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123.jpgFor many weeks already I've been testing and comparing the results of different ways of promoting my articles on steemit. And quickly I came to a realization ...

Hi @everyone



For many weeks already I've been testing and comparing the results of different ways of promoting my articles on steemit. And quickly I came to a realization that spending resources to boost post into the trending page isn't the best possible decision you can make.

Seeing my post in the trending page is great, but somehow very disappointing. Instead of the expected higher traffic of real humans I attracted more bots. It seems that there are plenty of bots that are targeting mostly those particular posts. The ones that end up on the trending page.



I've also tested several times using resteeming bots. I found them way more efficient and using those services each time allowed me to reach out to several new steemit users. Which was more than I could achieve by just appearing on the "trending page".

Additionally, the amount of spam and bots visiting my post has also been reduced. So at the end of the day, I think that using this form of marketing brings better results.

And now big question: WHAT IS YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH RESTEEMING BOTS? Would you recommend spending money on this form of advertising?



I've been collecting data about each resteeming bot I came across since I've been on Steemit. Let me share it all with you. Perhaps you can find this list useful or you know of resteeming bot I've never heard about?

(list below)

Bitshares/Waves developer WANTED :)


Also if you happend to be (or know) anyone with experience doing pre-sale on BitShares/waves then check out my latest post. Perhaps you're looking for another adventure :)



