Meet my Bitcoin Millionaires! Early adopters who became insanely Rich!

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Hi Steemians,

We've all heard of stories of people losing Bitcoins that they purchased well before any of us even knew about it. But there're a few people still out there who made sure they knew what they were getting into when they bought Bitcoins when it was cheap as peanuts. So I thought of making a list of people who became instant millionaires when the price of Bitcoin accelerated. 

So let's start:

1. Charlie Shrem:

Yes, you got it right, our very own Charlie Shrem who you can find it here on Streemit (@charlieshrem), if I'm not wrong. He discovered Bitcoin on a website in 2011 when he was in Brooklyn College. Apparently his first trade was 500 coins for $3-4 each. And he bought thousands more when the Bitcoin price hit $20. He's the founder of BitInstant which allows customers to buy cryptocurrency. Apparently he wears a ring which is engraved with a code which gives him access to his electronic wallet on his computer.

May be @charlieshrem can tell us more about his journey into the world of Bitcoin.

2. Roger Ver:

Roger once ran for California State Assemly in the year 2000 as a Libertarian. Apparently when he discovered Bitcoin, he only slept for an hour a night for a week, as he spent every waking moment learning about Bitcoin. He got so sick that one of his friend had to admit him to a hospital where they gave him medication to help him sleep. He's much more bullish about the long term prospects of Bitcoin than Dollar and Yen.

3. Yifu Guo:

Yifu was a digital media student at New York University when he started the mining of bitcoins, occassionally cashing out a few to help pay for rent. Once he knew the true potential of Bitcoin, he quit school and started his own company called Avalon selling hardware for mining of Bitcoins.

4. Jered Kenna:

He's the CEO of Tradehill and got involved with the Bitcoin Exchange in 2009. Jered also owns the 20 Mission "hacker hotel" in San Francisco.

5. Peter Vesseness

He is the CEO of CoinLab and lives in Seattle.

6. Bruce Wagner:

He's the ex host of "The Bitcoin Show" and has made huge sums of money by investing in Crypto Currency.

7. Mark Karpeles:

He was the founder and CEO of the now infamous "Mt Gox". He's one of the first entrepreneurs to bet big on the success of Bitcoin.

So as you can see, all the above people had just one policy and that was to hold Bitcoin for long term and that paid off and it paid off big. So the lesson here is to: BUY & HOLD!

Steem On!

Special Thanks to @skyochica for showing us how to use dividers in between our posts.

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Inspirational stuff... they definitely got on the rocket ship early. Hope to join them some day.

Haha, yepp. Will love to join them soon.

You got a nice signature! Nice post too! hI'm appy for them! And I'm happy for you and for me that we are now into it and that we are here on steem! See you at the cmillionaireslub 😂😂😂

Haha, Will definitely see you in the Millionaires club.

Amazing post!! Holding my Steem, hoping for the moon shot!!

Haha, good strategy dude @paradise-found

Bitcoin stocks on a tear last few days a something new and exciting to consider. Here is the latest one I did a quick write up about, up 100% just today. Links in the article to the other ones as well.

Cheers dude @motowngold, will check it out. Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks for your article, very exciting, the possibililties! Let me know you thoughts on mine if you get a chance.

Good post. Crypto space is very small and here in Panama there are some known people who helped rocket fuel bitcoin. Upvoted and Following. Check out

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