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Crypto Kingz | Steemit - Cash Out Step by Step Tutorial
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In this video, Crypto Kingz's PUP demonstrates a step by step tutorial on how to cash out your Steemit account earnings. Steemit is one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms that rewards content creators for their work. Join the Steemit community today and start earning your own cryptocurrency. Make sure to like, share and comment on this video. Check out Crypto Kingz on Steemit and show us some love too :)


Nothing wrong with taking a little profit. Not wise to put all your eggs in the same basket.

it is a nice strategy, however the best one is to stack and use the power of Warren Buffet compound % increase!
check it "The per-share change in Berkshire's book value per share is an annualized gain of 19%. But the same, like I was saying, the market value of its actual shares is 20.8%. So a 1.8% difference. Over that stretch of time period, that transforms that 2 million percent return all the way down to 884,000% return. So just, on a yearly basis, even though it's less than a 2% difference, over the stretch of that 52-year time period, you're looking at a 1.1 million percentage difference. The point is, compounding returns is something that you want to grasp onto as an investor and take advantage of to the greatest extent that you can." full story!

Amazing stuff

Thanks for the video, it was informative.

A request :) Talk fundamentals about ETC vs ETH... Here's my Technical analysis on ETC:



Before cashing out - I need to earn something in the first place ;)

thanks for the post

Cryptocurrency is ruling now, have been reading that , I have still not tryed it, may be for some reasons,but what does it take to join the crypto world and it advantage. Thanks for sharing .

You are in the right place to learn about crypto-currency. I spent several months reading and researching, most of it on Steemit. Now I am doing quite well with my crypto holdings and also with trading on the #bitshares exchange.

Once you start getting payouts in Steem Backed Dollars, you will have a crypto currency that you can trade for other crypto coins or that you could sell to a friend of family member for cash.

I wish you success here on Steemit!

Get a coinbase account and put what you can in.

Depending on her location, she may not be able to get a Coinbase account. I also recommend buying crypto directly from other people with cash. Steem and Bitshares makes this really easy and happens instantly.

With Coinbase, you have to wait a while to get verified and then wait longer actually get the crypto. Usually takes over a week from the time of signup with Coinbase to actually getting crypto. With Bitshares, you can have an account and have someone transfer you crypto for cash in minutes. No waiting! Also similar with Steemit, but you have to already have a Steemit account (otherwise Steemit account creation can also take a few days).

Peer-to-peer is how crypto is meant to be!


Right gotta diversify

Why are you still waiting? you ought to have started like yesterday! Matt is right too, Coinbase might be a bit clumsy to handle right now. First, they do not have plenty cryptos listed, besides they don't allow transactions from some countries. For instance, I'm in Nigeria, I have a coinbase account but I can't buy/sell. If you must use a trading platform, you may want to try Binance. Don't wait up!

Yep binance is great. I recommended coinbase for the sheer ease of use and lack of learning curve. Takes a bit to get into it, but it's very user friendly.

Much Love Sis

This is a great post for learning how to started with Steemit. Keep up the good work bro. I gave you an upvote and a follow.

thanx .. ima follow back .. lets keep building

I highly commend your ideas of having a Cash Out Tutorial, it will no doubt help to enlighten the Steemit community on how best to cash our Rewards whenever it matures. Keep it up. I follow and upvote you.

100% comrade.. got u right back

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I see everybody have a laptop or computer is there anyway to do this just using my iPhone I’m trying to find an exchange and wallet using only my iPhone
Is it possible?

Hey hi i am Avi Stark :) Newbie here, really its helpful post thanks for share

This is a wonderful video for all Steemians. The tutorial is awesome, informative and instructive. This is how a video should.

thanx great comment

A very informative post, keep such great posts up :)

Looking forward to this community.

thanks for the video

Brother, add me to your servers.
I have creat a 3 days ago steemit account but am not understand . what you can help me ?
My discord id ( M.zeeshan#4549 )

great tutorial in awesome style. it is first time i came across your blog and i loved it. stay blessed

thats whats up bro.. stay tune for much more ..

Great tutorial!

Thanks for your help i have learnt..

Very helpful, thanks crypto king .

You give many informations about crypto-currency.I spent several months reading and researching about it.,I appreciate it once again that I understood where I should see what you wrote this post.It's Interesting post,
kept me engaged

this is really a very unusual thing. .. eager to join, but I'm still very low, do not even understand more broadly about it

Awesome! Great job! Very helpful

good post, we all are trying to make our future with the cryptos. 2018! The year it will happen!

As bitcoin transfer fees are skyrocketing, I just exchange my steem for ethereum from blocktrades and sell it on Remitano for Cash.

Hi CryptoKing. New here and your video says a lot on the way to conduct business here. Thanks for the tip. Take back your power with Steemit. Great post.

Nice video. Thanks for sharing @cryptokingz

Make sure to like, share and comment on this video. Check out Crypto Kingz on Steemit and show us some love too :)


I am new but doing ok and was wondering how this was done, I do have a exodus wallet ready and a coinbase acct.

Great info thanks.
Followed and Resteemed

U in the game now .. thnx

Wow amazing video. I like it friend. Keep it up. I follow you.

Good tutorial, and I find that the cost to transfer BTC and ETH are too high, Dash is better

good idea too

Great video Kkking, looking forward for more videos.

Easy as abc..

Great video

Steem and steem backed dollar are the only cryptos I have. I tried to sign up for bittrex but they are not accepting requests for the now.

yea man this space growing fast so exchanges cant keep either

very funny and informative vid. thanks man.

Very much informative post ❤
I appreciate that ❤

I would love to see more of your videos too ❤

yes awesome tutorial very good

Really good post, thanks for the information!

thanx n welcome

Thanks @cryptokingz, very interesting and very well explained. Crypto currency is blowing up so I figured I’d give it a try, very informative video great job:)

thanx.. welcome

Actually, this is my first time of hearing something about Cryptokingz. Let me try that.

thats whats up

Thanks for tutorial! Great post!

I have new information by watching your video...

I love these videos! I’m behind on the crypto game but I’m learning so fast.

keep studying and researching .. you good

I like steemit :) It help a lot.

You are welcome too :)

I like your tutorial. Many many thank.

every bit of info helps........Thanks

It was a great post for steemians! Thanks

Yep. Me too. Following it closely!

Isn't cashing out of Steem one of the 7 deadly sins? Just sayin!

Good video man thanks

Thanks for the heads up, I did not know about the down vote, that sounds a little scary!

you can see my new post there is no exchange comming with no fess and also with their own coin ico like binance

I don't have enought data now, I will watch your video when I use wifi. Thank for sharing.

Good video. I learn this by myself. Maybe you should cut that piece of bitconnect because isn't matter for cashout. Blocktrades is good but I think they have big fees...

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You run through the main points in an engaging way. And let's face it, how to cash out is on every newcomer's mind, right? This is a great video how-to.

I appreciate the time you took to make this video mate. Thank you, very informative. I, myself have been looking for this a little while now.

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Wow! I will like to know more

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Interesting... Thank you!

Thank you for the information @cryptokingz. I just received my very first reward today and planning to cash it out😁

Cheers brother (y)

i am a student a steem
nice video bro
thanks for video

Brother can you training me on ?
i hop yuer nice man.
very nice post.

why not trade steem > litecoin and get a way lower fee?

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