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🐒 Below is a chart showing Vests Value since July 27 , 2016 . The lowest value was $34.86 and the highest value was 1179.22.

🐒 Using The Elliott Wave Theory on the Vests Value charts.

🐒 Wave 1 up traveled a distance of $1144.36 That is the range from the low $34.86 to the high $1179.22

🐒 The Vests Value chart is currently in a Wave 2 down in my opinion . A wave 2 should retrace between 24% and 78.6% of Wave 1 with a 62% retracement being very common . A 62% Wave 2 retracement of the Wave 1 up would put the Vest Values at around $470.00 and that would be an indication to buy Steem because Steem is what determines the vest price.

🐒 Now 1 thing to remember is that vests are figured off of the Average Steem price over a certain amount of days 3 or 7 . I think this is how it is done and I wish I knew if this is right so if anyone knows for sure please reply to this post about using an avg.

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🐒 I will try and post a chart daily of the Vests since we are getting close to the $470 price

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the Steem.center wiki page about Vest. Thanks and good luck again!

This doesn't look good.
I'm glad I'm only making this virtual money and didn't put in any real world money.

actually this is good IF Wave 2 down stops around the $470 area it is very possible a Wave 3 up would ensue and could go to $2300 and that would put Steem somewhere around $5.50

I like your positive thinking. I just hope a few more whales touch my posts before Aug 1st. :D

so you made a 470 prediction and it hit 469?

This would actually be a good sign. He's pointing to a likely bottom for wave 2 soon, and wave 4 will probably trough higher than the wave 2 bottom, so that means this could be a near low unless you got in before wave 1, which would be like...50 cents or less.

We'll see. I hope the HF19 didn't create an artificial peak.

Much of my limited understanding is from this post that I read earlier today that was posted quite some time ago.


The example given of "joe" and "moe" in the post that I linked made a lot of sense. So theoretically those of us who are in this for the long term via holding mostly Steem Power will reap great rewards in the long term as vest value relative to the value of Steem supposedly will increase over time.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see. One a side note, you sure use some creative systems for price prediction of crypto currencies. I also like your trading strategy based on the number of Poloniex users online. Very creative and unique!

Thank you very much @cryptokeepr for the link to the explanation about SP, Vests, SBD! It was extremely informative.

It's all a lot to take in for new users for sure. I spend x amount of time every day searching for information so I understand the platform better. Figuring out what vests are and how they benefit the user was one of the more elusive topics as nobody has posted much about it in the past few months.

Add another Thank You to the list. I'm going over that post now. It's a different take than I've yet encountered. Very helpful.

Knowledge is power! I'm glad I could help you empower yourself through learning :)

i wish i know but honestly i hope it gets to $5.50
keept it up

What's a Vest?

As near as I can tell it appears to represent the share that you are holding of the SP steam fund. If you look up your profile on steemdb.com you will see a panel on the RHS that shows how many Megavests (1 million) you have. I presume that times the vest price is something like the value of your investment. So its kind of like a share price in Steemit instead of the value of the currency. That's a head scratcher.

Say, I noticed the majority of your posts are just periods...mind if I ask what's up with that?

Excellent evaluation brother

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the Steem

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