Every where there is a bot, commeting bot, voting bot

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At first I felt cool after using steemit, but now, every where bot. As being a programmer I also tried to make my own voting bot, and found it was so easy, just a bunch of Javascript code, and voting all the new post asap. Is this fair ?

function streamSocket(callBack){
handle = steem.api.streamOperations(function (err, operations) {
operations.forEach(function (operation) {
if(typeof operation === 'object' && operation.body && operation.parent_author == ""){
function voteThatUser(user, block){
steem.broadcast.vote(user.wif, user.name , [block.author], block.link, 500, function(err, result) {
if( err )
var wIndex = capturedPost.indexOf(function(p){
return p.link === block.link;
if( wIndex !== -1 )
console.info('Voted... :D', 'https://steemit.com/@' + block.author + '/' + block.link );
console.info('error', err);

The one who can write code is making big business saying deposit 1STEEM DOLLAR and get a vote from a bot having big steem power. And then these bots votes with least voting weight, outputting like, 0.6 steem dollar for the author. They are earning 1 steem dollar and some curation rewards. The bot account nevers goes on loss, always profit. Is this fair ?

And some commenting bots also i see, always posting to make discussion, similar like comments. They are acting like virus on this platform. If more comments then i guess the reputation also gets increased. I myself was shocked, at first seeing nice comments on my post and went on replying but after somedays on steemit, i felt so angry on that account and i was flagging them.

If this things becames uncontrallable, what will happen to steemit ? The community will control, but if massive, then ? As a bot in a second it can do lots of things, by switching accounts, using machine learning to make comments and post, so that no one can notice. Not even the chetta bot. This is cheating but many many people are using this techniques. And no one is their to control.

If the developers of steemit, can limit the use of bots to comment and votes or give authority to do this for some accounts only, then i think, that would it be better.

Felling like we are being fooled always on this crypto world, is the must frustrating thing ever I had felt.
Here steemit, if you don't have money then you are nothing. Most people buy steem power and vote their own post, to attract others, Minnows, and after that a whales bot also votes there, which make that author more profitable.

The beginners will go always backwards here. Always a big fish will eat small fish. This is the nature.

As being Minnows,

You might get money, but only a money attracts money, and then only you can earn more. No one will gonna give you the money on free. If you have steem power you are always money maker, but if you don't its upon your luck. I feel always sad, to see the legit post of a minnows gets ignored, but a post from a high steem power, no matter what they post, the hipe of voters will always there on that post. From users, to bots fighting for Curation Rewards..

Its hard to make a living from steemit those who are new here, and who have earned some of money from the first post. Your first post will always makes money, if you keep the tag introducemyself because, lots of bots will be listening for your post to come and to vote and fight for curation rewards. from the second post, I am sure it will be difficult to get the hipe of votes on your post.

One day, i will make my steemit account with big steem power and vote all user in free, using my code, in free, to help the minnows and boost their writing power.


Great post. Yes, it's absolutely not fair with bots upvoting their owners.

Yeh, its totally unfair,

There are some good bots out there right @banjo ?

As well as shirts!