How To Create An Anonymous STEEMIT.COM Account Without Email Or Phone Number

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Currenly, the official way to create a steemit account is still by providing your email and phone number. And even that doesn't work in some cases, as steemit still seems to experience some technical issues and some areas around the world (some parts of Africa and China?) seem to be banned (because of Spam?) . Even if your account gets confirmed, it will take 24h+, depending on the active signups, and currently the number of daily signups is rising rapidly. So it could even take about 3 days for your account to get confirmed...

But, in case you've missed it, there is an anonymous way to create a steemit account!
Just go to and for the price of 20 Steem or 0.6 Litecoin or 0.011 Bitcoin (as the time of writing this post) you can create an anonymous steemit account. It may be a little expensive, but if you've experienced how hard it is to create a steemit account, you'll be happy to pay that "little" fee. And the best thing: Your account will be created within a minute.

There is also another way to create an account on steemit - instantly, but not anonymously: Via a tool of, you can create an infinite number of steemit accounts with your existing steemit account. Here's how to do it:

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