Who are YOU in Steemit Society?

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The Steemit landscape is constantly shifting and people are using Steemit in a wide variety of ways. This is an update to my "Steemit Economy" article.

Steemit is a virtual society with a very real economy. Just like in real life, different hobbies and occupations come with different skill levels. There is also the element of risk and reward.

If you try to be all things to all people, you can spread yourself too thin and never excel at any particular skill. In order to efficiently make some money on Steemit, you might benefit from considering your skill set, slotting into one or two primary roles and becoming a master. You might be surprised at how many different ways people are using Steemit. Some are doing it right, others not so much.

Here are some of the most common types of Steemians...

Coders, Devs, Data-Nerds

Steemit is a young and innovative platform so it has attracted a lot of interest from the techie community. The STEEM blockchain is "Open Source", so anyone with enough ingenuity can build applications relating to it, or analyse the data from it. In the first couple of months alone, dozens of new STEEM/Steemit related applications have been developed, reinforcing the Steemit infrastructure and making STEEM one of the most readily used of all cryptocurrencies. When not watching episodes of Star Wars, these nerds work hard and create real value. They deserve every Upvote they get.
Techies worth checking out: @mauricemikkers, @heimindanger, @anyx


How cute! Don’t worry! Everyone was a noob once and newbies are as important to Steemit as anyone else. Some lucky noobs will get a nice STEEM injection with a legit, sincere and entertaining introduction post, here. Often keen voters, their voting power is mostly channelled into helpful posts and comments explaining how the Steemit echosystem works (hint hint) …

After trying their hand at posting, commenting, and voting, most noobs will eventually progress into some of the roles outlined below...

Good bloggers

Bloggers and other original content creators such get some of the highest rewards on Steemit. Many bloggers are travel writers, photographers, foodies or entrepreneurs, but you can write about literally anything.
The best bloggers provide real value to their posts, by being highly entertaining or informative. They know how to grab peoples attention, and they conduct the appropriate research to make their content genuine. It takes skill and experience to craft great blog posts, and newcomers might be disappointed that their blog posts fail to gain traction. The risks are considerate - You could spend hours on a post only for it to fall flat on its face. The rewards however will appeal to many. It’s not unusual for the popular bloggers to make upwards of 1,000 dollars in a single blog post.
Popular bloggers on Steemit include @diana.catherine, @dragonho, @heiditravels

Bad bloggers

Not everyone is cut out to be a blogger. Lazy writing or mundane subjects will not go very far. If you’ve written ten posts about your goldfish and nobody is responding, it might be time to try something else. What’s interesting to you may not have very broad appeal or it may be obvious that you are not an authority on the subject you’re trying to write about. Likewise, what seems boring to you, could be very interesting to other people. If you live in a developing country or unique landscape, get out with a camera and show us what life is like in your part of the world.

Bounty Hunters

There are more and more competitions and giveaways on Steemit as the platform grows. Some folks have taken to searching them out and reaping the rewards. Bounties are often given for tasks related to coding, writing or photography, but some are far more random. Right now, the contest with the highest rewards is the Steemit Photo Challenge, but keep an eye on hashtags such as #contest, #competition, #swag, and #giveaway


Increasingly, there are people using Steemit to change the world for the better. From raising cash for the sick or homeless, to feeding stray cats, or simply raising awareness of certain issues. Be vigilant, however. Make sure to weigh up the authenticity of any post before giving your Upvote.

Good Content Curators

Steemit loves good content. Good curators search out and highlight the best content on the internet, or on Steemit itself. News stories, articles, videos, photographs, jokes, websites… Anything online can be curated and brought to the attention of the Steemit community. Curated posts can take the form of “Top 10” style lists, snippets from bigger pieces, screen grabs, links, etc. There are some ethical considerations though. Content and sources should be correctly credited and linked. Many Steemit-specific content curators give a percentage of their earnings to their sources.
If you are good at digging up good content, and can present it in an honest and ethical manner, the Steemit community will reward you.
Popular Steemit content curators are @gavvet, and @stellabelle
Here is another example of excellent curation. A very helpful list...

Bad Curators a.k.a “Copypasta”

Unlike the good curators above, some people will copy and paste whole items and pass it off as their own. This is spammy, plagiarism, and super uncool, y’hear?
The Steemit community are becoming more vigilant, and copypasta is usually ignored or flagged.

