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The HF19 update was great. This is going to open the door to a non-stop flood of new users. The price of Steem will soon be rising.

For newer Steemit accounts such as mine, I earned more on Steemit in one day than all other days combined. After joining at the beginning of June I am really seeing the benefits that Steemit has to offer. I'm so glad that I am apart of this in the earlier stages.

Steemit is an amazing social media platform. However, I am not liking the current male to female ratio. So it is time to make some changes around here.

This Is My Plan To Ruin Steemit

I am building a website that is going to benefit Steemit bloggers, umm, what I meant to say is that I am building a website that is going to benefit Steemit beauty bloggers. I have made it my goal to bring over so many beauty bloggers that you yourself will begin to think of Steemit as a beauty blogging website.

Currently this is a male dominated platform. That is going to change real quick. Steemit is going to be hit by a force so powerful that it is unable to ever recover.

Steemit As You Know It Will No Longer Exist

The new Steemit will be one of great beauty. Beauty bloggers will be the greater majority. The most popular tags will be "mua", "beauty", "haul", "grwm" and others a like.

There Is No Stopping Us


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Lol.. I wouldn't say that's ruining steemit though I'm sure you were being tongue in cheek and joking.. I think that's great! The more people from all walks of life who come over the better it will be for everyone in my opinion.

I've never been great at threatening people

But I try.. lol

OH NO! just kidding, sounds fun and like a good idea. Us nerds need someone pretty to talk to. I hope no offence was taken, just playful is all. Good luck on your endeavors and thank you for posting!

One day you guys will be the ones that feel out of place here. lol

No, I think we can all manage to co-exist just fine. =)

I fee l the same, we all are working to better the community. :)

Oh wow, as long as I'll get to model with the beauties I don't mind lol.

Steemit calendar coming soon!! 🤔🤣

I must say there are already lots of woman on Steemit. When I joined I didn't feel it immediately, but it's possible to see a few girls on the last SteemFest photo. I'm sure we have much more woman now than​ in past November​.

Anyway your idea is great, there are a lot of beauties around! :)

Very few beauty bloggers.

Oh, you're right on that! Maybe you can launch that movement here! Steemit is just starting! Noticed you are already launching​ some new tags, keep it coming!

Steemit completely changed the plans I had for Capital Pink. Finding Steemit was one of the best days of my life.

Ahah, I can imagine what you must be feeling now!! I always believe in this platform, even in "darker days". I was never very attached to other social sites, and what I'm feeling about this Steemit community let me say...we are going to rock the world!!

I wish I was on Steemit in the "darker days". Steem would have been so cheap to buy!

Yes, Steem was very cheap not while ago, I didn't buy​ any...grrr!! More, I even sold some when it reached $0,25...because it had double its price, ahah, so silly!