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For Steemit to compete with other blogging and content platforms, I realized we needed a much higher functioning editor for which is why I created

SteemPower is a realtime WYSIWYG Markdown editor for Preview your righting side by side with Markdown.

Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 8.45.46 AM.png

Using this site, there is no need to learn markdown as the editor includes all the tools you need, including (but not limited to) the following

Undo / Redo editing

Bold text Italics Strikethrough

gif animations

gif animations

Standard JPEG and PNG images


  • Bulletpoint lists
  • Just add as many as you need
    *Even Sublists for your lists

Outbound links

Line Breaks


other editorsNo

Inline code / commands

ls /

from steempower import stuff

def use(what):
import sys

print sys.argv

I plan on adding more features in the coming weeks including:

  • Post directly to Steemit from SteemPower
  • Edit past articles
  • Save/Load directly into the editor
  • Other tools for authors and curators

Any feedback and suggestions welcome!


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Awesome idea and great domain name Charlie , but I think we may have already knocked it offline.
Really cool to see you getting involved with building tools here, I wish I could upvote this post twice!

I have actually been experimenting with something similar, but as a browser userscript - Your website is far more likely to get used by the masses though so if you could consider implementing these features that would be awesome:

The most important, but hardest one to pull off well imo is ..

  • Collaborative editing, and or the ability to pass draft posts between users for review.

This would simplify work for lots of users currently asking for help to make more effective articles. (Think steemprentice, or assisting users with language issues or other disabilities)

  • Some sort of user group management/hierarchy or directory of users willing to help edit and/or proofread and then signal approval/dissaproval before a post hits the blockchain.

I have a heap but these are the ones that would have the biggest impact.


Collaborative editing, and or the ability to pass draft posts between users for review.

That wouldnt be hard to do. I can incorporate into this so you create an encrypted document and share it with people.


That was a really quick answer and a good solution :)
For bonus points - I discovered cryptbin recently and its auto-delete timer and unique shorturl per post would be useful additions too imo.

Having a way to refer to a unique code per post means we could potentially automate passing those codes in tx memos/comments , or make a blockchain based que of recent submissions for proofreaders to read/approve/deny etc.

I'm probably overthinking this and asking too much ~ even if it stayed as-is this is a great addition already :)


By the way, I find it interesting how many people, from all corners of the globe, have similar ideas without every interacting.

Made me reflect on the pyramids built by different ancient civilizations . Asians, Egyptians, MesoAmerica, Native Americans and many more have shared thinking in this greater consciousness we call life.


I argued about this feature at earlier post.

The idea came after learning how Wikipedia works!!! However, people told me it was difficult to do. How though? How does Wikipedia do it, that can't be done in this platform? I can see people finally make money based on editing, translating, and creating content and truly finding another monetizing scheme aside from curating and posting. Editing and translating can be monetized!!!

Wow! great ! :)
I wait for tables a long time, and was you for it
works nice, but not so convenient for me jump and switch to different sites to make table

This is going to save me a lot of time. Thank you!


Your welcome !

great initiative - is doing a really good job in this!

I've posted Russian translation of this post with your permission, and I have everything ready to start Russian version of it, site and sample text translations are ready!

Dude. Much respect for giving back man. wow. Big love @Charlieshrem.


Thanks !

Add pull left, right, and justified text support.


Yeah, and indent/outdent options.


Got it, next update I will have that.

Awesome job Charlie. Thanks for your work on this!

Did you mean to say preview your "righting"..?


Haha I did a "find on page" before commenting to see if anyone else caught that. Second para - "Preview your writing..."

What about saving a post to work on it later? Like saving a draft? Could that be created? Great ideas on here! Thanks for sharing.


Yes ! Should be in the next version


@sgnsteems You took the words right out of my keyboard!! I do like the automatic save in the editor. So even if you suddenly have a computer crash or accidentally shut your browser or whatever, you work is saved. The first time I accidentally shut my browser down, I was so glad my hours of work was still there when I came back to STEEMIT.COM.
Great Job @charlieshrem
stay up and stay out.
full $teem ahead!

this is nearly what I was talking about in one of my last posts... but isn´t there any possibility to include this into creating another possibility might not work for the majority of users... here is the post i mentioned. i would be glad to hear what you are thinking about it:


Ill speak to Ned today about it.


Awesome - hopefully u will get it work to come to Amsterdam - it would be my pleasure :)

wow this is awesome!
I have been wanting this ever since my first day on Steemit!
The editor is one of the biggest problems for making this platform usable by the masses. Only very dedicated people will use an editor like steemit has because it is so limited and difficult to use. If something like this can be used the entire community will grow much faster.
Thanks for your contributions and great work!

Great tool Charlie.

There is one small but important issue. Your link is:

Using that link results in the following message:

Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

The only way to access your site is to use:

HTTP works but it would be better with HTTPS. Anyway, you need to edit the link in your post.


Yes I will get an Ssl certificate


Check out

Also pls add ur site to (the submission form is in the footet)



Perfect! Thanks, doing it now.

