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Sometimes you work really hard on a post and you get 10-20 cents on your post and it feels like you spent a lot of time for not much. Even though its free you probably are going to want more than that, especially if it took a lot of time and effort. This usually occurs because of the times that you post on Steemit. So I am going to give you some advice on when you can post to maximize your upvotes.

Oddly enough I am posting on one of the worst times to post a blog on steemit.

The best time to post on Steemit is Monday-Thursday after 4:00 pm pacific time. This is because this is when most of the United States is off of work and when I usually get the most upvotes.

On Friday-Sunday, this is when people are spending time with their family and doing leisure activities and don't want to be working because most people consider Steemit work.

Regardless, I post everyday on Steemit, but if you are going to work really hard on a post I would suggest posting it Monday-Thursday after 4:00pm pacific.

I hope this helped, I will be giving away .15 SBD to a random person in the comments, If you want to be eligible for this you must upvote and comment, you don't have to resteem but if you do that may just help you get picked ;). I will be doing this every post.

Steem on!

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Nice! I was asking myself that question today, when is it better to share a post? And here is the answer :D Thanks for sharing ;)

I never could understand how posting a video or a blog/vlog on line be it yt. fb. or here on steemit as work a hobby maybe but not work, then I hear how folks spend hours and hours tweaking the light's and sounds while editing me I might add text but that's about it :) good to know that there is a good time and a down time to posting thanks for sharing I'll resteem to spread the word

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Good advice. A lot of Americans are here on Steemit after work. I'm an American in Vietnam, so 4 PM PST is about 7 AM in Vietnam. So, I may see more success in the morning my time. There are people on at different times all around the world and that will only grow in the next few years as we overtake Facebook.


you won the .10 steem dollar. just sent

Thanks for providing this information. I am from Australia, and I try to post after 1pm local time. However, it is very unpredictable at times. It does get frustrating when you put effort into a post and don't get much back, if any at times. I guess its the nature of the game and we just need to keep pushing on. Cheers!


Hey @br86 Im also from Australia and im working out when the best time to posts is !!! What time do you post that give better post rewards ?

  • No following you .. Cheers

Nice thoughts about something that we were all wondering. For me personally, a lot of times the week days are filled with work and other activities so I end up catching up on Steemit on weekends. So I have found that Saturday is big day for some and posting earlier in the day like Saturday morning seems to work out well. Just my .02

Good to know. Thanks for the post @cryptotraderx

haha i make 1-3 cents a post so congrats :)

Do you have a data set that backs this observation up? It conflicts with some other reading I was doing:

I have been puzzling over this for some time. I think my posts are interesting yet I struggle to grow my reputation. Your suggestion come to 2am in South Africa but I will try that!! Thanks for the advice

This is an interesting perspective. I'm curious if the topic of the steemit article makes a difference as to what time is best. I ask because I often blog about Entrepreneur types of articles, and small business technology, and social media management for businesses. Do you think that could make a difference?

I'm curious if those in my niche area would be on during normal business hours (which would change depending on country of interest.)

Nice advice! Thanks :)