Celebrating 2 weeks as a Steemians. SECRET AND BENEFITS OF STEEMIT part2

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IMG_20180219_092446.jpgHi everyone, am glad writing the second episode of my two weeks on Steemit. Thanks to everyone who supported my first episode, you all keeps the fire burning in me.
Yesterday I mentioned a point on what I discovered to be secret and benefits of been a Steemian, once again I thank @teekingtv for telling me about this great family and I appreciate everyone on this platform for supporting and helping each other grow.
Today am discussing another benefits you get been a family of Steemit.
Have you noticed your knowledge has increased since you became a Steemian, well I don't know about you but it is something I observe in myself. I have been able to get more knowledge on this platform. When I started two weeks ago I had the mindset of just posting but I started seeing great knowledge and I said to myself that "Tomiwa you need to learn more from great authors in the platform.
This knowledge is not restricted if you are willing to learn from the platform, it is just really wide
Poetry and stories
Crypto currency
There are countless knowledge here and I see this as an opportunity to learn while you are delivering your own content too. I urge everyone minnows to learn something great from the platform.
I believe learning makes you better, it is just like gold increasing it value..
I am a fan of meeting new people and in two weeks I have met alot of members from this family and they have always encouraged me to be myself here. Meeting new creative, intelligent, funny and interesting people is a benefit in a way that you have a role model, and you can definitely follow their foot steps for free. Is that not amazing?
There are numerous benefits for we minnows on this platform, follow me @captain-tom for the next episode and remember to Resteem to educate fellow minnows.
If you missed the previous Episode, follow the link below.
Love you all, let make this family bigger and best.

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