Bot usernameCostDescription
@gangresteem1 sbdSend 1 SBD/STEEM to @gangresteem, Get Instant 50+ Upvotes and Resteem by @gangresteem to 18.000+ followers
@hugewhale0.7 sbdSend 0.700 SBD or 1 STEEM To hugewhale URL as Memo , Resteem to 10.500+ Followers , Min 30+ Account Upvotes , Hugewhale upvote.
@adventurist0.3 sbdFollow & send only 0.3 SBD or 0.3 STEEM & URL in the memo for UPVOTES & RESTEEM to 8000 followers on multiple steemit accounts!« » Service : Active «
@anonvoter0.5 sbdSend 0.500 SBD or 0.500 STEEM to @anonvoter with your post URL in the memo. Get your post resteemed to 5000+ followers and get a minimum of 25+ upvotes!
@anonwhale1 sbdSend 1 SBD or 0.800 STEEM to @anonwhale with your post URL in the memo. Get your post resteemed to 8000+ followers and get a minimum of 40+ upvotes!
@ax30.5 sbdSend 0.500 SBD/STEEM Get Instant Resteem by @ax3 to 10,000+ Followers and Get Instant 50+ Upvotes
@bekirsolak1.5 sbdSend 1.5 SBD/STEEM with URL as MEMO and get upvote from @bekirsolak and 50+ upvotes and Resteem to your post. I am not a bot. I will be very appriciated.
@bidseption0.1 sbdMin bid: 0.01; Min Resteem to 5K+ follower: 0.1 SBD; Follow for Free re-steems; Delegation profit ratio: 95%!!!
@botcoin0.1 sbdMin. Bid 0.1 SBD or STEEM to @botcoin To Get UPVOTES & RESTEEMS! ; You can also delegate your SP to have your share in daily profits
@bubblebee0.25Follow & Send 0.25 SBD/STEEM to Get Instant 45+ Upvotes with ReSteem! Automatically Refund for Invalid Transactions
@byresteem2 sbdSend 2 SBD or 2 STEEM To byresteem URL as Memo , Resteem to 27.000 + Followers , Upvote with min +100 accounts , Byresteem random Upvote .
@cleansingpoetry0.05 sbdThe Curation BID Bot for Steemit Poets United Community.Delegate Steem Power for 80% of profits Resteem your Poetry Send 0.05 SBD +Link Bid 0.001-1 SBD/Steem
@cryptomoneymade0.3 sbdResteem to 10000+ followers, Just send only 0.3 SBD or STEEM with URL in the memo»Service Active»
@crystalhuman0.25 sbdSend 0.25 STEEM/SBD to be resteemed/tweeted to over 10,000 followers. ? Send 1-2 SBD/STEEM for 100-200+ Upvotes.
@drewardsresteem0.01 sbdSend 0.01 SBD / STEEM or more and include your post in the memo to get an upvote and resteem. This is a DLive Content Promoting Bot. 80% ROI Delegators.
@estream.studios1 sbdSend at least 1 SBD/STEEM with URL in MEMO to @estream.studios for UPVOTES & RESTEEMS! Delegate to us your SP to earn 90% of SP pool prorated bot's earnings!
@fresteem0.1 sbdSend 0.100 SBD/Steem to Get Resteemed to 800+ followers & For Free Re-steem Use @steem-bounty service to set bounty more than 1 SBD/STEEM.
@giftbox0.3 sbdsend 0.300 sbd with your post link in memo and get resteem to 3.500+ followers and get your gift from our Curation Group
@haji1 sbdResteem Service And UpVote?? ? ReSteem in 5 Accounts [28,000 Followers] ? UpVote +100 Accounts ? 1 Sbd Or 1 Steem ??Up to 20 Sbd Or Steem And 500 UpVote??
@highvote0.5 sbdSend 0.50 SBD or 0.50 STEEM To Highvote URL as Memo , 40+ Upvote, and Resteem to 7.000+ Followers .
@hottopic1.5 sbdRESTEEM BOT: Send 1.5 SBD or 1.5 STEEM To hottopic URL as Memo , Resteem to 20.000+ Followers ,rand upvote,Upvote with min +90 accounts Upvotes Good lucky ??
@jeryalex2 sbdSend 2 SBD or 2 STEEM To JERYALEX URL as Memo , 200+ Upvote, and Resteem to 30.000+ Followers
@manikchandsk0.2get good respons from my followers. resteem your post! Send 0.200 SBD or 0.200 STEEM with your post URL as the memo to @manikchandsk and get your post resteemed to over 7400+ followers, a minimum of 40+ upvotes, and @manikchandsk 100% upvote! Your post will get more views and more earning.
@minnowpond0.5 STEEMSend 0.1 to 2 SBD for upvote from 70+ accounts, 0.5 Steem for resteem to 8k+ followers
@nedscott4u0.5 sbdHello friend Want Max 25+ UPVOTES =>Send 0.5 SBD/0.6 STEEM,and your post will be resteemed(79,000+ Most Influential following including whales)+(3700+ FOLLOWERS) + FREE upvote from WHALES+ Account PROMOTION from reputed account( Nedscott4u >47 reputation)+UPVOTE @nedscott4u (2000+ SP) + NEW FOLLOWERS+ ?? 2 SBD 'REWARD' FOR HIGHEST USER EVERY WEEK??
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@promotedpost1 sbdPromoted Post; Send 1 SBD or STEEM To @promotedpost URL as Memo,Resteem to 14.500+ Followers,Upvote with min +50 account ,Random upvote.
@puppybot0.6 sbdSend 0.600 SBD or 0.600 STEEM to @puppybot with your post URL in the memo. Get your post resteemed to 6000+ followers and get a minimum of 30+ upvotes!
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@reblogit0.03 sbdRe-steem service ?? 3600+ followers ?? Send 0.03 SBDs/Steem ?? Comments disabled ??
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Hi buddy,

This is a very nice topic that you have choosen. I've experimented with resteem bots at the beginning but it didn't bring that much in my eyes. When I think about resteem bots I wonder what kind of people would follow such bots? And how many other such bots would they follow? In the end a person who follows resteem bots might get a feed litterally plastered with resteems. So will they see your post? I honestly wonder.

I think it is a huge challenge to get people to see your post on steemit and there are some other answers:

Using the Memo to get people to see your post

Using the memo to send messages seems to be a good means to get people to read your article. I've seen your memo and that's the reason why I've visited your article. Do I mind to get the memo? No, because I also get 0.003 steem at the same time which is compensation enough I believe.

