denying the fact does not make it go away.

I would venture to say embracing the stigma of a mental illness without first understanding the ailment is just as much of a mental illness even without having a label for it.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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Stigma is one kind of mental sickness, its also create psychological problem,if you try your best so you abate this, thanks @d00k13 for your suggestions,

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Just doing my part to bust down the walls of stigmatism. The problem revolves around the view of society upon those whom ask for help.

Thanks for stopping in and commenting 👍

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Thank you for this!

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