Lost Girl Looking for Answers

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hey Steemians,

I've been active on Steemit for a couple of months now.
I thought it would be enough to just post my own thing and let it be. But the more I'm exposed to this platform, the more I realise it would be good to actually understand how things operate around here.

Quick Questions

  • What's the difference between STEEM, STEEM POWER, and STEEM DOLLARS?

  • How do you power up in reputation?

  • What's the best way to power up?

I may or may not be blindlessly transferring steem to steem power ... but I have no idea what that even does :o

Do any of you have resources for me to explore how this steem economy works?

I'll be here sitting patiently, trying to learn as much as I can, overlooking the steemit ocean filled with redfish, minnows, whales and whatnot.


After doing some research of my own, I came across this fantastic guide by @sykochica. It such a comprehensive post filled with everything and anything newbies need to know!! If you're new on this platform, I highly recommend reading through all the information available to get a better understanding :)


Much Love,
(A hopeless Newbie)



Howdy Chels, SBD is Steem backed dollars. These can be traded for Steem. or Steem can be traded for SBD within the Steemit platform. When you have Steem, You can power up with it, When you power up the Steem, you increase your voting power (value of your vote), The SBD Steem and Steem power are not representative of your Reputation. Your reputation increases with each vote you get from other users. If you use the Discord chat rooms I am available there should want a more interactive conversation to explain these things, I have included here https://discord.gg/9rE7SmP a link to one of the groups I chat within. It is a small group which is growing and holds contest weekly.

oh wow thanks so much for your help @jan23com. I thought transferring steem to steem power increased reputation so thank for clarifying that for me :) I've yet to join discord and will check it out :)

welcome, Happy I could help

Saludos, gracias por compartir tu post con nosotros, éxito.

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