Where Active Steemains Are from in 2019

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Hey Steemians

@minimining and @brittandjosie have both recently purchased physical maps to pin where their followers are from, which I thought was a really cool idea but also had me thinking, where are all the active steemians from. I'm sure many of you have also gave it a thought now and then.

So not to sit on my arse, I thought let me see If I could kick it up a notch and find out where active Steemians are from. I enlisted the help of the ever regal and helpful @paulag to provide me with a data dump of active steemians for the past two months.

How to qualify for the report

  • You need to have made at least 1 post between 1 November 2018 - 31 December 2018
  • You need to fill in the location field with a city or country for me to track and categorize

Diving into the data

Since no one really uses the location field the same way the data was really dirty and took me a while and to push my excel skills to their limits to clean it up.

The raw data dump from @paulag gave me a total of 38 478 active accounts in the 2 month period and after cleaning the data I was left with 17 447 accounts that I could match to locations.


My findings

So What did I find according to the data I happend to clean you mau ask?

It looks like Asia leads the way with 32.7% active users followed by Europe with 22.6%

The break down is as follows:

  • Asia - 32.7%
  • Europe - 22.6%
  • South America - 18.4%
  • North America - 17.2%
  • Africa - 7%
  • Oceania - 2.1%

What are the top countries

So the best performing countries across all regions combined are:

  • USA - 14.4%
  • Venezuela - 13.9%
  • Indonesia - 8.5%
  • India - 5.8%
  • Nigeria - 4.7%

For a more detailed break down of users, You can view the full report here.

Note: It is an interactive report so you can click on the arrows to see more countries and other data you may be interested in :)

Key points from the report

  • Only 45% of active Steemians reveal their location on their profile
  • Africa seriously needs to get on board with blockchain
  • Venezuela and the USA are neck and neck for the most popular users

Thought I'd give it some steemit style

After creating the report I thought well hey this doesn't look very steemit'y and I happend to find the branding guide in @coruscate What Do You Think of the New Steem Digital Assets? and jazzed it up with the logo and colour scheme. What you think? Snazzy? I'm not the type to make my reports pretty but I do try.

Have your say

What do you think of your countries performance? Are you surprised by any of the results? Would you like to see any other cool reports? Let me know!

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That is cool... now all we need to do is multiply the active users by 100, then 1,000 .. no sweat !

Indeed, even though it was a pain to clean the data I really had fun with it. I think the money aspect of this is still the overarching appeal and we should rather focus on do a message of do what you do on blogger/wordpress/tumblr/facebook/twitter without your data being used/ad free and a chance to gain rewards.

The rewards should be just a bonus not the be all and end all. If we can get that through to people I think more users will join up

Hey we're leading from Venezuela🇻🇪😲😁 btw I wanted to THANK YOU friend for joining @crypto.piotr Santa Venezuela🎅 initiative!😙

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Oh for sure you guys better keep growing and getting more Venezuelans to join us hopefully they all as awesome as you are

And don’t mention it, glad I could help in some small way

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" 38 478 active accounts"
oopppss. That is not many accounts at all. And we all know that a lot of people have multiple accounts. Can we guess 15 000 active users??

ANd "adfree" yes - and no. I, You and a lot of us put ads in our blogposts. BUT of course we have decided that ourself.

One more thing that I think of
USA and venezuela is almost same place in this leaderboard.
BUT if we see at "accounts/capita" Venezuella will win SO BIG That is pretty intresting.
And I agree - Where is people from Africa? OR - do they not put out there location at all?

Indeed it’s not many especially for a site with global use but hey it just shows we have a lot of work ahead of us and we got in really early using the platform

We going to really need to find ways to recruit new members and keep them active

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This is a good analysis. I was even thinking that Nigeria will be more than the 4% mark but now I know they are not much compared to the top 3.

Well Naija is leading the way for Africa and that’s no small feat! You guys need to keep getting more people involved! As Africans we will benefit greatly from what crypto can bring to our continent

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We were many and much more people were coming but the dip in steem price has demotivated them.

