ATTENTION ALL - Steemit NEEDS more MANUAL Curators for Future Success !!

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I'm sure we have all heard this before, but I am here to remind us just how important manual curation is for the overall success of this platform. Steemit was designed as a place where everyone gets paid for creating AND curating content. I think the content creation part is under control, as we continually see posts hit the 'New' tab every few seconds or so.

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There is a lot of content being produced here, and for the most part it is quality content, which is great for the platform. There seems to be a missing variable to the equation, though, that we are all trying to solve- human curation. Yes, there are manual curators out there, but simply not enough to meet the hefty supply of content being put on steemit's shelves.

The supply keeps coming (every few seconds) and the inventory just keeps getting pushed further and further away from the consumers. This is not a very efficient method of advertising and selling content. Steemit is in dire need of more manual curation in order to reach that next level of success we all wish to experience as active users.

We, as users, are what keeps this thing moving forward, so it only makes sense that we do just that. I make it my business to manually curate at least 10-15 articles everyday (many times more) that I believe are worthy of an upvote. I also try to strategically place my upvotes for posts that will yield a larger curation reward using quality timing and a post's potential success/visibility.

It is very important that this message is spread around the site because everyone needs to be on the same page. It's just like anything else- teamwork makes the dream work. Let's all help each other here and send STEEM to the moon, it is our duty as loyal steemians to do so!!

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When you read and manually curate a post, it is also beneficial to post a meaningful comment, too. This will likely increase the amount of interactivity on the platform altogether, which will lead new users to finding new authors to manually curate.

Obviously manual curation has its drawbacks, but there are ways to get around this. A lot of people set auto votes for users they think are contributing useful content to the platform. While this is likely considered as automatic curation rather than manual curation, it is sort of a combination of the two since you are personally setting the vote. Now, you just have to do a lot less work, reading and scrolling to find posts to curate.

Help spread the word by resteeming and upvoting this post so we can all help each other on this journey together!!

Peace & Blessings from @conradsuperb

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Absolutely @conradsuperb!

Not sure if it was the post content or your account name or a bit of both, but I am following your journey now 👍🏾


Hey @abh12345 thanks for dropping by and smashing that follow button, too! I'm glad you enjoyed- looking forward to seeing you around. I will most definitely do my part on this end of the screen. See you around man!


This is so true!

I am a member of two trails that I think have good values but I did notice that I read less and comment less. I used to dedicate a lot more time to these activities - reading, commenting, upvoting - and this is something I am trying to get back to, as it is the reason why I fell in love with Steemit at first place.

This is a great reminder and great post for old and new Steemians! Thanks for sharing! :)


Yeah it starts to take a toll after a while. I guess even if you can't read the whole thing just skim and get the main points from the blog post, then you can comment on something you found interesting that you came across. I have definitely found myself doing this less as well, but like I said it kinda comes and goes

It's always nice to hear from you. I always look forward to it :')

What's your strategy for maximizing the yield of manual curation? And a lot of English written post are published when I am asleep :-)


Voting sooner rather than later!! voting after the post is 3 min. old and before it is 30 min. old gives the curator a larger ROI. Also, finding users that have good content that gets upvoted by a number of significant (whale) users, say haejin as an example (even though there is a lot of controversy regarding his acct.), is better than voting for someone that doesn't normally receive any upvotes....

In other words, if i vote on a post that is 14 min. old and has received 20-30 upvotes with a current payout of $2 and the final post payout is $150, you will get more for this when the curation rewards have been posted than if you voted say 3 hours after the post has been published. Make sense?


Okay, got it and thanks.


I couldn't agree more! What makes matters harder is the paid bot 💩 posts.

Hopefully in one of the future hardforks it will be addressed. Perhaps there should be a paid bot section (much like the promoted section).


Yessir, we need MORE human curation!!But I have to say, I use bots to get my posts jump started.. the real problem is when people abuse the system by sending hundreds of STEEM or SBD just to send their posts to trending... this is not good for the platform in terms of sustainability efforts. Most of the time these posts are poorly thought out/constructed, but still people are tricked into upvoting them because they see a huge payout and lots of artificial upvotes. I agree, a specific section for posts like this would be something of value moving forward for steemit as a whole.

I think using a few SBD here and there isn't too big a deal, especially when no one is manually curating or I guess due to visibility/exposurability being in the dumps.


I hear ya and I get your reasoning.

Plus the people that upvote and follow the trending posts are just new-bies. So it almost makes no sense in trying to grab their attention as it will not monetarily benefit the poster.

Have a good rest of your weekend! ✊✊✊


yessir, right on there. Hope you had a nice weekend as well! @mikeycolon

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I agree @conradsuperb with upvoting and commenting. So much effort goes into writing a post and I think that recognition of the work is a must.


Yes, absolutely @angiemitchell I agree. A lot of effort is expended just for a few moments of visibility and then your post vanishes in the dense thicket of posts being created. The problem is not that people don't vote, it's that people don't see it