Steemit: give me the old format

in steemit •  6 months ago

I logged in today and Steemit presented to me a new display format. To tell the truth, I am not excited about it. I prefer the old format with the smaller picture and horizontal arrangement because it allowed me to view more posts at a glance. I also was fond of seeing the list of tags to the left of the page which made it easier to see the popular topics.

Source: Pixabay

I wish there was an option to use the old format. If anyone reading this knows how to opt out of this update please leave a comment.

When I first started blogging on Steemit I could have seen the view count for each post. However, at this point, I am not certain if this was a figment of my imagination. Some feedback on this will be appreciated too.

As the saying goes the only thing certain in life is change. But we have a popular saying in my country too, "an old working something is better than a new thing."

What about you? What do you think about the new format?

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It looks the same to me on mobile. Will have to check back. There are other platforms one can use. I find them less straight forward but a lot of people like them is one


Thanks for responding @limabeing. I use a desktop for blogging, in fact, I've never visited Steemit on my mobile. Interesting, I was not aware there were other parallel universes of Steemit, thanks, will do more research later today. Thanks for the upvote as well.

I discovered this morning that Steemit looks the old way with Firefox, the new format is showing up with the Chrome browser.

In this post, @happymoneyman explains that the view count tally was removed because it was not working properly. Read the post, watch the video to learn about upcoming changes on the platform.

the change made my mobile different actually. but you know what they say about change....