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I've noticed a few things but I will talk about two that i noticed today. In the past two wees I've been on Steemit.com, the participation on my post, which I take time to create, they aren't just thrown together, have decreased a great deal while my number of followers increases. There are many new people here trying to make a quick buck while I on the other hand am here trying to establish a stream of revenue, even if it's only a few dollars. This is very alarming and odd to me. What sense do it make for me to go out and recruit new people to steemit if my content won't get the attention it deserves.
Will there be the same divide economically in the cyber world as n real life? Will majority of Steemit's capital and resources be in the hands of a few whales and dolphins? Will the flow of money be limited as it seems to be now. Once people begin to see the flaws and weakness in this system they will either develop something better or simply stick to Facebook. The primary incentive for joining steemit is the money and if you aren't getting paid then why would you continue here?
The website is a little slow compared to others as well.

Next, Poloniex Steem portal has been down for quite sometime.....If I cant withdraw the funds from Steemit as I please then it begins to seem like this is a scheme used to draw in more users. TenX nor Token Card currently isn't accepting steem as one of it's accepted currencies at this time so what ever money you do make is pretty much being held hostage by lack of efficiency in the cryptoworld. People will not waste time creating meaningful content, if they are not compensated for it. We might as well just stay on Facebook if that's the case.

What are your thoughts? Have you noticed any other flaws or things that could be done to improve the stemmit experience ?



Good Morning CryptoCannon, I would say that the main reason for you to contribute quality content here on Steemit is because something inside you told you this was the place to be. As with all things in your life that are going to make a difference,the ability to recognize that the greater the risk the more reward is crucial to ones personal success. I think your here because you recognize this as an opportunity, not as a waste of your time. And your time can never be wasted as long as your perception of what you are trying to accomplish is perceived as worthy of your efforts, only you can place that value on what it is that you do.

There is a reason you don't want to be on Facebook ,A post about all the reasons to get off that platform and onto Steemit seems like something worthy off your time.

You need to decide if the risk of adding quality content on Steemit is worth the potential reward. I believe if you take some time and evaluate the very reasons you have for being here the answer will be quite obvious. I also believe that if you choose to carry on with the opportunity that lies before you that you will be rewarded in the end. Ill keep following you and looking for quality content.

Good Luck with whatever it is you choose to pursue

I understand your concerns, @cryptocannon. I have some concerns about Steemit myself too. As a n00b minnow (I joined only a few weeks ago) I sometimes also feel a bit confused about the many posts on whales, dolphins, minnows, reward pool going down, and what not.

Here's the way I'm dealing with it: this year, I don't care about any financial rewards. Instead, I focus on having a good time here, sharing quality content, finding my tribe, interacting and building a following.

I'm sure that rewards will come (perhaps next year) if I am genuine and contribute to the amazing Steemit community.

Is there a chance that I spend a lot of time on this platform, writing content and comments, and making little to no money?


But that's ok. Because if I will still have had a good time here. I'd like to believe though that continuous effort and sharing will pay off eventually.

Keep rocking at it Crypto, and I'm sure good things will come your way!

This is currently my only means of income so you could understand the frustration and I'm not asking to blow up but like my post litterally get one upvote at most, no comments etc. Seems that the video bloggers have an edge. I wonder if this is the beginning to the end of literacy in the sense that the masses will simply listen to youtubers vs reading wikipedia

I hope this won't turn into a Youtube-only platform! Also hope post payments will increase for you.

Perhaps you want to start experimenting with video content yourself?

In my case, after a bad experience at a company that I couldn't leave (yet) because I had no alternative source of income, I decided that from now on I always want to have a plan B. Not putting all my eggs in one basket. So I can leave a toxic environment, instead of staying in it just to pay the bills. Diversification. Steemit will hopefully be Plan B or C, eventually. Building for now, and perhaps it will generate a decent amount of revenue later on.

I will agree with you to certain extent @cryptocannon but not fully. Yes, it will experience traction because people come in because of the money and when not getting it after 2weeks or 1month, fall back. This is because they lack the ideology. Steemit.com is actually created to promote awareness and give you an opportunity to earn by convincing your followers. Meanwhile we all have a token of an undeserve vote per person. To actually earn you must be ready to invest in it. That's what you did with bitcoin right or be ready to seriously work for it like a salesman promoting himself and products from virtually nothing. Hope to develop on this in the future on my blog

I can digg it

If you're having trouble with Poloniex,
Bittrex exchange also supports STEEM & SBD trading.

Don't lose faith brother, Steemit is on the rise!

I agree with you 100%! I have some really great photos to release on Steemit but if I'm only going to get 5 to 10 views on it, what's the point. Idk, maybe I'm just not used to starting from scratch after having such a big following elsewhere.

I'm hella new - as you know, LOL - and this post is a smooth 6 months old but I understand the POV. Even now, 6 months later - the dehydration and misuse of the platform is actually more frustrating to me...but then again, it's an open medium. Open to all. Therefore, we face a structure that will reflect a multitude of content on various levels. I appreciate you bringing me here, I'm excited to see how to make this platform work for and with me. #preciateya

Damn. That was a hella thought out response. Glad to see you here

I understand you're not happy about upvotes and rewards. We've all been there and we all still get disappointing payouts on some posts that we worked really hard on. The truth is, earnings here are a bit random.

There is also the fact that many more members are signing up, which means more and more posts are being published, which makes it harder for yours to get noticed.

Then there's the fact that you've only just started here. You will gain more and more followers and slowly your rewards will rise, but it takes time. We have all spend a lot of time building up a nice following. The number doesn't tell you much though. It's about how engaged your followers are with your content.

If you're serious about Steemit, stick with it. You need to put your enjoyment first and earnings second, or you won't last.

Here are some tips:

  • Engage with members on their posts. Write good comments and don't ask them for a follow/vote in return. If you have a good conversation with someone, they will probably check you out.
  • I see that you resteem a lot of posts. It is nice to resteem other people's posts, but it does mean that the indentity if your own blog gets lost in the mix. Try to atleast write more posts than you resteem.
  • With the above in mind: Don't spam posts. Keep working on good quality, which is more important than quantity. It might mean you resteem a lot less, but giving people your upvote and a nice comment goes a long way aswell.

thanks alot, Will keep those tips in mind

I agree something in out of balance with the incentives. Possibly the ability to self-up-vote.

You can always convert steem into other crypto using blocktrades.us or shapeshift.io

Ill check out block trades. Shapeshit has it but it wasnt aviable to exchange

Im having trouble with blocktrades. Do i have to use desktop or can i do it from my phone

I've only used the desktop version and had no problem.

I think its possible to make this working building an audience that care for your content is the keys to sucess i think.

Pareto's Principle is intact and Steemit is just more proof. The strong will always survive and rise to the top.

I recommend formatting your posts a little better and adding at least one image that has been properly SEO'ed so that you show up in Google search. Posts don't have to be perfect but making them easier to read is always a good thing.

Have you check ed out my other post?

The Problem is, that it is difficult to find quality new content in this jungle. I would welcome an initiative of Steemit in forms of some official contests, Kind of a known centralized spot where content creators can present their blog. These "private" contests by whales and influencers are a good start. This has to be extended

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According to your profile you've joined steemit in June 2017. Do you wanna know how long it took me to built a considerable followership and gain attention in this network? 8 months :-)
Just be a bit more patient. Good things need time (in real life and on the blockchain as well). Gave you a supportive upvote.
Good luck!

After Fork 19 peoples voting power changed along with new people there has been a weird balance but hopefully with some changes we will be good