Introducing myself and my psychedelic project Myco

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Hello fellow steemers! My name is Kyle Henry and I am the creator behind a psychedelic project/band called Myco. We just released our debut EP early for bitcoin users only on Openbazaar.

Myco’s mission is to create music that expresses the psychedelic dream of life while spreading the larger message of freedom  through  decentralization. A few months back we released our first single, “Myceliated” for free with a  bitcoin qr code on the cover for tipping and it was also released on openbazaar.  The song "Myceliated" is about fungus, spirituality, science, and freedom through decentralization.

here's the cover art for Myceliated

and here's the cover art for our debut EP we just released(no bitcoin qr code but only available in bitcoin atm)

And here's a photo of the band (missing one member,added a new bassist recently, but haven't taken new photos)

About me -

first here's a picture of me without the effects haha,  

I was born and raised in Kansas City and I've lived here most of my life. I was raised as a christian but stopped believing in the god of the bible when I was about 13 or 14. I began searching for my own truth in this world which sparked my interest in science. I attended a christian school from kindergarten to highschool graduation so throughout these years even in high school we were taught biblical creationism in science class. They went over evolutionary theory and what most people learn in their science classes but it was not taken seriously and we barely went over it so from a young age I realized all the lies that were being told to me and I started self educating myself with the help of the internet and books.

In high school I started using cannabis pretty regularly which made me question the government and laws even more than I already did.  After high school, I was introduced to lsd by some friends where we all took it together as a sort of fun party drug and acted like idiots for the most part.. but during the peak of the trip I went on my own into isolation and had what I would call a vision or a dream state, I felt like I was transported into another universe(it wasn't until I did dmt a few years later that I experienced a similar state but even more vivid and spiritual) This experience forever changed my outlook on life.. I became a pantheist and after many trips in isolation on mushrooms and various other psychedelics I started studying mycology and was fascinated with this organism and how it is essentially the backbone of ecological systems on land, and how it's decentralized and works as a network of communication between not only fungi but plants and other organisms too. At this same time (around 2009- 2012) I became involved in bitcoin and was mining bitcoin on my shitty desktop computer which eventually destroyed it but at least I mined about 10 bitcoin in about 3 months.

In 2013 I moved to Hong Kong to be with a woman I loved at the time and I started teaching English there as well. I remember shortly after moving there how Edward Snowden had arrived and his face was plastered everywhere in Hong Kong. Of course I already suspected everyone was being spied on at the time and I was already an anarchist but this was big news that verified "conspiracy theorists" such as myself. This news furthered my anarchist views that we don't need a government and that everything the government does is through force.  I started thinking how I could get involved in the community, I wanted to create decentralized application on the bitcoin blockchain but my tech skills were lacking somewhat so I brainstormed how I could get involved in this crypto-anarchist community. Being a musician I figured I might as well create a music project that embodies my views of freedom, science, and spirituality which I view as all being interconnected. In 2015 I moved backed to Kansas City after breaking up with the Hong Kong girl and started working on my project Myco.

It's been a long process and it's cost me more money than I'd like but I feel as though I need to be involved in the cryptocurrency/anarchist community and I need to create art so I hope you guys will take a listen and I hope you enjoy! The 5 song EP will be released globally in fiat currency and other platforms on September 26 2016 but right now it's only available on openbazaar.  if you didn't catch the links at the top here are all the links to our website and social media pages

Openbazaar store

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Looking forward to hearing the tunes brother!


Thanks! if you have bitcoin you can listen now by purchasing on openbazaar.. it's like 18 cents USD worth of bitcoin for the digital version. if not, it will be released on nearly every music platform you can think of on the 26th :)


Hi @kylehenry,

We just wanted to stop by and welcome you to the Steemit community.

Oh, and we're now following you.


Thirsty Records,
A Music Curation Service


thank you! following you now as well, look forward to seeing what becomes of the music community on steemit.

Hi Kyle! Welcome to Steemit.

Sorry if I missed it in your social media sites. Just share your intro post, or post something saying you can be found on steemit. One social media site is enough.

In order to prevent identity theft we like to encourage users that have an online identity, post for a website or blog, and celebrities of all notoriety to verify themselves. Verified users tend to receive a better reception from the community.

Verification can be as simple as posting to your website or blog. If you use twitter or facebook, you can also create a tweet or post there. For our easily recognizable Steemians, a photo with you holding a piece of paper with the time & date will suffice.

Thank You! ☙


Hey thanks! and yeah I posted this on my facebook account. here's the link
Does that verify me or do I need to do something else? I'm friends with @emancipatedhuman @danilo-cuellar @sterlinluxan @neilsanarchy and @tftproject on fb so they should be able to see my post and verify who I say I am :)


That's fine. :)

Thank You! ☙

Hey there @kylehenry.........really awesome first post here !! I love your style of music too !! I am playing guitar myself !! would be nice to shoot some stuff your way if you were interested ? so welcome aboard the fine ship of Steem and lets make this a great and beautiful trip for everyone on her decks !! ; - ) following and upvoted ofcourse..


Thanks for the kind words, and for sure! I'd love to hear it. followed you back :)


nice. ; - )


on this recent post at the bottom is a looper jam i recorded, its not rehearsed just basic rythmn riff with lots of fill,s like a sketch of ideas more, you know the drill. ; - )I living on an island with a small population and the guitarists here are few and far between. But i dig the guitar and the psyke rock vibe. Do you know of a band called the Wooden Schips, pretty cool sound !! ; - )