Images Free Gif For STEEMIT Community, Upvote - Follow - Resteem (ANIMATED BANNERS FOR PLACES AT THE END OF YOUR POST)

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Greetings Steemers, on several occasions I have published graphic material to enrich the Steemit community, with original content and good quality. On this occasion make animated banners with the terms UPVOTE - FOLLOW - RESTEEM.

These versions are totally free, to thank all that has provided me this platform in all the time that I have been in it. You can use them in your post or on your personal page and social networks..

Right click on the image and give it "save image as" in case it is useful to you.

I have other customized versions where you can order your Banner with your STEEMIT username and colors and preferred shapes. These versions will be made by order using Steemtit.Chat, my user is "@ carlos.head". Here I show several examples - They come more post with more models-.

You can also make static layouts for some of these fully customized examples. Wondering how much these custom versions are worth? For what you believe are worth - I leave you to your discretion in giving a small donation to encourage me to continue working in this excellent community.

If I download one for you, I ask you to "RESTEEM" it so that someone else can download it too.

Have a good day everybody I hope you are well liked

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I am trying to upload the gif to Postimage after it's saved on my computer, but I am getting an inter server error. I suppose it is because of the extension .gif on the video. Do you have any advice?


In response to my question, I found a great site that allows you to upload gifs and paste them to the Steemit post. Basically, a syntax converter to markdown.

Steps to convert gif:

  1. Visit and navigate to the top of the screen where it says 'New post'
  2. Upload the gif that is saved on your computer
  3. hover over the gif and copy
  4. paste onto the post and add extension '.gif' to the url

I hope that helps ❤️ !

Really great content. Can't find you on steemit chat. Either that or I really don't know how to use Steemit Chat. Was wanting to ask if you could do a random one for me?


Sorry for not having answered before @danielwong. You can find me on disk. I do not use steemit chat. On servers like curie ... Steemgigs etc. Thank you

resteemed, Nice !

Thanks for awesome creation. I think I will use some of these. Following you now.

Hey so I saw your and I was wondering if it was connected to this or our steemit accounts in any way?

Great post, thanks buddy. Upvoted and Followed, but I can't to Resteem, cause I didn't see resteem icon.

thanks man. i like all these. cool!

This is awesome. Thank you for the excellent work.

WOW, @carlos cabeza!
Great work!

thanks for the great work! that's are amazing, i am really appreciate your work and i am following you!


I posted the link to here in my post...just posting

I was looking for them but did not find a good one on google. Thank a lot.

I followed you.


Thanks a Lot.


You're welcome.

you are a god send.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing

How does this post has only 60 upvotes? this is awsome!

I copied one...thank you so much!💕🌺

Thank you, You are a gentleman, a scholar, and clearly a good graphic designer. Are we allowed to alter the .gif to match our profile?

These are really nice though, I truly thank you. I will send a small gift.

Just stumbled across this now, super, super helpful, thank you so much!

Excellent imagery. Thank you for sharing.

Really nice of you to share these.. This post should have more votes. Thanks so much.

No soy muy de sobrecargar las cosas, pero coño tío.. Me convenciste.
Voy echar un ojo al resto de lo que tienes por aquí.. me gusto el más "sencillo", el de los tres ticks con fondo blanco "limpito".

Pero seguro, que tienes muchas más cosas :O


Gracias hermano @rosepacpor tu comentario, en mi blog vas encontrar muchas más imágenes creativas de todo tipo.

Thanks a lot. Good job !


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I definitely am going to take advantage of this. Thanks!

Thanks a lot!

This is great, I'm decently going to use them

Good content for making a beautiful blog. Thanks for this free animated gif