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RE: Is there a whale voter cult on Steemit? Yes, and it's killing Steemit!

in #steemit3 years ago

Finally somebody is saying the truth about steemit, everything writen in this post is true, I post everyday for three months and I did a lot of things to grow on steemit and invited a lot of people but I still earn cents.

The only thing that I see is that we need new whales and we dont have to count about old ones, lets coopirate and became whales, if we take it by numbers we will much syronger thatln whales. Upvoted and resteemed.


good to hear from you again @clixmoney, you were one of the generous Steemians who even gave away Steem Dollars!

I'm still giving away, now 0.04 to people and promoting them and upvoting and resteeming, but it doesn't help me to grow, I earned from the good project that I make 0.06 after promoting a user and sending him 0.04, nobody care, I called the project Promote and Earn, I feel that I am just wasting my time here, it's too late to earn goid money from steemit, I am waiting for better social networks, peerity and sphere, I hope they will be better.

@clixmoney, we could wait for Steem as well. the developers and community behind Steem are good and smart people who will not let it die.

we can only hope the the worst days are behind us and the best is yet to come. for all your service you will surely find your place among the Steemit community, even if not from the whales

best of luck and lots of love!

Thanks for the good words but it's not enough, we have really to coopirate, you can contact me in our chat that I've created with a friend: Connecting Steemians Chat

I have some idea to do. Let's build something interesting.

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