Attract readers from outside Steemit

In the end when we blog on steemit, it is as if we blogged on wordpress or blogspot. People don't just turn up for nothing. They want added value and good content. To get more readers, we should use external ressources like traditional social media or even e-mail marketing to bring readers to our posts. We should also think about optimising our articles so that they are SEO friendly. I've written a post about that.

I believe it is not enough just to post stuff on steemit to be successful. Steemit offers much more possibilities than other blogging platforms but there is hard work behind most of the success stories.

I actually think this will be the future of Steemit. Where we can make communities and pay steem or SBD for people with similar interests to share on their facebook and twitter accounts. I know I would love a community like this to find more real estate clients.

Thank you @realestatecoach for your kind comment and resteeming my post.

Just checked your profile just to realize that we seem to share a number of interests :)

In particular that we both share a similar passion towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology :)

I will follow you closely :)
Take care, Piotr

hi @achim03

this is so far one of the best comment I've read today. Thank you for your time and effort. And of course Im glad to hear from you again :)

Do I mind to get the memo? No, because I also get 0.003 steem at the same time which is compensation enough I believe

I believe that if received memo would be related to any paid advertisement or some rubbish not related to your interests then it would annoy you.

I figured that it's best not to use mass memos for anything that can be considered advertisement. That easily may upset many people. Other than that this form of building reach seem to be working amazingly.

Again, great comment my dear friend,

i was just thinking the same thing because it really made it easy to get back to this post..
i have found that you provide real value and a great asset/steemit friend..

Well, I have to admit that I agree with the words of @achim03, I've ended up here for your memo, I'm very interested in read his post, (I will this weekend, I hope). But personally, @crypto.piotr , I'm not a bot lover, I'm not saying I didn't use them ( I don't remember doing it but not totally sure) or that I won't in the future (you never know), but It's not the reason steemit was created.

This exist to grow more and more every day, and It's better if we do it in a proper way.

Thanks for leading me here today , I enjoyed your post.

Im glad to see you're still around @nowonline :)

Thank you again for taking time to reply. And for sharing your opinion. I appreciate a log.

Yours, Piotr

yea, the 0.003 is probably a good idea since i tend to subconsciously already filter out every 0.001 transfer unless im actively checking it, its what got it noticed, but you got the mail now, piotr ... (@crypto.piotr) i proposed a simple messaging system once to @timcliff but he said its too much work lol (assuming the rest of the hightowers who arent all software engineers rather like simply running their nodes and getting the money than improving the ui ...·)

I love to see how responsive you are @rudyardcatling

Thank you again for taking time to reply.

Yours, Piotr

I'll have to disagree bud.

The vast portion of those bots use scripts to mass follow other users. There's a return follow rate of about 10% and that's why you can see that bots with 30k followers have followed accounts north of 300k.

  • They do not provide an audience that likes your content

Plus, just think about it, who actually follows back when some one follows them? New users--and a vast portion of them go inactive. There is a very clear customer for those bots but I don't want to get into that.

+100 isnt worth it.

@hatu I completely agree with you.

hi @hatu

Thank for your your kind comment bud.

I'll have to disagree bud.
They do not provide an audience that likes your content
Plus, just think about it, who actually follows back when some one follows them?

Perhaps I didn't make myself clear. I never care about amount of new followers. I care about number of comments coming from new human accounts.

Having post in trending page is bringing worse results than using resteeming bots. That's my impression. Obviously both methods are not really great. But one is better than the other.

At the end of the day both methods are being used by many people and whenever I used 10-15 SBD on resteeming bots - I would get comments from 5-15 users I've never knew before. So result was okey.

Again thx for your comment mate :)

@conceptskip @techstack
thx guys for dropping by :)


What about comment quality?

When I mentioned the follow4follow, I was referring to how those bots get their followers--those are impulse-based follows, generally providing little follow-up results. Concluding, the comment quality is likely very low.

Here's the thing: anyone can use these services due to their low cost barrier; so they can be easily flooded with weak content. So, if a few value-adding users manage to be those bots' audience, they'd soon unfollow after noticing that those bots do not curate.

