An Unexpected Delegation Inspired me Today!

in #steemit4 years ago

Looking through the log, I noticed that 40SP had been delegated to the account by none other than the @church-of-piglet!

I do know who runs this account but won’t divulge the information here as it’s not my place too, but I want to say massive thanks for this.

It’s not a huge delegation but the fact that it was simply delivered to the account without warning and without me being notified says something to me.


The @church-of-piglet account is very specific in sending out messages that are against bid-bots and can advise new Steemians in ways to use the platform for good and not abuse. It’s all done in a rather humorous way that always make me chuckle.

Have a look at the latest post by @church-of-piglet and you can decide to take their advice.

There’s much better ways to invest your SP than an account that votes up ‘select’ other accounts and is dependant on two peoples judgement, so I think it speaks volumes that the preacher of the church has some faith in myself and @steevc who is the largest delegator.

Of course the @church-of-piglet account and its owner will be getting full votes from the from now until the end of time!


There’s nothing more than an act of kindness that inspires me more, so I will be delegating a further 100SP from the @slobberchops account to the one today to give a little more back to the worthy.

I won’t ask for other delegations for this account as I simply want to help other Steemians who I feel are doing good things for the platform or are writing good material, but if you feel inclined to do so then please feel free.

Delegators will get bigger votes of course!

  • Slobberchops




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Where did the church go?

So long ago, when things were different.

@church-of-piglet deserves attention for the name alone. Morality with a bit of entertainment. It's interesting to view the imaginative ways that a decentralised platform polices itself.

Its worth visiting the piglet, he's entertaining for sure.

Well, that means you are doing pretty well @slobberchops .

I would really like this account to be around 1000SP so it can deliver a vote that's not $0.02. I suppose for some that's better than nothing but I have ambitions to make it bigger.

The Church of Piglet is a fantastic organisation; it is a shame they are so poor. I feel people should make substantial donations to them.

Rumour has it that the High Priest also has a third account.

Buy a Real Comment! Comment: 10 STEEM. Defence in debates, max. 5 comments: 40 STEEM. No refunds.

Rumour has it that the High Priest also has a third account.

I will need to think hard about this one, some things in life are just tough to figure out :)

That is awesome that you got that surprise delegation. It's like finding money in your winter coat that you put away for the summer!

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