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RE: Asking for a delegation to Steemit and misterdelegation to help in the support and fight together against old witnesses of the new clone called ¨H¨.

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Dear @edgarare1

On many occasions I was asking for the help of former witnesses and powerful people for future projects that were supposed to support many people with a low status.
I never received any benefits from them

Indeed. I've tried to reach out pretty much to all old witnesses (to blocktrades I did few times, even now on new HIVE) and lack of any response was always what I encountered.

Until recent hard fork - most so called whales and witnesses didn't seem to care about community and they focused on supporting each other. That's unfortunatelly my sad experience. I've learned very quickly that new users or those who are struggling here are being left out for themselfs.

It's hard not to have impression, that things had changed and that witnesses needed our (small fish) help. But that's still just one way street. I even tried to reach out to many of then on HIVE asking for support to project.hope and I received ZERO replies. Very discouraging.

What I'm saying is that decentralization is a matter of freedom

I actually disagree. I know that past few years we're experiencing hype around decentralization and many people think that it's a solution for all problems caused by centralization. However decentralization comes with many other flaws and issues. And decentralized governance is a JOKE.

Many empires felt apart because they tried to introduce something similar to "decentralized" governance. We had ROME, now we're witnessing EU. Decentralization = lack of responsibility for actions or lack of actions. Decentralization = very slow decision process.

Anyway both STEEM and HIVE are fully centralized. One is rulled by Justin, other by group of close "friends". It's not a democrazy/decentralization when all 20 politicians/rulers are part of same group.
The only time STEEM has been decentralized was the time when old witnesses had several spots and Justin witnesses had few as well. But clearly noone liked it.

They just assumed that they did, but they didn't ask me personally, and yet they took without my authorization copied and pasted them in the new clone, this happened with thousands of users, and what is that called. PLAGIARISM.

I actually agree with you. Can you imagine situation when your content is being copied and used on new blockchain, and at the same time you're excluded from airdrop? That absolutely should not have happened.

Yours, Piotr


I think decentralization should be placed in the hands of all if it is meant to be really "decentralization", not in the hands of few. Decentralization isn't decentralization until it is total and absolute, not by part.
I believe the community should form the backbone upon which the cranium of decentralization rests on. That's the reason for the quote "come for the community, stay for the community"

Hello @samminator

Of course and thank you very much for mentioning it and saying it very clearly, the community is the most important thing, but this is very clear that for the old witnesses the entire community does not exist and they do not care about anything, it is only their interests that interest them the most, but now that @justinsunsteemit arrived they realized that they have lost their throne and decided to steal it, because it did, they stole assets and content from the entire community and pasted them into a new clone called ¨H¨ and that is called PLAGIARISM taking them without any authorization from each user, Mainly nobody came and asked for my authorization to do so, now I am fighting for @steemit and hoping to have the support of @misterdelegation as well so that they can support me with a delegation, and unite communities that need the support as has always been sought with the old witness and whales and that was never awarded.

The @steemit community has a great team and a great investor who will take this great community to the next level.

Thanks a lot for your support.

The whole point of decentralization is that the system isn't controlled by a small self-serving elite group. We seem to have fallen into that trap and built a platform that isn't favourable to the nobodies like me. However, it is people like me and people from great communities like Project HOPE, that are building the platform through building their communities with active participation.

So @justinsunsteem @mistertdelegation @steemit I support @edgarare1 post.

Dear @awah

The whole point of decentralization is that the system isn't controlled by a small self-serving elite group.

I understand this view and I see it as an utopia. Something that cannot be reached - not as long as humans will be greedy for power, influence and control.

Small elite groups will always find way to control others. And both steem and hive are excellent example of it. Few people with large wallets and strong influence can end up rulling this chain (or any other). And since decentralization does release such a group from taking responsibility, then it's even better for them.

And this lack of responsibility, lack of threat that someone will open legal lawsuit or put a blame on us for making wrong decisions - this is one hell of a flaw of decentralized governance.

Also please don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that decentralization is bad. I'm saying that not everything need to be decentralized. And that it also comes with huge issues. And surely decentralizing governance is not what I would support.

Yours, Piotr

I agree it is a utopia. An ideology. The problem here is that too much power in too few hands is self-defeating. So both Steem and Hive ended up being controlled by just a few of the self-serving elite.

What I am not sure about - is it that a failure of decentralisation - we always end up with an elite? Is that always inevitable? Or is it just a failure of the way this platform has implemented it through the witnesses who are all in each other pockets? Could the system have prevented whales from dominating?

