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@Chairborne, aka 'The Veterans Project', is indented to support military serving and retired members who are part or wish to be part of the Steemit community.

  • Curation of veteran tags and tag initiatives
  • Curation of posts by veterans
  • List of veteran accounts (our 'followed' list)
  • 1 on 1 Steemit-related mentorship where requested
  • Account creation options for verified veterans where requested
  • Future discounts and promotions

The Vets Behind the Project

The project is initiated and managed by @guiltyparties with support from @anarcho-andrei. The @chairborne account is operated by Patriot (on from the @guiltyparties team. Both @anarcho-andrei and @guiltyparties are Steemit witnesses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What will you see us do?

Upvote, share and curate content as well offer any support we can to veteran projects.

What will you not see us do?

Flag, comment spam/upvote, or create a paid voting/resteem services.

Who do we support?

All existing Steemit members and potential members who are currently serving or have served in any branch of the armed forces. Currently, due to a limited verification process, we focus on American and Canadian service men and women.

We treat minnows, dolphins and whales equally.

Who do we not support?

Anyone who is either known or becomes to known to us as having received a dishonerable discharge or is either known or becomes to known to us as having conducted themselves in a grossly-negligent or criminal manner during their service. Our policy is zero tolerance.

This project is not affiliated with any Steemit initiative that offers services based on the monetary evaluation or otherwise appraisal of an individual.

Further, this account and project does not support fundraising efforts for individuals or charities.

I'm a vet, how do I get my name on the list?

Reply below or jump on and have a talk with Patriot (Canadian vets) or Anarcho-Andrei (US vets). If replying below, we will check your account for previous mentions of your service.

I'm a vet who signed up for Steemit but something went wrong, can you help?

Check the 'verification' section below and jump on with us.

How can I help?

This project and account are not designed to make money. Please do not send donations. If you like what we're doing and wish to thank us, consider voting for our witnesses @guiltyparties and @anarcho-andrei. Instructions on how to vote can be found here.

Continuous Improvement

This account will rely on both manual efforts as well as the implementation of automated custom-made tools. To ensure it stays true to its mission it will be managed based on the principle of cyclical evaluation to ensure continuous improvement.

Verification Process

As account creation is not free and our delegatable SP is not endless, proof of service is required to apply. A simple chat with either Patriot (Canadian vets) or Anarcho-Andrei (US vets) via will suffice. We can tell when someone is full of shit. For example, you either know how to put on your uniform or you don't.

Signature Badges

Free to use in your posts, signature, or however you see fit.


Thank you for starting a way for veterans to work together here on steemit. I have met a few other veterans in the homesteading community, but haven't seen a way for us to get involved. I will be using that sweet signature you made!

Welcome to Steem @chairborne I have upvoted and sent you a tip

For that magnificent meme comment, I award you: extra duty. Now grab your e-tool and start filling sandbags! :D

Roger that Sir.
Grabs e-shovel

Or a ruler with some scissors and get out there to the drill field. I want 2 inch lengths for the whole 2 acre field lol.

Can I join the group still in the service. Owned until my ets 2021 or so I think lol

I just found the work you are doing. I joined Steemit 5 days ago. US Marine Veteran 1995 to 2003. I went to boot camp at Parris Island, did MOS training (6154) at Millington Tn, and Stationed the rest of my tour on Camp Pendleton with HMLA 267 and HMLA 775. @chairborne

Please add me to the list! I would love to take part in this as well. Let me know what i can do! Thanks

Welcome to Steemit! This was a really nice post. Nicely done.Thanks for sharing :) Keep on Steeming.If you have any doubts, you can always join and ask for #help.

Hi @chairborne, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

If you’d like to nominate someone’s post just visit the Steemit Ramble Discord

Just found you guys.
USMC veteran 1992 - 1996
MOS 2881
Did the normal Paris island, PCS to Yuma but then sent to Okinawa after 18 months....
back to San Diego Recruit Depot HQ unit to finish out my tour.
Will vote for your witness

This is such a great idea. Found out about this initiative from @rakkasan84. I'm a vet who served in the Air Force at F.E.Warren in Cheyenne Wyo. Regarding verification DD214s with SS# masked or VA ID Cards. Just a thought.
Thank you for your service.

This is an Awesome Idea! I heard about this via @michellecarter thanks Michelle. :-) I am a Vet, served in West Germany, well when there was a West Germany LOL. 1st Armored Div and also at Fort Benning GA., and Bootcamp/OSUT at Ft. Knox Kentucky. I got what ever verification you need, dd214, dog tags, pictures, drivers license and etc. But do not expect me to join you for PT at 6 am! :) Again, great idea!

Have a great day!

Fantastic initiative. Would love to help and or participate were I can. Let me know! Old, cold-war dinosaur :-) I'll follow-up on chat.

Glad to see this started! Had a brief conversation with @guiltyparties about this on discord 👍 I'll reach out on steem chat sometime soon 👊

I love this concept!
Im ex navy (1988-1994)
ex army (1997-1999)

what info would you like for verification?