Good commenters

You don’t have to make any new posts to enjoy Steemit or earn STEEM. Good commenters can get a share of a posts earnings by engaging with the subject matter in a meaningful, insightful or entertaining way. It would be easy to dismiss this role if one payed too much attention to the high earning posts on the front page, but dig deeper and you’ll see top comments often get richly rewarded. The best commenters engage with subjects they understand and care about. Find your tribe, build relationships, earn STEEM.

Lazy commenters

“That’s cool”, “Great post”, “Thanks for sharing”, “Welcome”, “I like this”, “Good Article” …blah blah blah. Unlike good commenters, lazy commenters take no time to read posts, and will paste generic comments in the hope of some occasional Upvotes. It’s takes no skill or effort to be a lazy commenter and most people won’t Upvote a lazy comment. The risks are low. The rewards are low. Lazy commenting is quite harmless, but quite pointless.


Sycohphants are like Lazy Commenters on Viagra. They will try to get Upvotes by sucking up to other Steemians, lavishing them with praise and questions. Some sycophants will try to target more popular Bloggers and Whales, but it’s a risky (and cynical) strategy. If a sycophant catches the attention of a Whale (someone with copious STEEM Power), they could have their earnings decimated by being flagged by said Whale. Sycophants are also increasingly being “called out” when they are conspicuous in their ass-kissing. If someone gives you praise. Take it. You are not obliged to Upvote anyone.


Some say they live on nothing but Doritos and Mountain Dew. Memers sprinkle the community with graphical injokes and nerdy references. They didn’t chose the meme life. The meme life chose them. Check out the #meme hashtag for more.


Wait what? There’s people on Steemit with no financial investment or medium term agenda? Interactors are the unsung heroes of Steemit. All they want to do is make new friends and engage with some cool content. Ideally there would be a greater percentage of these types, but the financial potential of Steemit activity means a high percentage of Steemians are entirely focussed on financial gain. Be nice to these people. We need them.


Some people are just, different. There are a number of Steemit users that are impossible to pigeon-hole, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. They're oddballs, but they're our oddballs.
Check out Steemits best loved oddball, @klye

Good voters

Did you know you can make money on Steemit without typing a single word? Steemit loves good content and you can get STEEM rewarded by Upvoting good content. If you are early to Upvote a post (or comment) that goes on to become very popular, the rewards can be very considerate as you get a higher portion of the reward. Just don't vote too quickly because the anti-bot system may penalise you. Yes, it's kinda complicated.
Some fine detail about voting and rewards here.
It's also worth noting that "curation rewards" for voting will be much lower if you don't have much Steem Power. Want more Steem Power? You can work in, or you can buy in.

Bad voters

Every Upvote is an opportunity to earn STEEM. Bad voters dish out Upvotes with little care, not realising their "voting power" is being DILUTED and their potential rewards are decreasing. If you vote a lot, your voting power will decrease, and it takes time for it to recharge. The Steemit White Paper has more information about how this works, but in short, don’t Upvote something unless you’ve read it, and liked it.

Ideally your voting power will always be over 85%. Want to know your voting power?
Go to www.steemd.com/@username (replace username with your own username)
If you're below 85%, you should probably slow down on your voting habits.

Good bots

Not all users on Steemit are human. The blockchain is crawling with automated intelligence, programmed by geniuses, both evil and good. Crazy shit, amirite? Some bots such as @cheetah endeavour to flag content that they consider a copyright violation or other form of spam. Other bots serve to expose and flag down "bad bots". That's right - Bot wars!
Some bots are open about their synthetic inception, while others don’t mention it. There are various discussions on robot etiquette.

Bad bots

There are bots on Steemit designed to spam, scam, disrupt, steal, hack, imitate, destroy. Increasingly, they are being considered a spammy nuisance.


And we’re back to humans! Like Interactors, Trolls have no particular investment in Steemit. That’s where the similarities end though. Trolls live to be disruptive, to play Devils Advocate or to wind people up, usually for fun, but sometimes to point out censorship, groupthink, hypocrisy or cynicism. Being abrupt and provocative, they get a bad wrap, and usually deserve it. Trolls do however remind us that not everything is all fluffy and rosy in life, and that nothing online should be taken at face value. If they get under your skin, hit the Mute button on their profile page. It’s that easy.


