is adding SBD and STEEM. Guides for merchant tools and plugins: Part 1 getting to know the site and features

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First off i would like to thank @klye for bring it to the attention to the community with his POST that showcased the need to have these currencies added to Coinpayments it adds one more exchange to the community. Which users can trade on and the ability to sell services and products using sbd or steem.

The site has many features of which you can use such as:

Shopping cart plugins for pretty well known billing systems

Merchant api documentation if you want to build your own apps or plugins
Point of Sale (POS) Interface
Instant Payment Notification
Shopping Cart Buttons
Invoice Builder to request payments
One other cool feature is the donation buttons you can find out more about that

All Documentation Can be found:HERE

Payment features it offers:

Anyone interested in this series please feel free to follow.

Once the plugin is out our site will be allowing users to purchase vpn services.


I have like 20 wallets now. hahaha!!

Oh wow that's a bit of wallets. On coinpayments or do you mean spread out?

Now you will be able to pay directly with SBD and STEEM directly on my store and buy T-Shirts like this! I'm so glad that finally we did it! :)

Looks cool good to see some cool steem products.

Thanks will be following ... what is SBD ?