More than 700,000 Steemit accounts / Mehr als 700.000 Steemit-Konten

in steemit •  9 months ago

Since my post 19 days ago, another 100,000 accounts have been created. There are now over 700,000 accounts here.

There is also a new record for the number of new accounts per day. In the following diagram you can see that over 20,000 new accounts were created yesterday.

Seit meinem Beitrag vor 19 Tagen wurden weitere 100,000 Accounts erstellt. Nun gibt es hier bereits über 700.000 Accounts.

Außerdem gibt es einen neuen Rekord bei der Anzahl der neuen Accounts pro Tag. In dem folgenden Diagramm könnt Ihr sehen, dass gestern über 20.000 neue Accounts angelegt wurden.

Click to zoom

7000002018-01-30 18:06:24zoraidalrg
6000002018-01-11 13:55:24buhl2
5000002017-12-15 20:37:33bestdronevideos
4000002017-10-06 21:11:12btitrex
3000002017-08-05 13:22:21yanickite
2000002017-06-16 13:16:54spaarzha
1000002016-10-01 04:44:39shasoezseche
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yeah, I agree with you


I see nothing but room to grow from here. I know lots and lots of people sick of facebook, who are looking for something better. I'm trying to convince everybody I know on facebook to quit it and move here!

Are these total accounts on the Steem blockchain or accounts created by Steemit?

It looks like we are going to continue this exponential growth - this is astronomical!


1M will come fast...


well i hope to see that in 6 months or less. Fingers crossed

It is impressive to see how quickly the network grows - clearly exponential. This is adding value to the network every single day!


Very true


Does it make a threat to other social networks?
And do you think steemit will ever be on such a low niveau?

It is always a good news to have more people join Steemit blockchain but it is really the number that stayed and contributed through contents or investment that really mattered to me.

A lot are joining on the wave of the hype and will be swept away when they discovered it required hardwork and Patience. It requires more than hard work especially at the initial stage, what happened when their well researched and constructed posts are getting cents as reward.

New users adding value should be welcomed and supported with up generously with resteem, comment and upvotes too. It should not be the case of whales rolling with whales and minnows rolling with minnows. Because with more people joining, climbing will become harder for the planktons. To make the increase in number worth the while, we should do less 'cliqueing' and support good content creators more.


@golddeejay I am olnly two weeks here, but as far as I understood - What is best in the beginning is to concentrate your focus not only on your posts but also, and it seems on early stages more resonable, on getting around, leaving comments and supporting people who follow you or support you. Meaning - to become more familiar to steemians. Than, I am not really sure when, you can start gradually pay more&more attention to your post consistency. Am I wrong?)


Yes! You are definitely starting on right track. It is all about producing values in your comments and posts whether you get rewarded for it or not.
One thing that is certain is the value you are adding, the more people starts noticing and upvoting you.

Be consistent and keep steeming!


Hey there. I landed just here three days ago. While looking around I found this article from @taskmaster4450 which was helpful.

And after wandering around more I started noticing some people with higher influence who had just a few dozens of articles posted but 2-3 thousand comments. So yeah, I guess engaging with the community matters more. And that's a great thing.


@vladcraciun Because it's all about expressing information and information spread. Comments are same posts, same information, but delivered directly to the person so the feedback level with comments is much higher than with posts in early stages .


Same though...


yeah. agree with you


Agree. The curve does have a “parabolic “ look to it....a feature we see a lot of with crypto currency markets. Are the new members in such a wave likely to stay and be involved ?


I came here to follow one particular "channel" that was deleted from Youtube but then I found out that Steemit has a big potential.

To watch content that I like and supporting the author without actually giving anything from my pocket and even earn something from it is great!

their well researched and constructed posts are getting cents as reward.

Every cent and every upvote should encourage them to continue! After all it means that someone is enjoying their content!


Hell Yeah... Feeling very demotivated at the moment. But resolved to give it at least 6 months before giving up. I've had (mild to wild) successes on other social platforms, but with all the changes going on it's becoming increasingly harder to get organic reach on FB, YT and even IG nowadays.