Yeah it does suck a lot of people gave up because of the price! It’s up to the OGs like is to keep the flag flying and hopefully get to tell those who left I told you so lol

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I believe they will be checking out for the increase in steem price.

It would be interesting to see a chart by investment and Steem power based on location. Here taking out Stinc and blocktrades. Those metrics will change a lot in my opinion.

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That’s an awesome idea I’ll re work the report and review STEEM POWER per county would be interesting to see who is funding the show

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That would be awesome to see!

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Steemit could be really helpful for people in Venezuela!

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Oh for sure, really looks like a growing interest in crypto there. I saw not too long ago one Steemian @crypto.piotr run a fund raising campaign for Venezuelans, its a pitty the value has tanked, we could have really helped more

I only wish steemit and dapps had a universal analytics tag I could use to track user data would be super interesting since i'm not a that techhy to be able to extract blockchain data

Very true @chekohler

Maybe next year results will be way better (assuming that price of STEEM will not tank any morE).


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Oh wow, this is really cool. Thanks for the info.

I wish those Steemians that are not active at least have auto upvote like @steemauto, if they have any plans of coming back. I hope they come back 😓

lol it’s a pleasure thought I’d put my reporting skills to use for steemit

Yeah you’re right or at least delegate it to someone who is active it’s sos sad seeing so much SP just laying around and not being used!

Your request shouldn’t be too hard to process either, I’ll add it to my list of future reports!

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this is amazing, well done you. You should have submitted it to utopian, next time I will give you a hand to comply with utopian rules so you can get the votes this deserves. Awesome work, well done you

Thank you so much, couldn’t have done it without you, actually had fun and I have some ideas for future reports so this won’t be the last one

Oh wow there’s a reward system for reports? That’s awesome, I’d love to hear more about it! Show me the ways

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Happy to show you the way and guide you. Let me know when ur doing your nxt data/ analysis post

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I would like to see even more activity from the USA.

I would like to see
Even more activity
From the USA.

                 - tonygreene113

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I was also pretty surprised that the US was so close to another country you’d think the adoption would normally be way higher than other countries! I actually want to rerun the report and check what counties Steem power looks like

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Is there any version of your report where you break down the countries within Europe?? I´m really curious to see where Portugal stands when compared to major countries.

Yes if you view page 2 and look at the European table you can click the arrow at the bottom to see the next 5 counties and so on until the end of the list

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I missed that sentence where we could access the report...
Thank you for the information and the detailed report!

Little over 100 users in Portugal :D

Sure thing, no problem! I could also give you their user handles if you want to perhaps get in contact with your countries peeps! I’ve already had one request for Bangladesh

Posted using Partiko iOS

If it doesn't bother you much, I would appreciate it. But the majority of them I´m already connected with, through the Portuguese community on Telegram built based on Steemit (@steemitportugal). :D

Hi @diogosantos, sure it was no problem at all. You can find the list of user names here in the first tab of the sheet! Hope it helps you make some new connections :)

Thank you, seriously, best article of the month (at least)!

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I am surprised North America is so far down on the list! Great data.

Any chance you can plot users against a map? I thought I saw something like that a year ago on a website that a fellow steemian had put together.

Since I’ve cleaned up the data I could plot users on a map yes shouldn’t be too hard I’ll see what I can do with the report and let you know!

As for the site that’s interesting, now you got me curious I’ll have to do some searching and see if I can uncover it

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That would be very cool!

Awesome finding, thanks!

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Thanks lol 8 hours of cleaning data seemed so painful but seems like people like it so it was worth it

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I am close to Stellenbosch!

Posted using Partiko Android

But your profile says Africa so you would have been excluded from this report! I did find about 180+ active users from South Africa

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Oh I always wondered about this. Now I know the answer! I better check where the Philippines is at. :D

The phillipines aren’t doing too badly they are top 5 of the Asian counties and I could find 512 active users 😬 that’s a decent community to get started with I’m sure

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