[steemit.chat] – FOSS Alternative to SLACK deployed with RocketChat

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skin in development - TBA

steemit.chat - Open Source SLACK alternative

We're proud to announce the new official STEEMIT chat. This time, we deployed our own free open source software (called rocket.chat) on servers that are owned by steemit.com.

The new chat can be reached at steemit.chat!

Desktop Client landing

Back after the Hack

Most of you have noticed that our SLACK invite page for SLACK registrations were no longer displayed after the hack as the hacker was able to compromise steem.slack.com, with no possibility to regain control again. This, among other reasons, has made us consider switching services.

Advantages over SLACK

  • Rocket.Chat is OPEN SOURCE (FOSS) Software
  • It merely costs a server ant not $3 per user a month for full history support
  • History and logs are not limited to 10.000 messages to be able to search later on
  • Better archive and search possiblities
  • STEEM brand - corporated branding

Crowdfunding playground

As rocket.chat is open source, we have decided to donate/contribute all rewards recieved for this post to the rocket.chat team for being able to fund further developments.
Potentials go from a direct STEEM suited plugin to rocket.chat hosted STEEM authentication via Oauth.
We will get in contact with them in the next days and discuss a strategic partnership.

Special thanks

Thank you @riverhead for acting as a wizard behind the scene, setting up a secure server enviroment, backup environment, and bringing rocket.chat engine and SSL online at steemit.chat. I'm contributing the domain steemit.chat to this project and will continue to polish the visual look and feel over time.

Thanks for your time

Now start the rocket and get on STEEM again - happy steeming


More infos about Rocket.Chat

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I tried signing up but I got an internal server error message. Now it is saying that my email is already in use, but I can't login and no confirmation email was sent regarding signup =(

What should I do?

We also have a group on Gli.ph thats a great chatroom (theres a mobile app with notifications)

Join our MinnowsUnite Group on Gli.ph(58 members strong now)

Lots of useful info on the gliph channel.

I had the same thing happen. I sent a message to Rocket.Chat devs.
I bet too many signed up.....

This is awesome.. Can't wait until more people can get in :D

Still not working for me ATM. Things must be pretty flooded since this article is going straight @berniesanders to the moon.

I also get server error. so somthing wery wrong here

I have had the same issue, and as @cryptohustlin stated - you're more than welcome in our #MinnowsUnite chat!

Minnows Unite

pls try to use the forgetten password link and then use the mail u've used to sign up on slack before - hope this helps

Trying that now, but 15 minutes later still no password reset email (not in spam either). I will report back if it is just delayed a bit and comes through later.

Been 8+ hours now without an email sent. Tried multiple emails to create an account, all were "already registered" (which is odd, cus they weren't registered by me!). Tried to have passwords reset on all of them, no email was ever sent. Help!

I even tried several different emails, thinking that would solve the issue, but no.
Something else seems to be preventing us from signing up.

I have the same problem. Wrote to slack but nobody is able to help

maybe too many signing up at once! herd mentality lol. Im sure it will be resolved soon!

I find it very essential to have a chat here. nice, upvoted!

Guys can you please all support my tag #hate about unfair on steemit
Best regards :)

Yup, same, we're probably storming the gates! Awaiting response from the Rocket team O.o

Same issue.

never received the email + the password is not accepted. Ugh....

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Great. I've been looking forward to being able to be more connected with the core community of Steemit (and perhaps to eavesdrop on interesting conversations). One day we'll all look back on the days when Steemit Chat was actually hosted on a second domain!

(Fast forward 5 years)

Shake of the head... "Oh those were the days!" He mused. "Chat on another domain, so few whales in the ocean and such criticism from outsiders."

Dan turned to him with a twinkle in his eye and said;

"They're not laughing anymore though are they."

I agree, I think this will be a great way to stay informed of coming changes and projects.

5 years from now Steemit is going to be a household word on a global scale.

This is new information, that the steem slack was also taken over.

At least I had not heard of it anywhere else.

How did that happen?

dedicated to the hacker that will visit the slack channel the next days....

Finally! Good job

I think this was the least necessary to improve the platform!

