The FIRST Steemit Whale interview. Who they are? What they want? How they think?

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*The person/bot on this interview didn't want to have his/her/it identity revealed, so we are calling him/her/it Willy, just Willy.

This is a photo of Willy. No face, but If you know a whale you can tell who they are by their tails.

My name is Willy, I'm 53 years old, live in NYC and work as a janitor in a big hotel chain. I've joined Steemit after hearing a couple guys in the hotel talking about it. They were staying in the hotel for some fancy, big, conference and seem to be part of the team that was creating Steemit. I heard them talking about it and got curious. They gave me a copy of the Whitepaper and after reading it I was sold. This was back in March 2016. I've joined Steemit 3 months ago and spend some money buying Steem Power.

So, I'll start with the hard question, you are a whale and may have the answer. Is this a Ponzy or a Pyramid?


Good. Can you elaborate a bit more?

You can do it yourself. Just read the Whitepaper, play with the platform for a while, and get to your own conclusions. It is working well for me and has been changing people's life since its early days.

Life is subjective. You can see everything in a positive or negative way. That's your choice.

That's a good quote, thanks. So as an early adopter that has a lot of voting power, how do pick your posts?

I don't pick. I go with the flow. I read what interests me. I vote on good stuff, positive posts, honest people, cool people, anything that adds value to me and to the community.

So you don't upvote your friends, so you can all make money together?

I've upvoted some of my friends. I don't have many and when I vote it is because they posted good stuff. My friends are all big fish like me and don't care about my upvotes.

How Steemit is changing your life?

It is not changing anything. It will some day. My investment here is worth millions now and I'm starting to power down and save for a house down payment. I bought better boots for work the other day with Steem, but this is not life changing, I guess.

What kind of content you post here? And what seems to be giving you more money?

I don't post a lot. When I do post, I talked about things I understand and that I'm passionate about. I always try to add value and be real, people seem to like this.

What about Boobs and cute girls? Is this really good stuff? Why they get so much money?

Oh...It is definitely good stuff. Don't you think?

Isn't this sexist?

There are female whales too, gay whales, transgender whales, all types. They will upvote whatever they like, people will follow if they see the value. It is this simple. There's nothing sexist about it. I've told you already, be positive.

That's interesting. So changing the theme a bit. Can you exaplain the economics of Steemit better?

No. I don't understand half of it. You are better reading the Whitepaper yourself.

But you said you were sold when you read the white paper?

Yes. The half I could understand was really good. It looks like that I was right being and early adopter.

Can you talk a bit about how do you see the platform evolving?

I believe Steemit has the potential to become huge and mass adopted, but this will take some time. Crying babies are complaining a lot lately, but really...this is still on beta. There are lots of improvements coming, competition will get stronger soon. There are tweaks to be made, tons of them to filter users, protect copyright, balance rewards, reputation, etc. It is all coming together. Right now, Steemit is suffering from the huge increase in users and visibility, after July 4th payouts. Growing pains. Future is bright.

What advice you give to people that want your upvote?

Be yourself. Write about stuff you like, things you would like to read and add value to the community. Curious things, funny ideas, whatever. Be authentic. If you don't get my upvote, don't worry, there are dozens of other whales out there.

Thanks a lot for your time. See you.


This is original content. FICTON. PURE FICTION. ALL FICTION. No whales were harmed. :)

I've also just finished interviewing a bot and will publish the interview soon.


:) That's it. We are all Millionaires.

Oh...thanks for the meme. Cute.

'Be yourself. Write about stuff you like, things you would like to read and add value to the community.'

OP might be writing fiction but this is good advice.

I knew from the the point where I've clicked this post that it's fiction but I've liked it. Can't wait to see the bot interview! :D

Thanks. I like your signature. Looks really cool.

Write your heart out. Share your beautiful stories, knowledge and experiences and make Steemit the very best community there is and let's be grateful whatever we get out of it, whether or not a whale upvoted it. Whether or not we got $1000 or $0.00. Nice interview. Nice to hear from a whale haha

Thanks for commenting. I agree, we have to be ourselves and focus on what we are passionate about. I've been posting some photographs and actually got some really nice whale love in a couple posts. This interview idea came to my mind and I thought it would be a fun way to write some of my ideas about Steemit. I have lots of ideas about photography related posts and will be putting more time on it as the Steemit evolves.

BTW... we don't need to get paid $1000 all the time, but $0? No the whole point of Steemit os to make some money. If this wasn't the case I'll be blogging on wordpress.

Thanks a lot for the interview. Let's hope that all the whales of the same opinion

Thanks. I'm glad you liked. I was trying to talk about Steemit, but in a fun way, not taking it too serious.

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