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Much of my limited understanding is from this post that I read earlier today that was posted quite some time ago.

The example given of "joe" and "moe" in the post that I linked made a lot of sense. So theoretically those of us who are in this for the long term via holding mostly Steem Power will reap great rewards in the long term as vest value relative to the value of Steem supposedly will increase over time.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see. One a side note, you sure use some creative systems for price prediction of crypto currencies. I also like your trading strategy based on the number of Poloniex users online. Very creative and unique!


Thank you very much @cryptokeepr for the link to the explanation about SP, Vests, SBD! It was extremely informative.

It's all a lot to take in for new users for sure. I spend x amount of time every day searching for information so I understand the platform better. Figuring out what vests are and how they benefit the user was one of the more elusive topics as nobody has posted much about it in the past few months.

Add another Thank You to the list. I'm going over that post now. It's a different take than I've yet encountered. Very helpful.

Knowledge is power! I'm glad I could help you empower yourself through learning :)

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