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RE: A post of much greater value. How to increase your VOTE COUNT dramatically, just like the big fish do.

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Awesome post @bycoleman,

I was trying for a while to understand how the whole post boosting works, i managed to get a few upvotes from minnowbooster by sending it sbd directly wrom my wallet, but it is way too transparent that way, as everything is recorded in the wallet.

Now i know there is a way to use the service without exposing your noobhood :)

Though i think those bots and services might be a not such a good thing for the platform in generally.

I have been writting posts of several thousand words for several days, just to get 9 views witout using bots, but i guess if i would invest more time in looking for "forced comments", "upvote for upvote" and all those other debatable strategies, and pehaps invest some money in the voting bots, and spend wayyy less on creating content, I would probably get more upvotes, and therefore earn much more from my posts.

So i am not sure the whole voting bots aspect of this platform is sustainable, as it might make us loose track of making good content and only concentrate on gaining influence and ratings (though it probably should go hand in hand).

But for now, steemit is a big ocean and to get ahead, you must try to cling youtr ass to a few dolphins or hopefuly a whale or two as best as you can, be those real life, human, steem-ocean mammals, or digital ones.

So thanks for the post for clarifying a few questions i have.


Once again @carpedimus, you have a indeed hit the nail head on.

First, I can tell you that it is VERY difficult to get your great articles noticed when you have no followers. I believe it is very important for you to write only one or two articles a week and then spend all the rest of your time engaging and curating. Build up the connections first, then write the killer articles.

I really do not recommend upvote4upvote nonsense, I have done it and it just does not match the character I want for Steemit or myself. But promotional tools can be very useful to get going, they are something that you should definitively use when the article is worth promoting.

If everyone uses these tools and it is not good for the platform, then market pressures will prevail and they will disappear, until then use them wisely.

Thanks for the tips @bycoleman , I have already re-read some of your posts 4 or 5 times, really helpful my friend!

And although I feel really awkward sending my hard earned steemit coins to some software, just to have this software visit my posts and pretend it is interested in them, strange...but hell... beats having 9 views on a post that took me 17 hours to write.

They are simply tools to help get quality articles some visibility.
Junk articles will not benefit and are not worth throwing money at them.

In your case, you are creating quality and a visibility boost might be all that is needed to get a real following.

It is really hard to type with the kangaroo looking down at my key strokes.

Many blessings!

Lol, the Kangaroos are always looking...

Thanks for the compliment brother, trying it out with my huge claims on my latest post, lets see how it works out.

I would just start with MB and buy some votes from your balance. In order to really get things noticed it takes a LOT of promotion. The good thing about MB is does not cost anything in the long run, you will break even at worse.

Feels very awkward...but i will try to look at it as google adwords for now :)

Hi CarpeDimus!
I agreed with you. You briefed wisely.

Sharing similar thoughts... :) !

So please share them, steemit is all about sharing ;)

Ok... thanks for the encouragement :). When I manage to write something imho worth reading... I'll let you know!
Ps I'm missing some Private Messaging system over here :)

You just did my friend, at least for me...thanks for the awesome comment on my introduction post, it was much appreciated.

You are right about about the chat, would be nice tonhave it seemlesly built imto the platform.
But for now we have steemit chat, discord and telegram.

You are welcome to PM me on discord or telegram if you have any questions i might help with, or just what chit chat for a bit :)

Discord : carpedimus#3883
Telegram: @carpedimus


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