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RE: Steemit Paid Voting Bots Guide Part 2: Return on Investment (ROI) with actual numbers , not speculation: @RandoWhale, @Booster, WhaleShares

in #steemit7 years ago

Very good post, upvoted. Does it mean that the ROI is negligible in all? thought that whaleshares value can reach 100USD


I wouldn't say's negative in all cases except randowhale is a making money at the moment ...maybe because SBD lost some value, maybe because it recently added more power, or maybe my perception is wrong and it makes money on average.

Good point . However the advantage is the feel of popularity which leads to more people upvoting...

Haha, do you have post on how to upload pictures and this type of gig on post? I notice such in many commnts

LOL...just go to and do a search for what's on your mind. are good

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