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RE: Curation rewards explained in great detail

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Why it is so complicated is because they have to counter auto vote bots. I don't really know why they picked 30 minutes either. I don't like the current algorithms at all. They should just give people enough time to decide what to vote on and pay them every week.

If you vote after 7 days it doesn't add rewards, it only increases the votes by 1. It's fucking stupid, all your hard work is essentially useless after 7 days.



If you happen to know about the reasons behind this odd calculations, please point me in the right direction. There has to be a reason, it must be related to currency valuation and blockchain technology.

Thanks, @calamus056 . I´ll keep reading you, it´s very helpful.

I already told you, it's because of botting. If there is no reverse-auction system the fastest bot makes the most money.

With the current system it's all about who has the most patience. And apparently nobody has patience, because people vote in the first minutes when popular authors publish something. The whole algorithm is just a disaster.

Unfortunately I don´t understand what botting is, in this context. I have a slight idea it has to do with automated things in the internet...

Thanks, though, for the effort. Little by little I improve my understanding.

Oh, yeah a bot is software that automates actions.

:-) I know.

Another one. How are we sure that votes after the first week don´t mean any rewards? Is there a document stating that, or we know it by analizing the algorithm?

You can verify it yourself. Check your voting power on, upvote something older than 7 days and see what happens :)

I just voted for you calamus - after 3 months like you suggested and my voting power went up from 76.02 to 76.03. Does this mean we can get our voting power back by voting for lots of old posts?

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