9. VIDEO TUTORIAL ( What is Steem Power & Curation Rewards)

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Hello my friends. In todays lesson I will teach you and explain what is Steem Power and how you can get more power.  Steem power is a unique system that is used to inspire long term growth and commitment on the platform.

Steem power encourages long term commitment by allocating  Steem to Steem power for every Steem it creates. This helps to create a community of investors that will be around for a long term.  

Steem power is required for voting on content.  If your power is low, your vote doesn't add much to the post, but you will benefit from voting as you will be curating the power. It is always best to vote posts that you think will take off or do well. 

I briefly cover Curation Rewards, as I have made another video explaining it in more details. But this should be a good start for everyone who is new! Enjoy the video! Sorry for the delay, been editing all day! 

Re steem and share with everyone who is new to the platform. More Steemit lessons to come tomorrow.  Let's get me to 3000 followers in the next few days!! Common Stoodies ;) 

Lots of love, 

Alla xox


Awesome post - thanks for the advice and info (upvoted and followed).

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Thanks for your support :D

That was a cool video. Thanks for it.

Awesome, you're already up to the 9th video in your Steemit video series - well done and keep smashing it Alla! Take your time with these videos, just one video per day is more than enough since we all know how hard you work every day to create delicious new recipes for all of your Stoodies! :)

Excellent and very succinct explanation of Steem Power, especially as it relates to your voting power which of course contributes to both your author and curation rewards.

An interesting point to note that after HF-19, everyone at 100% voting power can get $1 for every 1000 SP they have in their account. Thus for someone with 100,000 SP, their vote is now worth $100 at full voting power!

But these new powers should be used responsibly and are a great way of rewarding new users for producing excellent content. I'm always a fan of distributing the wealth and rewarding good work, so hopefully this new voting increase evens the playing field for everyone in this post HF-19 era!

Now I'm really looking forward to your 10th Steemit video - I hope you have something extra special planned :) STEEM on Alla!

yes i can only manage 1 video per day! i only missed on saturday! but 1 video per day has been manageable. yes 100 % true!! the more power you have, the higher your vote becomes!! yes for sure!! its very wise words!!! hahah yeah i should do something extra special!! but still SOO MANY questions to answer!!!

So many questions and plenty of time to get to them all, one video at a time. Let me know if you ever run out of questions to answer - I have my own laundry list of questions and Steemit topics that I can contribute! ;)

sounds good!! i will go through the main ones and then it will be good to get another perspective of more questions!!

Cool, after you get through most if not all of your questions and topics, you can maybe do a live video again and tackle more questions en vivo from our wonderful Steemit community. Keep up that moon walk! ;)

you know that is a wonderful idea! i will go LIVE again for all the steemians here who want to learn and ask some questions!! :) i will plan that in!!

Awesome, I'm glad to hear that! You could plan for a weekend LIVE video preferably in the evening (around 6 pm London time or even later) so that you can get more Steemians to join in from the US, Western Europe, South America and even those just waking up in Asia.

Your Steemit video series is now a global event! ;)

yes i will consider this for the weekend!!! thanks great idea !!!

Hi Alla good info, I'm a newbie please follow.

Great Job

Great post. Following this series with interest as I am new and want to learn all I can about the platform and how it works etc. I read all I can but posts like this really help. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

welcome!! there are more steemit lessons!! so go learn and hopefully it will help :)

Thank you so much, the information will really help us to grow our steem power and the community in general. Good post as always. Upvoted.

thank you so much :)) stay tuned for more!!

Your welcome

Thanks a lot for the content and video which will help many people to fully take advantage of their voting power and most importantly, the need to power up. As steem is cheaper now, now is the opportunity to convert steem dollars to steem and power up. @allasyummyfood you are doing a good job here. Keep it up

yes thats a really good shout!!! do it!! thanks so much!

Point. Have been doing so since I joined 2 and half weeks ago...powering up this baby to the skies. Thanks

Thanks for this! So many good things to learn about Steem and how to make the most of this awesome platform. Here's to your 3,000 and many many more followers on the way as we grow!!

heheh yayyyy!!! the more we grow, the more i will be able to produce and work on new content!!!

Yes!! Growth is good!!! And you create great content :)

Thanks. This was helpful to me.

Thanks for the lesson :)

thanks for your information provided! :D

Good stuff, keepin it simple for us hammer and nails kinda guys.

Wife me.

Cool video. So many of us need the basics, like a monkey trying to reach the ants with a stick... It helps to see another monkey do it first.

Do you have one about how to link a youtube vid? Is it as simple as copy paste the URL?

Thanks for the info.

Yours sincerely,
Appreciative monkey.

yes it is just as simple, but if its your channel there is a different way!!

Great stuff! Especially for the new folks out there trying to understand how things work. Thank you for taking the time in putting this together!

heheh yes for sure!! you are welcome! glad its appreciated!!