Great job @cass @riverhead ! Rocketchat is pretty sweet the interface is nice. I'm gonna contact a friend who works at slack to see if something can be done to regain control.. that just sucks regardless. The 10k limit was also getting annoying on slack. Slack's also expensive for user seats($8). Rocketchat seems pretty good on my phone as well so far.

Thanks a bunch for a very informative and well needed recap on this matter. Namaste :)

is Steemitchat.com a part of this project? It looks a little shady...

Now, when i use a different email, it says the new one already exists. And I'm getting an internal server error too. HELP

I am getting the same error. Maybe it's from everyone trying to sign up all at once? Too popular maybe lol =P

hey - ok then just pls try to use the password forget link and use the mail u've used to sign before on slack - hope this helps

@cass: when I tried to register, it said my email was already used??????
Should I try another email? Does this mean someone has registered using my email?????

pls try to use the forgetten password link and then use the mail u've used to sign up on slack before - hope this helps

We absolutely need some mods.
The "general" chat is degenerating

  • spam
  • fud
  • annoying content
  • bad language

hope someone stop this (sorry) sh*t, really

Nice to have access to a new platform that you guys are able to have full control over.

As busy as the chat it, you definitely need to consider giving some users some mod privileges, as there is a lot of crap being thrown around, especially in the #general channel.

Great! Steemit! ASAP!

Registered, confirmed via mail. user is not found.

I really appreciate this.
Opening up communication to the entire community!
Excellent work!

We finally have a way to connect beyond steemit. was waiting long time to join slack because I thought there is somewhat of an inner circle there.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Rocket.Chat is pretty awesome, glad to hear about the upgrade since most of us can't get on Slack!

That said, I'm trying to figure out how installing an Open Source script on a server, something that takes at most ~1 hour and maybe $100/month for hosting is worth $20k when there are 10+ custom SteemIt tools that are actually written and maintained specifically for Steem by passionate developers, and none of them come close to this...

I understand that a Chatroom benefits everybody on a very practical level. However, IMHO this is a strange precedent: Implement other developer's work, make money. Meanwhile, there are trolls flagging people for sharing content they like, because it is is not original. ?????? Is all this Steem going towards the server fees?

Something to consider given that the thing is throwing internal server errors and rejecting registrations. It's not entirely well thought out either, as I could easily write a script to steal Aliases based on Steem handles using one-time-emails, not that I would, but the discrepancy between handles on the Chat and on Steem itself is quite the usability flaw that poses an ability to usurp and otherwise taint someone's alias.

Completely different topic, but this outlines the need for a "Steem oAuth API" and a new "oAuth Key" with shallow permissions that can be integrated into systems like this

And finally, I am not hating. I think this is wonderful and awesome and so grateful someone is footing the bill and took the time to spin up a server, install the script and troubleshoot it's problems. But this does bring up questions about the the merit of receiving ~$20k for opportunistically installing an open-source script that someone else wrote and maintains. I sure hope you're going to donate at least some of that to the Rocket.Chat developers instead of pocketing and/or powering up. As an aside: Donating STEEM to those Devs would be quite the outreach initiative.

Food for thought.

did you even read the post. The money will be donated to the rocket.chat developers and a steem oauth api is in the works.

I did, but somehow missed this detail, thanks for bringing it to my attention!

nice initiative, I'll join @cheftony

Thank you very much guys! Good work! I've already join!

Great job! It will allow new users to register and engage in discussions with other members more effectively. The interface looks great too! :)

EDIT: Can we keep the old Slack open for the older guys? :)


For the many people who are having difficulty loging in/signing up, I had the same issue, and was eventually able to do it successfully. Download client from app store, View/Current Server - Reload, then change password as you would normally. Got an email instantly, and am now logged on. @discombobulated @stellabelle @earnest @cryptoctopus @alkemix Hope that helps!

This Is Really Helpful!!

the best article...
upvote me please

Saw this. Joined!! Faster than Usain bolt!

Another Masterpiece added to steemit!!!

to the moon steemit

good @cass 8]

Nice work, 2017 if we continue like this we will dominate the world . Overcome Bitcoin, Steem the internet of things.

Looks good! Steem On!