Organic reach on a new FB post is lucky to crack 10K nowadays, whereas I frequently cracked 100K reach on every other post, with 1/2 the number of followers I have now.

Anyway... I've only been here for 3 days... so saying that it's demotivating is not fair on Steemit. #WatchThisSpace :p


I am only but a week old in steemit and yet i feel like i have been here like forever. This concept is indeed wonderful. The great content i have seen on steemit is indeed a sure indication that we are making great progress. Truth be told, i have no regrets and i am absolutely enthusiatic about steemit. I am just getting started, more is yet to come. It is important to note that we all are of great Value and as such we just make great comments and posts that showcases that greatness.

Leider auch zu viel Spam und Bots.

great info ..
you should repost it every few days
lets see how it looks going forward!

great info...
scares me though.
could be a problem with foreign actors setting up for the upcoming political season!


seriously we need to be vigilant about this!

What I would like to know is how can 464 votes only get a $7.05 up vote amount? Can you answer that riddle?


Most of the upvotes come from relatively new users with little SP. Therefore, a large part of the upvotes is worth less than 0.01$.


That is sad that when you start your vote is worthless. They should fix that and make it easier for minnows to find a place to hide from the big fish before they are eaten.


That does make ( i think )in the end a Suchtfaktor...addictive factor?... :D
I think it's made to addict you a little bit...


well... if 464 Minnows upvoted it would be worth $4.64


I guess my investing $900 in a platform I believe in should put me on the same level as a spammer, is what @iamstan is saying, that doesn't fly with me!


Theres the possibility of the post getting flagged, which reduces the payout depending on the voting power ( i think its the vp, may be another metric ) of the person who set the flag

Wow! Geht echt ordentlich voran hier. Bin schon ziemlich gespannt wie es weiter geht... Cool, dass der Blogger mit den meisten Followern hier auf Steemit aus Deutschland ist :)

Heck yeah! Stoked on Steemit's growth this year. Excited for what the future will hold :)

Growing fast! I talk about it steem as much as I can.

Oh thats great news.steemit user is growing day by day which means in future steemit will be the great platform.i think in future steemit took the place of Facebook and many more social media.we need to keep promoting steemit and do our best on it.
Thanks for the information.


Steemit (or better: the steem blockchain) could be the future of social media because it is open, reliable and supports good content.

That's how social media should be!


As long as steemit does not become like facebook and many more social media...
With all that propaganda et cetera...

Nice post great to see the community is really moving forward!

I wish a whale would love me

Would it be bad if I told you that like Abed in "Community" I created bots to create bots to create bots. I have a million little @themanwithnoname s running around. Heh.

Yes, membership has grown a lot. Please be contributing members, not spammers!

do you think that it is possibly account creation bots, just for say upvotes? you can already delegate and run autoupvote apps so why wouldn't someone run an entire account creation bot?


For steemit: Getting a lot of different phone numbers (which you actually own).

For the steem blockchain: It's not worth it to create hundreds or thousands of bots because it makes no sense. You need to actively vote for good content and as a starter, it's just not possible to have such an effect on your own posts (which could be one reason for bots voting).


It happens on Twitter with phone number?
If you had enough bot accounts wouldn’t you be able to say, age the accounts with off setting your votes for self with votes for good content. At a certain point you could have your own circle of good content supported by aged accounts up voting non aged. Not that it would be profitable, atleast at first. Now if your selling subscriptions for your service that is another story.

I am a new steemit user and I am happy to be here. I love the idea of decentralization especially in social media and I have been letting a lot of people know about this platform even before I created an account and now I wish I never waited so long!

Thanks for the informative post.

There are now over 700,000 accounts here.

This number is increasing exponentially! I think Steemit will be the most popular social network in the future.

thats great news .. 1 step to worlds no.1 wabsit..


Steemit is going to be tough competition for a-lot of posting company's as steemit evolves.

Great info. Thank you, cryptoriddler.

