A Message To The WHALES And DOLPHINS On Steemit & Their Enormous Contribution In Here :)

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First of all, I would like to thank all the Dolphins and Whales who supported me for quality of my content. Well, they are not many, but for me a few dolphins and 1-2 whales are enough to give a boost to my confidence and motivation on steemit. 

Let's first talk about Dolphins:

Dolphins are those users on steemit who has more than 5000 SP in his/her steemit account. They either invested that amount or they have earned it over the years by providing good quality content on this amazing platform. They are actually the most engaging people of steemit and they mostly encourage newbies to contribute more and more content on Steemit on a daily basis. They are actually WHALES Work-in-progress. 

Now, Let's talk about Whales:

Whales are the godfather on Steemit. They have vested interest and also have a huge investment on this platform. They are those who can give you a tip of $10-$50 in a second if they liked you work. They generally have more than 50,000 SP in their account. Some even have 1,00,000 - 10,00,000 SP in their account which makes them a major part of this community. They can move market if they want and the every move by WHALES can be seen on 'Hot' and 'Trending' page whether it's is upvote or downvote. They can be also be seen as the 'Witnesses' on this platform. Witness are those who mines the STEEM for steemit and in return they get healthy payouts per hour. 

Now, I have a message for whales and dolphins, more like a word of appreciation. For a few days I have been watching the pattern of some whales and even talking to most of them on discordapp. I get to know that, some whales are just self-obsessed. They always upvotes their own content and they posts numerous times within a day. They won't reply to the comments of their followers and never upvotes their posts. That's just kinda selfish.  

But some whales and dolphins are really co-operative. They always reply to your comments, support you with your projects, help you to get some exposure and even give you some tips related to steemit posting and marketing content. I am lucky to find these whales and dolphins. I would like to point out the name of some whales and dolphins who are co-operative and kind.

@ausbitbank -- He is the man who have done a lot of work on steemit. He introduced steemvids.com and many others services like that. The best thing about this man is his supportive behavior for minnows. He always upvotes quality content randomly. You don't have to join any curation team to get his support. He also introduced a voting bot named @discordia to help minnows. All in all, a great man who respects this platform.

@officialfuzzy -- This name is synonmous with Steemit. He is the originator of Whaleshares and Beyondbit Tokens, to help minnows getting exposure for their content. Recently, we have heard about a conflict between him and the founder of steemit named @ned. But the whole community supported fuzzy for his contribution for steemit. He is indeed a great man.

@exyle -- Personally, I like him very much. He is an IT professional and an investor of Cryptocurrencies. You can watch his wisdom on cryptocurrency in his profile. He always posts about his life in general in form of a vlog on daily basis. A few days ago I talked to him and found him very co-operative. A big thumbs up for his work.

@jerrybanfield -- A name which you must have known. He is a great blogger since ages and have a strong social media presence outside of steemit too. He works hard and provide value for all the steemians. His blog generally concentrated on his income and tips from online world. You can definitely learn a lot of things from him. 

@patelincho -- She's a very kind woman and a very supportive one. You can talk to her anytime and she'll definitely support you with all your problems. She also contributes heavily on steemit platform. She conducts a lot of contests and games for users to earn whaleshares and she actively supports minnows. 

@jphenderson -- He is a great contributor and person of good wisdom. He generally contributes the use of Whaleshares and Beyondbits. He offers these token if participate freely in the very contests generated by him. He remains active and fulfill a major part of steemit by his work. 

So, my message for whales is this -- Thanks a lot for your contribution on Steemit and I'd really like you all to help minnows as much as possible. They are the reason of steemmit popularity. They holds the major portion on steemit and they actively try to support you. Although their upvotes worth nothing, but still they support you wholeheartedly and actively participate in all the discussion initiated by you guys. 

So, together we can make steemit a better place where everyone would be happy and content. For that your support is needed. Please support your followers and actively help them. 

Thanks for reading :)

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Its very hard to get work noticed with a 1000 flower pictures posted every hour. I friking hate those flower pictures. At least puppies and cats are cute.

Don't forget to thank the minnows and mermaids too!! There is a lot of magic in the cyber sea. Technology with the sacred heart at the helm + LOVE = good magic and good fortune.

Of course, minnows are the life source of steemit and I am also a minnow, so how can I forget them :)

Best wishes to you @crptonet and you are a wonder-full human with a sacred heart

This is a fantastic and actually pretty informative post. I didn't know the difference between Dolphins and Whales on Steemit, but now I do. And of course for sharing the names of these awesome individuals. Thanks, @cryptonet. You've just earned yourself a resteem, upvote, a follow and a comment from me.

Thank you for the appreciation @digitalpro. You have earned yourself a follower and a life time supporter :)

I consider myself very fortunate to have had a few of my posts noticed by people with higher value accounts on here my first couple of weeks. I went into this with very low expectation of earning so no matter what I won't be disappointed. I appreciate everyone's contribution to what I consider being very successful here my first couple of weeks.

I was very pleased to get several payouts over $25 my first two weeks here and I'm very thankful to those who made that happen and supported my content.

I've also found that one can earn a modest amount as a minnow if you provide thoughtful and insightful comments on others' posts, especially people who have more influence. Some people just skim the post and make a generic comment and that's not how to go about it if you want your comment to earn anything. I've had a comment on someone else's post earn over $5 in one case and anywhere between $0.50 and $3 in many other cases. It may not seem like much but it adds up, especially if you get several decent ($0.50) payouts per day for your comments.