This is the key for everything Steemit....it is folks who have been here for a decent amount of time who truly try and assist the newcomers in learning the ropes of the platform. Its not about money so to speak but rather the community. Money is the added bonus and should not be considered the forefront as to why folks are here. I watched another video you did prior to this one and I believe you capitalized on that very point in a very clear and articulate manner. Cheers!

heheh glad you liked it and ys we have been around a while n want to help!!

Thank you for a very another helpful tutorial Alla. The last days I've been thining what to do with the earnings and I guess I've made a decision now :) Looking forward to the next video, and thanks again ♥

Thank you @allasyummyfood ! I'm following you now ;-)

Sex-😈🔥 @sex-info 📊📓-Science

Great way of getting followers. Hmmmm interesting post

great thank you Alla very informative
post and video SteemOn

thank you...you are so pretty by the way =)

This info is quite beneficial . thanks for sharing as always...

still new and i am trying to get the hang of it still but I love your video and resteemed!

thanks!! dont worry you can watch all the lessons!! take your time!

Wonderful series!

Another awesome video, thanks.

Thank you for this! I was a bit confused about steem power and how it influenced voting power

You blinked and turned your head fast when you mention the food porn pics and stuff lol, you like porn hehe..

ahah its a joke!! my food is delicious .. hence its food porn!

Another great Steemducation thanks, great video. Also the tip on SP :)


Very well explained,I upvoted and resteemed

I like the short format of your videos, thanks for making them ! I'll watch them all since I'm new here and there are things that aren't very clear yet...

great!! the more you watch the better you all get!! this is lesson 9!! more to learn !!

Thanks for the post. I'm still learning. So it makes sense to power up if you have no short term inclination to cash out? Is that true? The more steem power you have the more you can earn on curating correct? But if you want to convert to bitcoin then you need to power down in order to convert steem to bitcoin.

yes while you re new there is no point cashing out, just power up and increase and then you will earn more by curating. powering down is not seen good by steemit and you shouldn't do it unless you are powering down and leaving the platform. You can send steem and steem dollars to bitcoin but only from your wallet when you have earned money.

But doesn't powering down convert steem power to SBDs which you would need to do if you ever wanted to convert?

no thats not a way to do it! Once you get paid you have your SBDs and you can take it out and convert, not through powering down!

Well, as a newbie it'll help me a lot to grow on this incredible platform. You have explained everything clearly. Thanks a lot to you.

you are very welcome ;))

Great post Alla, resteemed and following to check out your food posts.
Greetings from the lonely chef 😁

Helpful post! Thank you!

Nice post. By the way, there is a typo in the headline. curration rewards.

thank you so much!!! yep spotted it!! on my youtube video you mean right? thank yoU!!

No, in the headline of your steemit post.

gracias quiero aprender

Great video. I'll be doing mostly 100% Steem Power blogs. Full Steem ahead.

good work!!! :))))

thanks for share

Thanks, good info that I needed! I've upvoted and followed you!

Excellent explanation. Power me up. My finger is an upvoter pistol.

hahhaha lol !!!

I need a gif with Clint Eastwood shooting upvotes.

This will be helpful for many people. Great.

You re so beautiful! Nice video

Very nice post!

spot on tutorial as usual!, thanks!

nice to meet you :)

3000 followers would be pretty dank! Thanks for your creativity @allasyummyfood!

yayyy sooo closeeeee :P:P:P

Today is my first active day on Steemit! This video is great and usefull - I have to look at other parts.

yes you are welcome ))) enjoy!!! a lot of information!! just take it slow !

Great job, hopefully you reach the 3000 followers. Greetings from Venezuela.

yes we will ;))))

Those glasses though !


Thank y for helping

Will try that out! :)

I think Steem Power needs to be revised.....here is why in detail....see my article about this topic...the Whales keep knocking it off the board which supports every point I made in the article...

Does Steemit Model really Support Equality? Steem Power Needs to be Revamped


Hey @allasyummyfood

** Apprecited Your Work.. You Always use to produce valubale content for the communtiy . I love the way you help us in steem . We will help you to get 3000 follower **

I would like to request you please keep posting this type of valueable content for the community of steemit as this platform is growing up day by day .. I would request you that you must support new steemer like me and other .

I am in love with one of my post as a senior steemer I need your Honest feedback regadding that . If you get time from your busy life and write your comment upon it . It will be really apprecited ..

If I missed I do Apoligize for that ...

Lots Of Love For Future Posts

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Regards Sophia Olive

thank you very much Sophia!! of course, i will keep producing and helping all the new bits!! i will have a look and give you my feedback!!

Your steem power is pretty strong right now! Great job!

thank you :) its not bad!! still long way to go!

Very helpful! Thank you so much for sharing!

☂ ⓐⓒⓘⓓ ⓖⓞⓓ ⓒⓐⓣ™

Thanks for the info

Nice ... you explain in a very easy way to understand.