Now, this is getting scary...
It probably a good thing for Steemit but I rather not get optimistic

Humans naturally are attracted to anything good, hence the explanation for the increasing population on steemit, it's a pretty wonderful community and I'm happy and privileged to be part

i also joined 2 days ago and made my 2nd blog yesterday. steemit is a nice community to be with. please lets all help and promote steemit

it is good to see new people joining this..but the thing is this give rise to lot of spammers..and that is a serious issue we have here :)


is there spammers here, i dont see them

I'm happy to see massive registration of new members into the favouring community
Steemit is paradise

Upvoted, steemit is growing at a fast pace .its going to get crowded here and people will mean business more than they already have. It’s an amazing place to be and the number of people here is booming at an alarming rate. Future seems bright here and gonna stick to it.thanks for the post @cryptoriddler

Great post thank you 🙏🙏🙏

This is serious @cryptoridder.. The rate people are joining steemit is very high this days, why everybody wanna join is what I don't know lol.. Nice information


What I know is that due to videos from @SemperVideo, many German-speaking users are joining at the moment.

I read a post by @jerrybanfield yesterday that they are now advertising steemit on youtube it will be interesting to see if there is any increase in the amount of people joining up. Exciting times thanks for posting.

Bin gespannt wo wir in einem Jahr stehen... Danke für deinen Post @cryptoriddler

All hail steemit !

I got 5 friends to sign up this week! I have a couple more I have in mind too! I’m new here but I already think Steemit could change the world. I havent bothered with Facebook since I started here last week!


Anything but Facebook and Twitter

Where do all these people come from?

Very valuable information. Thanks for this. Definitely, over time, there'll be over millions of accounts on steemit. I only hope that the platform will be large enough to accommodate it.

Good Information !

OMG!! 700000 acounts and i have only 28 followers.
wtf is wrong with me :(

Its really amazing this is starting of steemit because this is a trial version of steemit and many peoples donot know about steemit after some it will become very powerful source of Earning

How about you let the newbie get some damn bandwidth. I feel like i am the year 2000 on dial up.

I cant see on my profile hehehe 😑

wow.. steem will go to the moon


Why the you say steemit will go to the moon this year
Are the CEO

I wonder what the bot rate is


bot rate. it is upvote bots that upvote your posts so you can get more attention with using them. i haven't used an upvote bot myself yeat but I have read a few things about it. you use steem power to use and upvote bot.

That's awesome

Wow, this is great, Steemit is moving forward, new account been created everyday.

Thakns for share the news.....

At first, only a few feathers swirling in the wind.
Then heavy, wet flakes which quickly covered everything.
We are going to just wait and see what happens.
Steemit is amazing!

Fällt mir ein Buchtitel ein, der gerade gut passt:

Gänsehaut: Es wächst und wächst und wächst

Wahnsinn! Danke fürs Zusammenfassen. Steem on!

The numbers are staggering but only a few are actually quite successful.

this is massive massive achievement for steemit. but is not it the reason of steem and sbd prices goin down so often?

thank you for sharing this information is a phenomenon, which can sometimes change. please in folback

In a 1.5 month it will hit the 1 million mark.

Thanks for information....I see your post very nice ......

we are growing up

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Going in the right direction, nice!

its definitely good for steem that this platform is growing, cheers for the stats

It's great to know that our community grows every day and improves for the better!

Wao, it's amazing the rise you've had. Many successful brother. Best regards from Venezuela.

Nice one

Great Post! Love the translation too, those stats are super exciting, I truly believe in this platform and it'll be interesting to see where the future leads for all of us steemians!

Why so little money when you have so many votes??

El creccimiento tan notable que tiene esta plataforma hay que verla de manera positiva pero comparto la opinión del algunos cuando afirman que hay que verla más allá de un medio de "ganar dinero" sino más bien como un espacio que permite crecer en comunidad y compartir conocimientos, experiencias, vivencias que en definitiva nos unen como sociedad...