Either way, it is a failure. What is important is how Steem will support the real communities on Steem like Project HOPE.

Dear @awah

I think it's a failure of an idea, that algorithm can defent us from greed and other human behaviours (like seeking power).

We will always witness strong people, ambitious, controlling, greedy - name it. People who will find a way to become part of that "elite".

That's just simply because we're humans. And blockchain will not stop us from activing like humans.

In that case it doesn't matter whether there is centralisation or decentralisation, as human nature will prevail. What matters is working with like minded people who are not just greedy but those who want to build a strong community.

Hello @awah

It is very true what you are saying, the government of the former witnesses has too many failures and causes too many problems, and as you are mentioning it is selfish. They realized that they lost all their authority and all their business was broken in @steemit with the arrival of our new investor @justinsunsteemit

The trap as you mentioned is called the clone ¨H ¨pero. There is also a very big trap where all the old witnesses and whales are located called the OCD community, from which thank God I was muted, and I am thankful that it was done because I realized that it is walking on the wrong side looking for support, and it never gets any support.

In this way I realize that @steemit is where I belong, and as you also mentioned, the amazing @project.hope a community and an extraordinary project formed by a great leader @crypto.piotr that is fighting day by day to show the support to the communities, supporting new users that are entering to the platform, showing the support to different topics of great importance in the world, fighting also for what is right and benefit for @steemit, we need the support for this great community that shows its commitment to maintain a democratic and neutral system without attacking anyone and always looking for solutions in a very peaceful way.

Thank you so much for your support.

Hi @edgarare1

Thanks for replying to my comment. I have been active in the cryptocurrency space and blockchain space for a few years. I have also been a blogger on various platforms for a very long time. @steemit is, therefore, a natural place for me and I only wish I had discovered it earlier. My confidence and excitement have been dampened a lot through the fork and community split. I just hope that we can now work together to rebuild the excitement that was there before.

I agree with you that the work that @crypto.piotr had done to build the community at @project.hope is amazing. He helped me a lot too when I joined @steemit. In my view, this is the type of community and community spirit that @steemit should support so that we can make a good platform here moving forwards.

Personally, I would like to hear more from @justinsunsteemit and what he intends to do with this platform going forwards. He is a smart guy and he invested in @steemit for a reason and I would like to understand the reasons and his intentions. We need to close the chapter and move forwards.

Hello my friend @crypto.piotr

I agree with you very much, they are just old witnesses who form a group of people, and who feel they own an entire community, and the worst thing is that they can do whatever they want with any user who decides to be against their rules.

It shouldn't be like that, those big whales are there because the whole community supports them all the time, the former witnesses keep destroying user accounts, but still, the community is supporting them.

The whole community should open their eyes, these are just manipulations, you can be an investor and everybody should show respect to everybody, because nobody owns anything. As I have always mentioned and still do, the former witnesses follow a 100% CENTRALIZED line and say they are fighting because it is decentralized. It is not true, the whole community should know, oh I am sure everyone already knows, but for fear of being muted or ignored all the time they decide not to talk and follow the rules of the former witnesses in their CENTRALIZED line like the clone called ¨H ¨.

Of course as you mention it, taking publications, copying them and pasting them into a new chain, is called worldwide Plagiarism. Stealing assets from an entire community without even asking permission from those who did not want to switch to a new chain. Where is the decentralization when you break all those rules that should not happen. Everything was broken by the old witnesses, and that's why I'm going to @steemit and @misterdelegation and @dev365 @bullionstackers to support us with a delegation, and to make the old witnesses see that The community of @steemit #tron @misterdelegation @justinsunsteemit are supporting us to the community that still fights to maintain the value of Steemit Steem TRON Foundation.

The community is the most powerful and together we can make the value and teamwork more unbreakable.

Yeah the hive platform own by whales that never cares about minnows. They only cares about their discord group that they know. It is like whaleshares community. Theiy are suckers to minnows. Hive whales are also suckers to minnows they don't care about the community. They only care about their friends.

Hello @lebah

You are absolutely right, if this was done for a long time by the old witnesses and whales, now in their new clone they will continue doing it, and they will never worry about the community. The community interests them only because businesses move through a complete entity, and the community is a business for all of them.

@steemit and #steem including @steemitblog are for all of us, we are literally fighting together.

thanks a lot for your support.

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