Good work


so glad to hear that :)) welcome!!!!

hey ,just joined yesterday, still confused but your vids are pretty helpful

welcome :)) dont worry start with video 1 and i will keep doing them :) they will be perfect for new bies!!!

I think there will be a lot of followers, because the lessons are interesting :)

awww thanks a lot!!!

Great video :) nice to see you are educating the new users that are coming to steemit.
We need more people to spread the world so we can achieve greather things here on the platform.
Cheers and much love from me hope to see more of you
❤︎. Goldie

thank you Goldie!! make sure to share it with newbies :))))

Thanks for the great video! This series has helped this newbie a lot! Keep up the great work!

welcome :))) glad to help!!!

You can talk sense girl! So easy to listen you and a super helpful explanation :) @allasyummyfood

aww thank you so much :)) really happy to hear that!!!

Do you give good head? Do you like it up the Ass?

This is awesome. Its a great one indeed 😊.

thanks for another great video!

does powering down make sense anytime?
Or do you just power up?

i would just power up!! at the moment there is no point powering down!

great post...reesteemed

Thank you very much for your time and informations @allasyummyfood !! 😉
Great video too ✔
Greetings from Cologne Lars

thank you :))) glad you liked it Lars!!

Great vlog, I'll also tell everyone to invest in Steempower as it will make the platform stable

yes good idea :)))) power up!!

Really informative, thanks for explaining in a way thats easy to understand! I will take a look at your other posts too!!

you are welcome :) yes do :)) educate yourself!

Great post... love it... 3000 followers Wow...

Thanks. My educational pill everyday.

Incase you not aware -
This video is unlisted. Be considerate and think twice before sharing.
(It says that on youtube)
Really useful video though i subbed, followed and resteemed.

yeah thats fine, it is unlisted! it just means link is just sent out private to watch!

Hey thanks for the video, becouse i was really disipointed with potential rewords i am aweiting, and the walue of my acount becouse steem value is droping. I know that we dont invest anything else but we usualy spent on fb or insgr, high hopes i had when i discovered this platform kind of disipired today. But now when i herd yours advice i feel better.

its a new platform it will go up and down! its the best time to invest while its dropping!! stay positive!

Im learning as much as I can about steem. Its gave me a spark of motivation that I want to grow! Thankyou for giving me ideas about what I can be doing. Have a great one!

V informative. Thank you

Newcomer here, thanks for the informative video!

@Allasyummyfood - Thank you for this! It was extremely helpful for a newbie like me. I will have to check out the other videos in the series now. Have a great day! :) - @Tiffy

yes please do ;)) I'm sure you will enjoy them!!!

Thanks again for your videos. They've always been helpful to me as you cover valuable content for newbies like me. I know it takes a lot of time, energy and planning to produce one, so I truly appreciate it.

you are very welcome ;))) enjoy!!

I hope you soon have 3000 :)) I have soon 1500 :))

wow thats a lot!! well done!! yayyy power to grow!!!

Yes... it is a lot :) But I still have a lot to see and do :)

Great video regarding Steem power! I think it's definitely important to reinvest back into SP so that you can increase the value of your vote and attract more followers at the same time. Plus, it's a great way to stay invested in the community and show others how great Steemit is :)

Great explanation and I am always a fan when people are promoting Steem power! Rockin' it!

heheh thank you ;))

Thanks! I kind of knew Steem power is the one with the most longevity, but never fully understood it :-)

Upvoted & Resteemed! Great post very informative & I look forward to Steemin with you even more in the future :) Continue to be a ray of sunshine over the community! Blessings N Prosperity to you.

thanks so much ;)

You're welcome :)

Thanks Alla. I started watching you on Youtube and really appreciate your insight. My goal is to bring comedy to Steemit. Soon. Still learning. ;-)

hahah sounds good!! we shall be looking forward to that!!

oh so cool! I was feeling embarrassed my vote not worth much yet. Im compounding all my steem for he long term for sure. Thanks for you info! Resteemed

it doesnt matter :) as long as you vote, you benefit from it in the beginning!

Thanks for the input!

I am keen to transfer my steem to steem power as benefited from your Iesson. I shall try to follow them daily.

thank you :) glad to help!!!

You're doing pretty well here @allasyummyfood, I've shared some of your articles to friends, welldone, thanks for the video, I followed through.

you are welcome !! glad its helpful xx

Thank you. i am a little bit wiser now, i gone listing a couple times so i really good understand it. So it is best to wait for vote until you have a lot more power? I am mainly commenting, on the recommendations of a previous video (i think the attention video) and others. life is good.

no its best to vote as much as you can in the beginning even though you dont have a lot of power, but you will get benefits for voting!

aah oke thank you very much. my englisch is not so good yet, i working now a lot with google translater hahaha but it's a great opportunity to learn my English, i getting better and better every day ;)

Awesome videos!! Folowed you and subscribed at your YouTube channel also! Keep going! And you are very beautiful girl!

aww thanks so much :)))

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the Steem.center wiki article about STEEM Power (SP). Thanks and good luck again!

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