Yeah, genuine commenting certainly helps. I dont like those people who comments just for the sake of upvotes. I respect genuine commentors and people who wants to support not just spam. :)
Thanks for your support @cryptokeepr. You're good and kind. Wish you all the luck on steemit :)

Nice post, i followed everyone even before reading this. :)i joined steem because of @jerrybanfield youtube video. indeed theybare great whale who influence people

I also follow you @cryptonet

Thank you @markceliz. It does matter to me that you support me wholeheartedly :)

Hey there thank you very much for add me in this list but sadly i am not a whale . Maybe someday i will be or maybe not the time will show . Fact is i am just a minnow but one who is willing to help . If i ever grow i will do it together with many other minnows :)

I added you in this list because you contributes very well for this society, even more than some whales. This is not a list of brand, this is a list of hard working individuals . And one day you'll be a Steemit WHALE, I am sure of it :)

If i can do this you will do it for sure ! Keep the grat work and stay positive :)

Yeah, that's what I am trying to do :)

You're a whale-in-the-making with content like this @cryptonet. Seems to be a recurring theme that articulated posts gain reputation; and so they should. Thanks for sharing the mini-bios, informative.

Its much more refreshing to see a relevant comment (someone who digests a post) than a 'follow me back' comment. The more people realize how the system rewards contributions (as highlighted by users outlined in this post), the stronger our community will become.

As an aside, I do like that there is diversity in the dolphin/whale content. Anyone can become one with enough effort and consistency.

Yes, I completely agree with you @tunnelrat. People need consistency, a great vision and some hard work to be successful in this platform. Journey from minnow to a whale is not hard if you think about this society first not about your payouts. People needs knowledge, the content they can relate with, learn something from. So, I am doing my best to provide it. Thanks a lot for the appreciation my friend :)

Not a whale nor dolphins will help minnows. In fact minnows are the main source of their energy (money). The more minnow to join the more food source they have (steem market going up, the more money they made). This is the reason why none of them want you to grow, (the competition).

It true, they encourage us (minnow) to create a good content, its because the more the unique view this community made in the search engine. The more it chance to create coins (it's idea is more likely to google adsense but what is good here the system distribute the wealth in favor of whales and dolphines).

I the real world minnows are form a school of fish to protect themselve while hunting food. And this is what every minnow need to do here. But what I observe, minnows here are not grouping, inteads they put away themselve from other minnow and try to fit in themselve in the whales and dolphins community hoping for an attention from them.

Thanks so much for this information. I didn't know that dolphins & whales around. I call them Big Bears Lol
See you around. I like your home:) very informative and positive atmosphere.
followed xxx

Thank you @sunnylife . See you around at my home :)

Thank you:):)

Great shoutout friend.. I am happy for you that you are well supported here on the platform.. All the best for the future

following :) :) Kayleigh

Yeah, I read it. Very good info by the way @ldauch

Thank you for your kind words!

You're so much welcome sir @exyle. It's great to see you here. It's like a wish got fulfilled :)

Thank you for your wonderful words.... I am actually still a minnow myself but I do everything I can to help other minnows grow and benefit the platform as much as possible.

A minnow with the heart of a whale :-)

You're doing more than people want. You're actually making a difference here. Most people think about themselves first but you're thinking for society, which is just commendable :) A big thumbs up for your work :)

Awesome article. It allowed me to know the path I'm on with already following those that were mentioned. They all have great contributions as well as you also. I try my best to be active on steemit on the daily. Gets a little difficult since i'm a father with another on the way but I manage. Keep up the great content. I shall follower and resteem

Thank you my friend @mikey84. I appreciate you mindset and I wish you all the success :)

Hey! Thanks for this post. I am absolutely new to steemit and I am trying to figure out how this whole thing works and how I can make friends :) it feels pretty lonely here, everybody writing his own thing!
(Upvoted and followed) Cheers, and good luck with your blog, I find it quite interesting!

Thank you @sandrina.life . I am just trying to help my fellow steemians and whatever it takes, I'll do my best to give this community my 100% :)

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Unfortunately I never experienced the help of a dolphin or a whale before. I hope all steemers who generate quality content, will receive support from them. This piece is one of those quality contents by the way, well done and indeed very informative. cheers

You just have to engage more with them, through commenting genuinely on their profile and provide quality content which can make a difference :) Just be true to yourself and keep doing the hard work :)

Thank you very much for including me and introducing me to several I was not familiar with Salman!

You're so much welcome sir. Seeing you here is like a wish got fulfilled. Thank you very much for all your support :)
You're the best @jerrybanfield and you deserve all people attention :)

Thanks for the detailed list... really interesting and informative. Now I know a little bit more about Steemit ;-)
Big hug
Steemitri The Mannequin

These are the types of posts as a newcomer I love finding. They help to quickly introduce our community contributors and backbone supporters. When your interested in becoming a valid and valuable member of a community it's always nice to find shortcuts to the the serious and valuable content. Thanks @cryptonet

Thank you for sharing this and showing your appreciation for people you know who are helping the Steemit community. Followed!

We're all in this together!

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