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Ok guys I have been spreading the Steem It platform to all my uber customers every time they ask what my tag means . I don't post much but here is one I thought was worth posting!

Please resteem this post so one day all 50 states have the same tag! As well as every country!

This is a 100% steem power Post

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It’s my pleasure! Steem On!


Im so glad you read my post! Thanks for giving me this idea!!


Bright days ahead!

Hey, it is Rafael, the uber costumer that u took from sunny isles on my bachelor party! we talk a lot about cryptos! i finally got my steemit account, so im new here! hope you doing great! Take Care!! HOOOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Marketing" someone once said is simply a battle for people's attention. The more places, the more exposure, the larger the community will become. It really is that simple! Bravo on the plate idea! Need some bumper stickers near the plate for further direction. Keep on Steem-in!


Bumper stickers would be an awesome idea! Do those exist?


If not, make them! I hope the logo is open for reuse by users.


Yes the Main Thing is Im In a Heavy tourist area where I have people from all over the world every day. So it's planting seeds all over the world.

that is lit and legit :-)

We need more people like you.


Thanks For your kind words

good job


Thanks all for the Steem Team!!


That's awesome! What a great way to get the word out there! :D


Thanks , I'm not a great writer so I decided to do my part the best way I know how. "Selling"


I can absolutely appreciate that! We all have our strengths and ways to contribute.

It's the contribution that matters, not so much how it's done! :D


Thanks please resteem it so everyone see it! 👍

Good job dad

Nice one

@steemittalk podcast brought me here!


That's awesome!!!

Cool. Upvote and resteem for you)

Your reward for being in Promoted is an upvote.
Good job, keep your contents promoted! :)

That's so awesome! What a great idea :-)


Thank you ! Just if you promote it don't get there expectations up to high! Promote it as a hobby .

Brings and Shares Popcorn



Good idea and nice car :)


great idea :)

This is a very simple but effective marketing strategy. Never seen anyone pull this move to market Steemit. Love it!


Steem On!

How super cool is that !!!?
Have great fun and times Steeming (driving) your car

This is amazing

hahaha this is GREAT!

Resteemed :-)




You are welcome :-)

Waouw. Great idea and marketing :) Upvote and resteeming ;) Greetings from Belgium :)

Like a boss! Upvote for sure!

Good work 👍🏿

Nice plate :-)

This is really nice :)
Please check out my blog and support with a follow back. Thanks :)


Thanks :)

That's a really awesome idea! We need more innovative grassroots promotion like this.


Thanks , and thanks if you resteemed it as well!!!

i like your regitretion plate ;)

wow, amazing.!!!
Great post.
I like it.
follow, Upvote, and Resteem....

Great way to grab attention of new potential users. You will inspire the next generation of bloggers by taking small steps like this.

excellent job.


fantastic promotion idea

You da man Capper! Upvoted, and hopefully I can snag this for a TX license plate

~ Mark Downing

amazing idea

Your post may net you a pre-calculated amount of steem. But this stunt you pulled and your continual passionate advocacy of Steemit has the what is in effect unimaginable potential to grow our platform away beyond what numbers and metrics can express.
Awesome post my friend.
And I absolutely dig that vanity plate. =)


Thanks , I was hoping I would get a vote from @ned especially since He was following me. I'm sure he saw it. I just do my part and worry about the things I can control and let the rest take care of itself.

Yesss, cool plate. Love to have one here in Germany.


Great idea !

Australia has a new set of Steemit plates, too.

Yas... Please resteem this post so one day all 50 states have the same tag!

Awesome! I wonder if you can get it in Croatia?