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RE: COMING BACK: After a long absence, it's good to be back.

in #steemit2 years ago

Hey, we are also a decentralized blog platform. You have really stood out as an excellent producer. We would like to invite you to share such blockchain info on our platform, CBNT, which focuses on the blockchain and finance fields currently. By posting posting on the CBNT platform you can mine additional tokens. Our Dapp will be released in the next month or so! Thank you,


Sounds interesting. How do I post in CBNT

We are launching our English Dapp within the next month or so. By being one of the first writers, you have a better chance of earning more tokens. We will let you know when we are about to launch :)

Hey, hope you are doing well. We have recently launched our website at We would like to invite you to help test the English website for functionality and bugs. This is also live mining! By being early on the platform, you can mine a proportionally larger amount of tokens. Referral code is XCZYlm

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