Estoy de acuerdo, mi hermano. Sólo el hecho de unirme y dar un par de vueltas por aquí ya me está haciendo sentir y actuar diferente. No te imaginas cuánta esperanza me da ver que surja algo tan bueno al alcance de todos :) Es hasta gracioso observar cómo al enterarme no podía ni creerlo, y cómo vine aquí con esa intención (la de la plata), pero al ver cómo las cosas funcionan, me he ido sintiendo muy bien. No era lo que esperaba. Me encontré algo mucho mejor. Saludos desde Honduras! :)


Sí, esta plataforma es realmente mejor de lo esperado. Y esto a pesar de que steemit está todavía en fase beta. Todavía hay mucho potencial alcista.

Fascinating how fast this website is growing.

Bin erst seit kurzem auf Steemit, die community und das konzept sind toll. ich hoffe das bleibt so.
lg MJS

TTTTTTTHHHHHAAAAANNNKKKKK YYOOOOUUUUUU ssssooo muuccchh for FOLLLOOWWWINNNGG @cryptoriddler . I have just followed baaccckk... I have loved being on this site. And i am looking forward to reading your relevant posts. MORREE POOWWEERRR

Interesting stats to look at. I think STEEMIT gets a yes on the “Is this a thing?” scale


Hey danke für die Statistik!
Bin neu auf Steemit und freu mich darüber wie viel hier los ist!=)

could steemit be the new youtube

Really nice work :)
hope steemit grow up more like facebook at all :)

who is hey friend developer?
You know
That's my 5SBD + mistake transfer on the blog.
Please return I will be grateful to you.


After looking at, I suspect that you wanted to transfer 5.239 SBD to @developer, but accidentally transferred it to @devoloper.

@cryptoriddler can't help you, only @devoloper is capable to refund it.

Nice that people are joining it :)

who is hey friend developer?
You know
That's my 5SBD + mistake on transfer the blog.
Please return my SBD I will be grateful to you.


After looking at, I suspect that you wanted to transfer 5.239 SBD to @developer, but accidentally transferred it to @devoloper.

@cryptoriddler can't help you, only @devoloper is capable to refund it.


good things always grow. this is the best community. thanks for the update

please follow my steemit @hadathaical

Thanks for following. I mainly trade forex. I am new to the crypt. Thanks for sharing. I am looking for a met platform for steem and other crytos if anyone can share a sight. eu trader targeting 1.3495 Capture.PNG

Nice, more good news about steemit!

We will skyrocket to space and further out :D It is so good to see how people are turning up and interacting and engaging with the content in the site. It is really interesting how the dynamics of how the site works helps everyone (win-win for all). I think this is the real power behind it! I don't really understand why many people can't see past their own self benefit and see that together WE CAN make this a better world! One for all-and all for one! :) Cheers

How can i get same its

Sorry bro i dont know much steem
I am news member

Thanks @cryptoride

Please help me follow and vote

Helpful post!!

I'm glad I read the good article.

Wow :o Steemit is growing up faster and faster! I see bright future here.

Wow in den 3 Monaten in denen ich dabei bin hat sich die Userzahl also mehr als verdoppelt

Its great to be here i think getting involved is important.good to see the increasing numbers.

yeah!!! that's great!! pls support my blog im newbie here

Interesting stats, and shows how fast the steemit pond is growing. Actually to a new little can be a little intimating. There are so many talented people in this world. And here they are, all packed into one pond. Marvelous!

Hello, this seems great to me, although I am new in this community the little I have seen so far I liked a lot, promote culture, knowledge and even passions linked to a cryptocurrency, is very interesting, and if you add that it is booming and having so much acceptance makes it even more attractive, is very good if all that amount of new accounts add positive things to steemit, for my part I am learning everything I can to be a good steemian

Wann ist der Zenit überschritten?

Amazing dear

Super, dass sich diese Plattform so gut entwickelt hat!
Es gibt so viel guten Content hier zu finden und ich glaube, dass zumindest einige der neuen Nutzer auch viel dazu beitragen werden.
Die deutsche Community ist auf jeden Fall ein sehr nettes und hilfsbereites Netzwerk von tollen Leuten :D

well done cryptoriddler, once again!

Es geht schnell aber auch zuverlessig

Hopefully this helps the value of STEEM go way up!

Okay! 1mil befor April ?