Yes! At long last! I'll be right there! :)

Awesome, excited to check it out. Hackers are. gonna hack. I am think of it as a helpful wink during beta. Imagine if this all went down in a year! Godspeed steemers!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Upvoted. Registered. Awesome! The interface is clean and easy to navigate. Thanks for sharing @cass Oh, and for those of you on the fence, it was really simple to sign up.

very nice, i will try it out later this day...thanks

This is awesome! Thanks for setting it up @cass. The 10,000 message maximum on Slack was getting kind of annoying.

The only other Slack alternative I've heard of that is FOSS is Mattermost. Looking forward to trying this one out.

This is great!

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good post!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

very good

Perfect! About time thank you!

cool thing....!!!

Why cool thing....!!!

Yey! I've been waiting for this as I couldn't register in slack. Really good news!

Joined as ervin.lemark.

This thing is working even better than Slack. I am impressed.

Wow.. i want to try.. thanks

Good post Cass

Great idea!!!

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this looks very cool, great work!

Why cool

personally for me its cool bc i can get in touch directly with other steemers to collaborate on posts, projects. You can do that on facebook and twitter in private and direct messages, and now i can do it on steemit. Yay!

nice post!
cool thank you @cass

I've been wondering what happened to Slack! I meant to sign up on it and got sidetracked. The hack happened and it was gone, so glad to see a replacement which sounds like it will be much better. Thanks for all the hard work!

Yay :)

Create Chat for Steemit users is very important. Therefore, such activity in this blog.

Thank you very much cass, this tool will be very usefull for the community

It's really needed. Thanx for helping out the community :) wow That's impressive for crowdfunding platform...gotta tell sis and buds, steemit no longer on slack but on that one instead.

I love the clear communication & roadmap that was laid out in this article. It was straightforward, easy-to-read and not bogged down in needless technical details. I appreciate this about Steem, in general - it really seems to be the first "killer app" in crypto ready for public consumption.

Thanks for share, Good job

Sounds amazing and way more secure. I will definitely be one to check it out I just hope my "help im old" questions don't get old as well lol
blessed be!

This is

Pretty sick cool feature there mate , keep it up .
If you got some time please do visit my blog :D

chat must be inside steemit not on other websites , but is ok for start , get my upvote...

Thank you for informing!

This is awesome!

I do not join chat.... please anyone give me link and please give me signup process...

Awesome news!


Thanks. RocketChat is really really good. What I mostly mean is that its fast and works well compared to Slack. Even ignoring that Slack isn't a good fit for Open projects, and the message limit, the performance alone of RocketChat makes it a really good choice.

Would you run through some of the reasons you chose Rocket.chat over Mattermost? I've been looking into Mattermost but will consider Rocket.chat.


learning from the greatest is always a good idea, and you @cass did an incredible job. We still need to learn a lot about posting, this is a masterpiece.

Thanks for the app from my side. I have already registered on it.

excelente job!!!

ah, looks like my email is already in use. The solution is to wait a bit and sign up, right?

Very nice project!

My life just got a little better

What about this issue https://steemit.com/steemit/@mammon/anyone-else-or-just-me ? Can we resolve it somehow?

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Good move. There is always a FOSS alternative. But people is sometimes too lazy to search for it.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

But please... change the default logo ;)

great job and awesome UI!

Yeah! Thank you much for this. Will join it now. Hope for some nice talks with you :)!

now we can all chitchat! about steemit :) of how it could be better and how its already better!


I think u should not charge for this service

There are no fees.

The verification link in chrome did not work, but it it in firefox mobile.

I find it very essential to have a chat here. nice, upvoted!

I love STEEMIT... oooh.. me too! is not impressive? yes yes yes yes yes!

24k$ and this chat even dont work.

Sweet! This is cool! Can't wait to start chatting with everyone!

great job !


👍nice info

This is very cool well done steem team

Having an open source model for chat, built on rocket is fantastic!

I have a big issue with SLACK keeping all data on servers and Telegram I heard may be sold to another company.

Now, only one more thing to do is to import the chat box to inside steemit so as to offer everything in one browser.

Great work guys

good job sir
please upvote my coment/post

Why good job ?????