YES!!! Thank you for this! I have been using StackEdit the entire time I have used Steemit, but it does feel weird to have to handle all of my writing and editing outside of the platform. This is going to be amazingly helpful for new folks starting out.

Awesome tool @charlieshrem! Thanks! I made a tool for Steemit as well --! It's a free custom URL shortener that allows you to also get stats & analytics on your posts to see where your readers are coming from! I also like to make easy-to-remember vanity URLs (like for episode 173 of the Neocash Radio podcast).

It is only whitelisted for articles so your readers won't have to worry about being redirected to some other site! Hope you give it a whirl! Cheers and thanks again for the WYSIWYG editor! I look forward to trying it!


Oh thats pretty cool! I wish I used it for this!

That's the best thing that happened to steemit ever! Thank you Charlie!


I've posted Russian translation of this post with your permission, thank you once again!

Awesome, this will save ys some time writing down our thoughts.

I found a small issue on work

I have a laptop with touch-screen. (Lenovo x1 carbon, if it will helpful)
So buttons don't works if I try to click on it by touchpad or mouse.
They work only if I tap on my screen.
I use google Chrome.

@charlieshrem Fantastic new development and great tool. Hopefully, this will encourage other talented developers to step forward with innovative solutions to move the bar forward on Steemit.
Bravo again!!!!

This is really cool, and it is necessary! Thank you!

Thanks so much! I have been waiting for someone to release this for Steemit!

Thank you, this is very useful for steemian. :)

Thank you. I have been waiting for something like this. All the other alternatives I have used have some kind of incompatibility or limitation when used with Steemit.

Awesome, been waiting for the "editor" to evolve a bit. May I request "open link in new tab/window" for outbound hyperlinks? And perhaps a nice "donate" button for yourself?


Both can be added, no problem!

i think i tried this. doesn't load images without MD code. Or have you fixed this?


Which images specifically ? Everything looks ok to me :)

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

just drop an image URL onto it. no good. i think if you put on it, maybe. so, just a minor tweak. steem loads images automatically. it's small but important, i think.



Ok I'll fix it !

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

i will use it as soon as it is. thanks :)

i have another thing that i can work with you on. i am 90% done coding it. i think it would be great if the powers were combined :)

it would be fucking fantastic if we could, in fact, i will explain it to you once i have it running. in a few days.


Shoot me an email on the other project [email protected]

Thank you! This should definitely help clean up some of my posts!

Great work, @charileshrem, thank you for improving our Steemit experience!

Hey, love it @charlieshrem! Next should be one for html...I mean, not that I need one for html or anything, just..

Ok, yes I do, html gives me a headache. Haha

That's nice! :)
I was just using html tags and writing everything myself...
Now it's more easier!
Thank you very much for sharing :)

Finally. How come URL's never render like SteemIt editor does in these editors ?

Awesome man!!!! @charlieshrem. Keep up innvoting steemit :)

Awesome. Very cool.

This is great stuff. Thank you for sharing it.

I am not technically inclined so one of my challenges I have is with the markdown. Hope your editor will be easier to use. I am bookmarking your site.

Love it, thanks a lot!

hi @charlieshrem, just stopped back to let you know that you were one of my favourite reads today. You can read my comments about your post here. Great tool you've created. nice work.

Bro! tis is sick!

I'll check it out
I am needing top get
My images and
text in the center
A Preference of Mine


A bunch of code.Newbies still do not understand. Why not what you see is what you gain?!

I just lost a post I spent an hour writing because I clicked on an image in my post which loaded the image, and then pressed the back button to get back to my post --- but it was nowhere to be seen >:|

Up until that point it was great, but if stuff like that happens its not quite ready for prime time. I'm sure that can be easily fixed with an auto-save feature that automatically saved the content to disk (or cloud) every couple of seconds after a detected change.

Just really pissed right now that I lost that post, but up until that point the editor was great.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. J.

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"Well done is better than well said."

YES! I've been looking for something like this. I'll check it out. Thanks.

Thank you! We're having a nice time playing with the editor. Since we're not very techy, this is a great, easy, and fun way to learn some basics. A few observations/questions: emojis don't seem to work, how do we center text, and how do we add more blank lines between paragraphs?


Hi there - i'm not sure if center aligned text is officially supported by markdown - we could add it to the steempower editor but then it wouldn't show up here on steemit.

As for emojis and extra blank lines - the first issue is one i'm adding to the list, the extra blank one is "simple" but not a widely requested feature. You can do it by typing   on each blank line:
Or you can type <br/> on each blank line:

like this.

If more people request it I can look into adding a button to the editor of course.
Hope this is useful to you.

When using a tag as the first word in the sentence, sees the hashtag as a header.


Renders as:



Do me a favour - drop me an email with that issue and i'll add it to the list of known issues to get fixed.
We'll be launching a more full-featured soon and i'll be paying attention to fixing any reported issues.

what ever happened to this tool? i can't seem to access the site?

Hi Charlie,

looks awesome, unfortunately I can't reach the website, has it been down? Best regards.