Here’s an uncomfortable truth: There are real benefits to being attractive. This is as true online as it is in the real world. Beautiful people can earn money with photos, videos, and interactions. Love it or hate it, babes are here to stay, online and offline. As they say, “Don’t hate the player. Hate the game”.


Catfish are who never who they claim to be. Like Bad Bots, they are out to steal money, to hack, to spam, to scam. Being real humans though, these bottom feeders are more adept at social engineering than any robot could be. Be vigilant. Flag them. Expose them. Block them.

Spam Cops a.k.a “Busters”

In 2016, as Steemit grew in popularity, the potential gains from blog posts exploded into the thousands (of Dollars!). Fake stories became more common, and harder to vet. One such fake story was a plagiarised article about a young womans long term heroin use. Until the whistle was blown, the post was due to make thousands of Dollars. When it was discovered the post had been plagiarized from an article that had previously appeared in Refinery29.com, the post was heavily flagged before “Payout Time” and the imposter earned nothing. BUSTED!

The users who blew the lid off the story were heavily rewarded with copious Upvotes in the comment section. Thus, the Spam Cop was born. More about that story here.

If you want Steemit to retain high standards of original content, or simply have an innate sense of justice, there is real money to be made in this role. Among other methods, Spam Cops cross check new blog posts with Google and Tineye. Offending blog posts are called out in the comment section and the Spam cop gets paid in well-deserved Upvotes.


Numerically the rarest of breeds on Steemit, but influentially, godlike. Whales are those handful of users who have a huge investment in Steem Power. Such investment makes their votes far more meaningful so a Whale can make or break a blog post with one swipe of a finger, so you better not get on the wrong side of one. If you are very lucky, a Whale will Upvote one of your posts or comments. Want to be a Whale? Buy a LOT of STEEM Power.

So, who are you in the Steemit Economy?

Do any of the roles above describe you? Or perhaps you're still finding your feet.

NB- This article is incomplete and subject to change, of course. As Steemit continues to expand, more roles will emerge. If you have any technical corrections or suggestions, please let me know in the comments.

Words by me: @condra
Images via http://www.sp-studio.de/

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Awesome post! :) We need more posts like yours, with a perfect blend of humor and truth. Love the cartoons too.

I think I'm somewhere between a noob, interactor and good blogger.


You're like a super-interactor and great blogger ;)


A great balance of humor and truth. Spot on!

Myself, I try to be a good blogger and commenter. If we cannot add to the conversation, then why comment at all?

As Steemit evolves, I can see amatuer News-Reporter and Marketeer archetypes emerge.
News-Reporters will be giving personal accounts of events or simply re-reporting interesting things going on in the world.
Marketeers will try and sell some product, service, or reputation. Anywhere there is a community, there will be advertising. In our case, we may find it in the very posts and responses which are the heart of Steemit.


I can tell you are a good blogger and commenter, because of your comment, and because now we have reputation points! Wow. More Steemit evolution happening right under our noses as we speek. Very exciting times.


I noticed a reputation of 7 is common in our little sub-thread. Could like minds flock together?

I'd like to say I'm a good blogger, but only a few of my posts have gone viral. So, I'm going to suggest I'm an oddball. Sometimes it's hard to write from the heart (like the one I did today) and watch it sit at 4 cents. :(

Condra, you did really good with this post. You're gonna be on the front page.


Thanks for the kind words man. I think you can most definitely be an oddball and a good blogger!


That's not quite how I imagined you :P


🎬Take two 🍻
Have a beer instead
Cheer @pfunk 🍸🍸🍸


Where is the shadow of wings? ;)


Love that animation! Gonna use it somewhere.

Oddball checking in..!

Awesome post condra. Really enjoyed the south park style images and the write ups. Keep at it. This is the sorta stuff I'll be uptucking for hundreds when I whale.

@calva upvote this guy a few times for me please.


KLYE!!! You are the best! Uptuck me when you're in Vegas!


Fuuuck vegas. I already lost my ass once on the dice. No gambles for this degenerate artist.