Thanks for adding me, this is a great project for steemit.

Nice project for helping veterans keep connected. I like the idea of the dd214 or VA card as proof. I don't make mention of my service much since it is the exact opposite of my life now. I worked on air launched cruise missiles in the Air Force in Minot ND, and now I am a farmer in Washington state.

Got you now, better late then never

Fantastic idea and great method. I'm followed on this and looking forward to seeing more.
I love this idea!

veteran from USA?


US Army, 1996-2000. Korea and Ft. Rucker, AL. As proof I've got a DD-214, pics, and a bad habit of shoveling food in my face really fast.

With the steemit site dicked I must've missed your message. I added you to the list now. We're also on chat or discord at

I would like to be included in this group. Army from 1989 to 1997 then from 2007 to 2013. With one tour in Iraq. Disabled Veteran.

Done. Welcome aboard, see links above for discord and all.

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I would love to be part of this team. Please let me know what i need to do to join.. thanks :)


@jaichai here. Interested in learning more about your outfit.

Per your instructions, will attempt to chat with Anarcho-Andrei on

Wondering if I can still join this group. I am currently in the Air Force stationed at the 'Lik in Turkey. Thank you.

welcome to steemit @chairborne
following you now :D
follow me back pls :)

Just came across your initiative, and found it to be something I might like to participate in. I'm a Vietnam era vet (old guy) I post under the name @angryman Regards. Have a happy day

@chairborne - Active Duty Servicemember here! Nearly 24 years active service with the Army, Army Reserves, and Army National Guard.

Still serving, and as my old boss (COL) said "stay in until they kick you out" working for him and myself. Keep up the good work: Followed, Upvoted & Resteemed!

Sent comment on E-4 Mafia Drive on Sginal

Cool project.
I'm a US Navy vet. E-5 2nd class petty officer.
circa 1980ish
Reactor Operator / Electonics Tech
Last station in Pearl Harbor on Fast Attack sub USS Cavalla SSN 684
School-navy pics.jpg
Original posted on Facebook November 23, 2012

I served in the US Navy
1967-1972 Active
USS Stonewall Jackson SSBN 634 (Blue Crew) (7 patrols + pacific to atlantic through panama)
rebuild crew in new london
TAD's on diesels (pig boats) :-)
The Grouper
The Hardhead
The Dogfish
Joined NIUW in active reserves after active duty

Hello! Say can you put my name on the Vet list?

Great project I will add the #veterans should I also use #veteranproject ?

I'd love to be added to the project! @chairborne

It's okay... I have military lineage, but I'm not an American or a Canadian. Probably, when I get my green card I'll become a veteran on Steemit🔥

Its a pity you only accept North American applicants, I have a veteran badge.

This is a great way to start sub-communities and to involve people at Steemit having mutual interests and may not be that well connected with modern technologies.


  • how can vetrans from none north america countries participate and qualify?
  • are people who served the military under a countries mandatory program - in countries that have those rules - also qualify?

We need someone reliable from each country to help assess whether the individual is indeed a veteran. The verification process will need to be fleshed out.

Those who served via draft qualify but once again, proving service is required. We don't accept draft dodgers.

Military Draft: Under this description I qualify as veteran; Done some simple training with one of our military forces and worked as a researcher for a year as part of the military draft program we had until late 90s. Doesn't really feel like I was in the military at all though :)

Countries: Understood; although I know one or two people in our military, they are not yet on Steemit. We may have some databases that can be used, but not used if they are only from sometime longer ago in history or also up to recent times. Will check this out sometime in the future.

EDIT: through a form it is possible to request information on military situation of any Dutch persoon, this can be requested by the person itself, as well for some other person (with an ok of that person). Is this similar in Canada and the USA?

FYI: the link to the persoons archive at our Defence department here and to the form here.

@shadowspub is this something for you to participate and/or support?

not to participate @edje, I'm not a veteran. But I can and most surely will support the initiative. As for your previous comment asking about those who served under mandatory program qualifying. A veteran is a veteran, they served the country and will be a veteran unless they have been dishonourably discharged.


I am very new to SteemIt. I am really just trying to figure out how it all works and have only posted a couple times to my blog in an attempt to learn more. I happened across this by accident but I was wondering how I could get the badge. Please advise what I need to do as there is no mention of my service on my board (not much of anything there, yet, actually). Thank you for your help.

Please add me to the veteran list, will chat with Anarcho-Andrei ASAP.
United States Army 1979-1983 Sergeant E5, RATT Team Chief.
Fort Brag, NC 73rd field Artillery
Detachments 155, Ortakoy Turkey Istanbul
Fort Riley, KS, Big Red one

I am a vet as well. I went to basic in 2005 as Air Force Security Forces. I am now an E-6 and bout to cross train and go to OTS in Jan. I had no clue so many veterans were on Steemit, but I am glad to see it!

Damn missed this. Added you now brother, sorry about that