That's one of the best put together posts about using Steem to get free of the shackles and use it , -- as you wish --- to help you do these things.

Much love to you man, It is so late for me I cannot even type now, and wanted to say hi.

God love ya buddy. Nite bro

@clayboyn Thank You for sharing Your life... There are undoubtedly millions of people all over the world that have similar life issues... We are very lucky to have Steemit AND the community that has been created & nurtured into existence.

YES... Steemit & STEEM can Change the World... one person at a time.

UpVoted... Thanks Again 4 sharing some of Your personal life...

Have a Great Week !!

"It's based on living your life and getting paid for it." - Yep. hope you hold out ok until the $$ hits!

Beautiful post!
Making that giant leap to quit your job and step out into the unknown, I know how that feels, but I also know the rewards you get when it all works out as planed.
I say power down, and be debt free, we did it and there is no better feeling in the world than being truly free from the chains of the system.
Good on you @clayboyn

Freedom is the opportunity, which you chose. Hat tip from the bopper to the hip hopper @clayboyn.

Get rid of your debts.. then accumulate and power back up bro!

Hi I am a newbie here, your post is inspiring ! keep on!

You are now part of the nouveau rich. :-)

I wonder what the future holds for this new generation of crypto nerds we have spawned.

Great story @clayboyn UpVoted as well

Indeed, steemit is a live changing platform. When I joined steemit way back July 2016, I was a total ignorant with crypto. That was the first time I heard of it. Even think is true, are the figures in the platform can really be transform to cash. Fortunately, it did.

Very glad to hear and see your evolution man! Thanks for sharing and inspiring others. UV and followed now for sure!

Well done! It sounds like you have been doing really well on here and I hope to grow my account soon too

Just stick with it! It takes a little time to get rolling.

great post!! thanks for sharing, steemit is a revolution no doubt about that

Life changing, that ain't no joke. Keep rocking it bro! It's always happening :)

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