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Hello everyone

I have written about this before and need to keep pushing this point. I am starting to sound like a stuck record but it is that important.

We receive 20 percent a day as a recharge for our voting power. This doesn't cost you anything so use it. If you want to grow on here you just can't expect others to give, if you don't give back. Selfishness has no place on here, it is a community requiring give and take. Curation (upvoting posts) is part of your duty on Steemit. It requires you to read the article and comment. If you liked it then the least you can do is to provide a vote of appreciation. Just don't go to bed with 90% voting power. Spend another 5 minutes and find some new users and vote for them.

There is nothing worse than putting your heart into a post and receiving no comments. It is as though you haven't posted anything and no one cares. This platform needs to grow and that is only achieved by keeping new users. It is not easy but if everyone helps it will create a healthy environment.

Follow other members that have similar interests to you and interact by commenting on their posts. This is a social media platform that requires you to be social. A large portion of users don't understand that part it seems and only want to vote on their own posts. Curation is earned preferably after the 15 minute period from the posting time. By sticking to that time frame you will pick up curation rewards. The closer it is to the posting time the more the author collects. The rule I stick to is if an author upvotes immediately after posting I won't vote. It gives out the wrong message. I have started removing those users from my following.

I heard that in the new hard fork if you upvote your own post before the 15 minute mark all proceeds will automatically be forfeited to the reward pool. Pick up good habits and maybe consider not upvoting your post and using that vote for other members in the community. I am not saying it's wrong but if your vote is only worth 5 c then what is the point. Use that vote to grow your followers and your whole account will grow anyway.

When the value of Steem dropped the number of posts dropped as a large percentage of the platform disappeared. If those members didn't want to post at least curate as you are making money by doing this. There are quite a few of us who are down in the 50's and 60% voting power at the moment because we want to help everyone. We can't do this on our own and need others to follow suit.

If you log onto you can receive a sliding bar by changing your settings. Once you reach 500 SP on Steemit you don't need it as you automatically receive one. This may sound obvious to most users on the platform, but it would be great if everyone curated. It doesn't take much and it will go along way to growing the platform for the future.

If anyone has some ideas for what a group of Red fishes could do in order to grow as a group we would be open to any suggestions. The aim is to get 50 or so together, but I am not into just upvoting each other as a group. I am trying to rack my brain on how to go about this. What would work and then maybe expand it.


Thanks for the reminder.
Fortunately you get 21 upvotes for this post.
#steem is what you see is what you get.
Thanks anyway. Well said

My VP hasn't even reached 50% in a while. Dunno if that's a good thing, but i just enjoy voting what I like

I saw that and a few others are not in a strong VP position either. Hopefully someone will have some ideas for us for the group of 50. I have some but voting as a group will not be the answer. Trying to work out if we delegate to a new account and use the voting power from that.

Sounds like a plan

lol me too @empress-eremmy, i struggle to keep mine at 50% even though everyone is telling that I shouldn't allow it to get below 80%.

Steemit now is a little place.
I think, most of new members come to earn. Earn fast, now, a lot. It doesnt work. But they dont know. They can see the trending page, a 5 min video in dlive make 500$, a two-picture post make 200$.
And they think, its work like youtube or insta. But is not.

I think, steemit its like a marketplace, but we are the seller AND the buyer, and the market-boss give for us a money every morning, "go, and spend this". Its a little weird idea (i like it btw), so its almost unbeleviable for most of the people, and for the new users. They can see the working, and they dont believe it.

If the community can teach this simple rule for every new member, we win.

I agree. Would be easier if everyone played by this code.

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Definitely making good points. I was inactive on steemit for awhile because I just didn't have the energy after some real-life issues. I always try to stay active in chat though. Hopefully moving forward I can be more active on the platform even though I'm small right now! Looking back this was probably a bad time to slow down.

Thank you for the good reminder and moving forward I hope I can help in some ways!

The other thing I definitely need to work on is taking the time to read more. If I can get into reading I could definitly get into this more. In the past reading was a bore to me.

Find stuff that you enjoy.

Even with things I enjoy, I have a crappy attention span. I need to work on some self-discipline in general for a number of areas!

thank you sir @cryptoandcoffee..this is a great advice and educational as well, great job!

Learned much from this post. I am wondering though why I was told to watch my VP. Like it shouldn't go below 80. But too bad, my VP's down to 74 already. Any thoughts on that?

Hi yadah. They say don't go below 80% as it loses value. The problem is when it goes below 50% it is hard to get back. I would rather leave a vote like for you as you took the time to post a comment. It is only good manners to do it.

Now I get it. It is just a curation thing then. It made me smile though when I checked on your VP and it is close to 60%. ^_^ BTW, I like your handle, cryptoandcoffee. Sounds like a good combi. I love coffee and I am starting to like crypto. Thanks for having good manners too. ;)

Yes, this is a great point. It's really frustrating when you see accounts sitting on huge sp that is hovering around 100%! What a missed opp all round.

On the other hand, nothing is actually lost even though people don't vote. The reward pool is still of a certain size and if some people don't vote, the rewards are just distributed based on the votes given.

All the rewards are still distributed and that's a good thing - especially if the people not voting are assholes with poor taste.

Exactly, it's called solidarity. Help others to grow in this platform rather than doing nothing. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

Good one mate. Yes indeed, why have and not use if you have enough and understand that it is the community thing to do and if you are here to benefit you have to learn to share and in order to grow a community that will ultimately benefit you.

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