How to set up a healthy community developing chain? 一个良性社区发展生态链是如何开始构建的 上

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@cn-reader has been launched for a while, our initial idea is to keep one post per day for the first two weeks and then make adjustment based on detail situation.

As I mentioned before, @cn-reader aims to spread excellent contents of cn community to others, meanwhile, @cn-reader will introduce some outstanding foreign contents to the cn community, and finally establish a comprehensive communication system which includes the excellent contents of Chinese, English and other languages.

Some steemians might think @cn-reader is just a new account in steemit. In fact it is not only an account, there's more information inside.

There are many contests including "Monthly Review" in community for now, some are just started and some are already finished, but "Monthly Review" is one of those contests which last for a long period and has widespread influence. From the "Chinese Valentine's Day Contest" to today's "Monthly Review”, my own feeling is that a great contest must be sustainable, and it also needs much contribution and efforts to achieve that goal, only one person's passion and effort is not enough, so at the very beginning, we set up judges group, judges will recommend good articles in each round of the contest. "Monthly Review" can’t achieve such success without the selfless contribution of the judges. Also, I think a good program can't be only supported by passion or interpersonal connections; we need both ideal and bread. Personal influence could be effective in short term, but in the long term, there must be a well-established system like reward system. Only a well-established system and good stimulate system can lead the program live longer and more lasting.

How can we be better motivated? This is the question that I am thinking all the time. What about donation? Well, donation will be effective in a short period, it will not be sustainable. And "Monthly Review" will be launched every month, we can’t ask for donation every time. It might be work for once, twice…, but people will be bored afterward, so I think donation will not be a good solution.

What about volunteer contribution? It seems reasonable since they are volunteers. Indeed, I did this at the beginning of "Monthly Review", reward authors with my own SBD or STEEM, and I still consider it is a good way now. It is one of my dreams to stimulate authors to create good works and attract more people join the community.

Volunteer contribution is not enough, even though you can do it; it is not practical for everybody do that for such a long time. And also, it is limited for each person's energy and time, I wrote an article several days ago, "Why I Delegate 3000 Sp to @cn-reader", I mentioned one thing there, I can read all the posts in cn community in less than an hour at the beginning, but what about now? The quantity of new posts per day is much more than ever before, of course there’s a lot improvement of the quality. It is a pleasant thing. In the past times, I read everybody’s post every night, vote and comment for good contents, I was happy and busy doing this for a long period.

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两周前,@cn-reader 正式开始运作了。我们初步的想法是,前期每天保持一篇,先试运作两个星期,再根据情况来进行改进。



社区里现在有包括“月旦评”在内的多个活动,这期间有开始的,也有结束的,而“月旦评”是其中一直持续到现在,举办时间也较长,影响力也颇为广泛的活动,根据“月旦评”从前身的“七夕活动”开始,到今天“月旦评”举办到第五期第2轮,我个人的感受就是一个好的活动,必须得持续和长久,而这背后必然是付出和努力,要做到这点,光靠一个人的热情和努力 ,我认为是远远不够的,因此从一开始,我们就成立了文章评委组,每期每轮的优秀文章都由评委组老师们推荐入选,所以“月旦评”发展到今天,所取得的成绩,我认为有评委组各位老师们很大功劳,截止到现在,我们评委组老师所有的付出也都是义务的。我认为一个好的项目或活动,不能仅仅只是单纯依靠面子、热情等来支撑,理想要有,但是面包也得吃啊。短期内靠个人的号召力和影响力,可能会有效,但长远来看,必须得有一套完善的制度,比如奖励制度。只有好的制度和好的激励措施,这样才能走的更长远、更持久。

如何才能做到更好的激励?这是我一直都在思考的问题,靠捐赠?我认为短期内有效 ,但不可持续,更何况“月旦评”常年每月都在举行,你总不能每开一期就要求大家给你捐赠吧?开始一两次大家会认同,或者给你面子,但是时间久了,必然会遭人烦,讨人厌,所以我认为靠捐赠不是好的解决方法。

靠个人义务付出?这个听起来似乎有道理,“周瑜打黄盖,一个愿打,一个愿挨”,确实,我从“月旦评”开始,也一直是本着这样想法,并且实际上也这么去做了,每个月拿出自己的SBD或STEEM奖励给大家,我到现在都认为这个方法非常不错,能够换来大家更多的热情和创作,吸引更多的人加入社区 ,这个是我一直的梦想之一。

但是单纯靠个人的付出我认为也是不够的,即便你一个人可以,但要让大家都长时间免费义务劳动,这也是不现实的,还有就是每个人的精力和时间都是有限的,昨天我写过一篇文章《我为什么代理3000 SP给@cn-reader ?》,其中有提到过一件事,就是社区刚开始时,我每天可以在不到一个小时内就看完当天中文社区所有的文章,而现在呢?每天新出的文章数量大大超过了从前,当然质量也比先前有了很大一个提升,这个是可喜可贺的。我先前每天晚上浏览大家的文章,看到好的文章都会点赞或评论,好长一段时间里,我因此忙忙碌碌并且也乐此不疲。

@cn-reader 还需要很长的路要走。。。

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i whish to understand. great idea. my support.

@cn-reader is really a great start!!


thank you. a good start is half success.

我已经把cn-reader 设成自动点赞了。




thank you.