Upvoted for being a degenerate artist

I'm Definitely an interactor at this point. You may have forgotten one though... Free market entrepreneur ... They understand their reputation is tied to their potential earnings so they generally behave. They vote, comment and blog because, well, they're entrepreneurs and there's money in dem 'der steemits. They act as spam cops because they've invested in the platform and want to see it be great and succeed. They interact with others because they enjoy Steemit, as evidenced by their investment.

Basically the all round cool Steemian we all want commenting and voting on our stuff :)


Upvote for you amigo. Thanks for the comment and the heads up. Free market entrepreneur will have to feature in my next update. And I hear ya - being a sort of "super interactor" is the way forward.


Haha yeah! im looking forward to seeing what image you use for that category ;)

Oh sir! I just imagined sitting in a room with all these different types of Steemians. This would be crazy! Imagine all the little fishes and gold diggers chasing the whale while the commentators are making a show of it.

I would pay to see this :)

I think that will be the time that decides!
has entered me nostalgic to see some episodes of South Park again 8]

"FLUFFY MOM's " are still missing :) in your list .....Here I am Steemers ! I am struggling to be "tech savvy ", I was born late 50's and in the year 2000 , I had no idea what an email is . We used to be happy with our first motorola with a huge bad ass antenna #oldschoolgirl , nothing smart about that one . I am an artist manager, an agent , promoter , never ever a blogger . It's fun so far to be here among all of those you mentioned .
#tbt :


Hehehe! Welcome Fluffy Mom.



Lol. You have nailed it! Until you posted this, I was not cognizant of the number of "Steemians", especially the categories I fell into. I think I see myself in about 5 categories. I need to find my niche :). Great post.


Thanks! I genuinely hope it is useful to someone!

Very nice Post @condra. I hope it does well as this is very comprehensive .. had good laugh at some of the descriptions :) Followed you by the way. Will be o the lookout for more of your posts.


Hey Thanks @jacor ! I spent the whole day on this post, so your kind words are very much appreciated.

Here I am anyway. Hulloooo. I'm not actually in a green room. That's just what Ireland looks like when it's blurred out of focus.

Nice great job! Really! I enjoyed to read this. I'm totally a noob at blogging, but I have some bigger ideas what coming next. Thank you @condra that few minutes of fun 😃

Nice work!

I am a bad/good blogger and maybe an oddball, not many people are reading my blogs, so I am not sure if steemit is interested in gonzo style literature, but I don't care. I enjoy writing tales of depravity, so sorry Steemit you will be forced to ignore more of them.

Here is a link to my first story

Wow you must have take a lot of time doing that. And I'm definitely a lazy commenters whom wants to improve himself!

I loved the breakdown user types! Even better with the South Park look!
Great post!



As someone who is still looking at a wide array of hats and trying to figure out what to wear, I appreciate an in-depth look at the types of hats others are wearing, anx what kinds of sub-communities are already starting to form. Thanks for taking the time to write this up to help us noobs pick out a hat and help find our way!


That's music to my ears. There's so many approaches one can take to explain the Steemit system. My take is very simplified and serveed in bitesized chunks, but I'm glad you found it helpful.

ahahaha, awesome post :))


Thanks! Which one describes you best?


Philanthropists and bouty made my day :)

This is a really good post. I think you have covered just about every type of poster there is. I'm still looking for the guy with 10 posts about his goldfish though! If he can write that much about it - I want to see what is writing but I'm probably a bit mad.


Hey! Thanks for the kind words. I actually haven't seen anyone write about their goldfish just yet. Didn't want to hurt anyones feelings by mentioning anything specific! And now that I think of it, I'd probably upvote a "goldfish diary".

Well I'm some kind mixture, that's for sure!


Between what and what? :)


Good commenter, Memer , Interactor and a Spam Cop as of my last post.
Btw who do you think you are from the list or if you have a mix like I do what is it?
Nice illustrations m8, Ai or Ps?

where are makeup stylists?)


Very good point. I've noticed loads of MUAs on here recently. Will have to update soon.


Great post! Way to label various roles this will surely give some people direction.


I hope so.

This is fantastic.

Good job at covering all of the stereotypes while keeping enough humour to make it a good read.


Cheers! I'll tell you something that's not funny though. Spent about 7 hours on it and now my eyeballs are gonna start bleeding. :)


When you posted, did you have any issues with the http: dropping off your images? If not, what site did you use to upload your images?


sometimes i use my own hosting but usually i use www.steemimg.com

hahah love it!