I love to see how responsive you are @hatu

Thank you again for taking time to reply.

Yours, Piotr

i follow everyone back 1:1 on my main account but i have to admit i check the feed very rarely, only when i'm giving out smallvotes by the @isnochys series ( i never even as much as look at hot or trending since its bound to be pop-culture upthere lol)

Maybe somebody can test them. lol

I just did on my last post...

Can you include link? Looked for it and would love to read it.

Maybe you could do a separate test post. You have a lot of bots on that post.

I started with just them and got a few hundred upvotes worth a couple pennies.

@dynamiccrypto thanks for adding to the dialogue

I love to see how responsive you are @dynamicrypto

ps. who did your profile picture for you? great piece of work i forget the artist i hired

thx @mysearchisover for stopping by :)

You're marketing works, sending 0.003 SBD with your link worked and I checked out the post.
My experience with resteem-bots is that they are not worth the money... But maybe it's just my content. I am not using them anymore, for a while now. But who knows in the future. Maybe you can make a conclusion post, with what bots are best in your opinion and why!

hi @pele23

Im glad to see that my marketing works and my memo didnt annoy you :)

I appreciate your amazing comment. Thx for sharing your view on this particular issue.

My personal expecience with using resteeming bots is a so far quite positive. Definetly results are better comparing results received from upvoting post into trending page.

Whenever I would spent 15-20 SBD on resteeming bots I would get 5-10 valuable new contacts (comments from people I didnt know who are blogging about crypto). So I would say that it was worth it so far. But it really depends on resources and expectations.

But who knows. Maybe soon I will also change my mind. Perhaps Im just to over optimistic :) Thx again for sharing your view. I appreciate it a lot! :)


Great article @crypto.piotr we used to run our own Resteem service here over at @moonbot might need to re-visit offering it again. We are a subscription based upvote bot. Thanks for putting this together!

The best service so far! 5th day subscribed. Happy customer!

Thanks @davidke20 I'm glad you are enjoying the ride!

hi @moonbot

could you please share your experience coming from someone running resteeming service? how profitable do you consider this sort of business ?


oh dear , we had a power outage like right after i posted the message, lucky me or it would have been lost ... (don't mind me doubleposting since i have some new intel on the matter here), so i'm outside my usual schedule now :|

a bot named @merlin7 just advertisted itself, it promises 100% vote @12.000 SP plus re-steem to 1000 followers ... this is not exact

Screenshot from 2018-08-03 07-58-55.png

it does re-steem and it does vote , but that 100% means 100% sbd to steem return, as you can see in the screenshot , i got a 0.6 vote for 0.6 steem , which is 66% as it shows in the json even its a 66/100 vote, and i dont think i had much more after that BUT ... the 100%SBD/STEEM ratio, despite the fact that it's misleading advertising might make this one one to keep an eye on, if it gives 0.60 for 0.6 steem and it grows in followers , then it should be the best out there in a while, ...

so far

thought you might like to know (yes i keep scripts in bits and pieces lol, every script that works can be used to combine, right?)

well i ctrl-f'ed the page to look for the bot and i think its not in your list yet (still got time to edit :D)

glad to be of service

@crypto.piotr I appreciate you sending me a memo in my wallet. I wouldn't have known about this article otherwise. I am giving a full upvote and resteem as appreciation but even more importantly will be printing out this article and trying some based on your feedback.

Keep up the good work and being proactive one sharing a post that can help steemers.

thank you @realestatecoach for your kind words

I appreciate you sending me a memo in my wallet.

Im really glad you've found my post valuable and you're decided to leave a comment.


Great Post ! I use @botcoin and delegated my steem power to that bot. I found that its a great bot and I am making a reasonable income every 2.4 hours with this bot ! The bot also resteem every post! This is a great bonus since not to many bots are doing that! Let me know if you think the same and witch bot you guys are using .

This is surely a very useful list that you have put together @crypto.piotr
Great work. I have resteemed it. It can be very productive if properly used.

Thank you for your reply @thetimetravelerz

Appreciate. Yours, Piotr

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