Thank you for your questions @crypto-econom1st. I set up @jerrybanfield as a proxy and you can read why here:
You do not need to vote for all 30 witnesses today. Just add them as you come across one that you like.

I like the proxy idea. Do you know for who Jerry now votes for you?

Or does he not need to to pick 30 witnesses?

You can see his witness votes here:


To bad he doesn't vote for two of my favorite ones @roelandp and @steemcommunity

And his account is a reward pool draining bidbot with no blacklist in place.

Not for me.

If you already have favorites, maybe it's better not to set a proxy, but just vote yourself.

I can see his votes by referencing his wallet sends last year as he was bribing witnesses and whales to vote for him!

Thank you for your comment and I appreciate your opinion @abh12345.

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