I think you covered them all... as for me, I'd probably say I'm in the good commenter category. I post some times, but I feel less at ease with it compared to reading articles and occasionally commenting at them.


Cheers. That's cool. I imagine you can still get some nice rewards by mostly commenting, especially if you engage with the right people at the right time. Probably one of the most enjoyable ways to use Steemit - being genuinely immersed in the content.


Indeed... and while I never thought of it as a profitable activity, it became one. Some comments were upvoted with something like 200-300$, which is what an article could get. It happened to me 3-4 times already, and I wasn't even pursuing it (although even if I was, I would have no idea how to attract 200-300$ for a ...comment).

Awww.. I love that @kyle got his own oddball section!


He deserves it. I keep telling him I've got his back cos I've no doubt he's gonna be world famous some day and I wanna be in his entourage ;)

You idea is brilliant! And your article is very detailed. :)
And I feel honored that you've put me in the list of the good bloggers.
Cheers, @condra!


Cheers back Diana!
Thanks for stopping by :)

I am simply the prince of all Saiyans.

Hahhah. Very nice post at the same time informative and funny. Thanks for posting! :)

I'm noob, interactor, bad blogger & bad voter with good voting power 98.2277% :lol


98.2277% That's impressive restraint! I'm down around 75% today! Just love yall too much :)


I was down to 40% , I still UPVOTES n follow you.
Time to pay back some.
I reckon is a good exchange 😜😜😜😜😜

Some great insights here, thanks. I'm definitely a noob and shooting for great content creation. It's a little hit and miss but I'm moving in the right direction!

Interesting post. The Babe leaves me a bit dejected though lol.

The topic was interesting... What I did was scrolled till the bottom of the page, The South park look a like character seems to be interesting... I know I have fallen into some category of commenter or something you mentioned from your post.. :D Good luck and you can reply which category I have been into.. Cheers


Thanks for taking the time to comment. Have a nice day.


You are welcome!! I think this blog will be in trending list soon enough.. ;)


That would be nice but honestly I just hope it gets seen and is helpful to some newbies

Awesome! , cute post haha.

@condra I guess I'm still a noob but want to be a good blogger and share my recipes!


Do it! Stay positive and engage with people. I'll keep an eye out for your next masterpiece!


Thank you @condra !

Another awesome post @condra!

Love the graphics that you used to describe each type of Steemian, and especially the bots. Not a huge fan of them.

This is making me think of what kind of Steemian am I?

Thanks for sharing this awesome post with us!


Cheers! Good luck :)

This was fun!

This is a very entertaining post. I think I'd classify myself as a noob even though I've already posted, commented and voted more than quite a few times. It's like I'm ramming a wall to get to where the cool kids are and I'm not making a dent.

Anyway, great post. You deserve all the upvotes you get. Keep 'em coming!


Thanks for the kind words. Keep trying. You'll get there.

I bookmarked your post . I am still learning @kamauabayomi check this out and get familar . Thanks much !

I'm the creepy uncle named Bob, hiding in the closet, watching.
If something juicy happens right in front of me, you can be sure I'm strokin it!

Hi! Such a funny pictures and very interesting information. Thank you for the post and good luck in Steemit!
Please, read my post too: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@knyaz/hi-steemers-my-name-is-igor-knyaz-and-i-ll-be-35-in-two-weeks


Cheers. Nice to see some Ukrainians up in here!

Thanks @condra

Who am I ?

I am very tiny but can come in masses.
Currently, networking interacting to know others.
Helping others to gain theirs confidence in writing.
Outcome no gain but making new friends 🙂
Have I succeeded? Still working on it 👍👍👍

One for all = all for one
The little one 😋😋😋


That's how it's done boo! Heroes don't wear capes and all that :)

Where are the visual artists? They don't write but have a lot of visual content.

Excellent!!! You've done a wonderful job highlighting so many of the types here. I can barely think of anything you missed! Not all of these types are apparent if you haven't been paying close attention, so great job and we all hope to see more great content from you!


Interesting post.


Is this a bug? How can you 11?

You nailed it! Great charakter description and pictures to it, well done!

Plese keep it up, I am sure new charakter will join steemit over time :)