The Moon is the First Milestone...🌝

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"The moon is the first milestone on the road to the stars."
- Arthur C. Clarke -

It's almost hard to believe...

It seems like only yesterday I celebrated 500 followers.

Today, I reached 999 followers, and I'm now also within "spitting distance" of 5000 posts.

My followers have doubled in number! And you talk to me!

Thank you, friends. It is good to see Steemit rising.

The first milestone...

The first milestone...
Photo courtesy of Neven Krcmarek and

Thank you for your votes.

Thank you for your loyalty.

Thank you for your many kind comments.

Thank you for your encouragement.

Thank you, especially, for reading and valuing my work here on Steemit.

Just, Thank You!

I am truly grateful.


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Thanks for your time and attention.
You are why I'm here on Steemit!
I have very eclectic interests and hope, over time, to write about them all.

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1047 Followers and 5036 posts now , must be using Jet Fuel!



I guess I'm just a prolific Steemit magnet... ;)

When you reach the moon, become the moon! Take a selfie though a toilet roll ;)



Very original - You could be the Man in the Moon! ;) Thanks!


well everyone is more beautiful than the moon to their loved ones, you do not need to go to the moon only for the selfie, create an artificial environment around yourself and just take the selfie with the toiled roll @abitofcode

Good luck in future growth :)



Great American Eclipse coming Aug 21 :o Congrats on the milestone!


Yes, I hope to be able to see it, Thanks! ;)

(raises glass)

Cheers @creatr

Congrats on your 1000 Follower Milestone!

Glad to be celebrating the same MILESTONE as YOU!

Appreciate your guidance and friendship fellow surfer...



Thank you, my fellow surfer dude friend... :D


This wave of STEEM is a FUN RIDE...

Glad to share this wave with you @creatr

Hang loose!


Congats @creatr .... :)


Thank you. :)

The Second Milestones what is for you @creatr ?


Perhaps Mars? :D

Thanks for asking! ;)


Succes !

Great achievement. It shows how hard you have worked to connect with other Steemians and engage in the community. I like your equating the achievement to the first milestone - the moon. I like Arthur C. Clarke's works and liked the reference

I am a minnow only 9 days old and eagerly look forward to achieving milestones like yours. It is a few lightyears away for me though.

Upvoted and followed.

I would be honored if you check my latest blogs when you have time. I have posted the first of my tiger pictures with a story of that encounter. Your comments will be highly appreciated. Thanks.


Thank you, friend, for stopping by, and welcome to Steemit.

I can clearly see that you have been very busy during the last nine days here, and it seems to me as if you are already well on your way to good success. Keep it up, and best wishes! :D

I think those lightyears will rapidly melt away for you! ;)

Wow, 999 followers, that's great.
I just signed up here. Hopefully one day I will have as many as you.


Good luck! :)

You deserve it, well done :)


Thanks, Karen! :D


Always welcome :)

Congrats! I will check more of your blog and follow :)



It is a pleasure to work with you brother. I am grateful to have met you. Continued blessings to your Steemit journey!


I appreciate you as well, and am very glad to know you. :D

Great job here is to 2000 followers. Keep up the great work and keep on posting.


Thank you.

Congratulations @creatr! Very well deserved milestone of 1000 followers by now I'm sure. You always have something interesting and worthwhile to share with the community my friend!

Long may your success continue!


Thank you, friend. :D

Congratulations! Nice reference. I can't wait until you've used up all the references in many more milestones! Perhaps then I'd get to read "to infinity and beyond" :D


Hahahaha, Thanks. ;)



Thank you, kindly! :)

Many congratulations on this milestone got another follower ⚘
I like the way you presented the post & loved the quote


Thank you kindly! Welcome to my blog.

Congratulations brother. I also celebrated my 400+ today. I am your happy follower.... together we shall make it.


Thank you...

It seems you are already well on your way! Congratulations!


Thank you Brother. You rock.... thanks once again!!!

Congratulations on the success on here! That's absolutely awesome! Also, that shot of the moon is dope :)


Thank you, friend. ;)

I am a newbie and your success helps. Thanks!

UPVOTED & FOLLOWED. Please return the favour.