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RE: 9. VIDEO TUTORIAL ( What is Steem Power & Curation Rewards)

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Awesome, you're already up to the 9th video in your Steemit video series - well done and keep smashing it Alla! Take your time with these videos, just one video per day is more than enough since we all know how hard you work every day to create delicious new recipes for all of your Stoodies! :)

Excellent and very succinct explanation of Steem Power, especially as it relates to your voting power which of course contributes to both your author and curation rewards.

An interesting point to note that after HF-19, everyone at 100% voting power can get $1 for every 1000 SP they have in their account. Thus for someone with 100,000 SP, their vote is now worth $100 at full voting power!

But these new powers should be used responsibly and are a great way of rewarding new users for producing excellent content. I'm always a fan of distributing the wealth and rewarding good work, so hopefully this new voting increase evens the playing field for everyone in this post HF-19 era!

Now I'm really looking forward to your 10th Steemit video - I hope you have something extra special planned :) STEEM on Alla!


yes i can only manage 1 video per day! i only missed on saturday! but 1 video per day has been manageable. yes 100 % true!! the more power you have, the higher your vote becomes!! yes for sure!! its very wise words!!! hahah yeah i should do something extra special!! but still SOO MANY questions to answer!!!

So many questions and plenty of time to get to them all, one video at a time. Let me know if you ever run out of questions to answer - I have my own laundry list of questions and Steemit topics that I can contribute! ;)

sounds good!! i will go through the main ones and then it will be good to get another perspective of more questions!!

Cool, after you get through most if not all of your questions and topics, you can maybe do a live video again and tackle more questions en vivo from our wonderful Steemit community. Keep up that moon walk! ;)

you know that is a wonderful idea! i will go LIVE again for all the steemians here who want to learn and ask some questions!! :) i will plan that in!!

Awesome, I'm glad to hear that! You could plan for a weekend LIVE video preferably in the evening (around 6 pm London time or even later) so that you can get more Steemians to join in from the US, Western Europe, South America and even those just waking up in Asia.

Your Steemit video series is now a global event! ;)

yes i will consider this for the weekend!!! thanks great idea !!!

You're very welcome Alla!

Hi Alla good info, I'm a newbie please follow.

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