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There are still so many content creators that are under rewarded. You might not realize that there are a few simple actions you could take to drastically improve the chances of success for those content creators. I'm going to exclude upvoting, because that's currently used as the main way to reward content creators. The ones described below are actually more rewarding than an upvote.

1. Following

This is the first action you could take when you truly like a certain content creator! You have to realize that this is more rewarding to the content creator in the long-term. There are 2 extra requirements to make this as effective as possible though.


  • Make sure you watch your feed regularly
  • Only follow a manageable amount of content creators so you can keep up with your feed

You can get more information on this topic by reading my article "Why following too many people will only hurt them (and you)".

2. ReSteeming

This is by far the most effective action you could take! Not only do you give your followers the chance to also see the specific content, they also have the ability to ReSteem! Your 1 ReSteem could be solely responsible for exposure to 100's or even 1000's of other users. You should not underestimate the power of a ReSteem, it's extremely powerful!

3. Commenting

Leaving a positive content is always better than just upvoting! A positive comment could be just enough to keep the content creator motivated to continue. It's less effective in a society that revolves around money, but it's always better than not doing anything at all to reward the content creator.

4. Donating

This action is optional, the other actions are all free and much more effective in the long-term. This action is a rarely seen, but if you truly want to do everything to help the content creators succeed, you can even give them a direct financial compensation on top of all the actions described above. The simplest way is to just transfer some STEEM or SBD.


If you systematically execute most or all of the above, you are really helping the SteemIt community! Let's be honest, we're all a little bit selfish and are guilty of not doing enough to help each other. We should all take the time to incorporate these actions in our curation system. If everyone treats others the way they want to be treated themselves, the world will be a much better place in no-time!

Don't forget to follow, resteem and browse my channel for more information!

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Great info for every Steemer. It is great how many ways there here to make money and enjoy the ride.


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Very good advice, truly indeed :)

good advice for us newbies, thanks.

All great tips. Too many great articles are left unseen and maybe we are not doing all that we can. Since I basically don't have any voting power I thought that I couldn't help anyone, but you showed me a different point of view towards this. I've never looked at resteeming like the way you wrote about it ! Thanks for the advice :)

Engagement - absolutely. It's a two way road as well. Those of us who are new must engage, curate and value the contributions of those around us just as much. Doing so persistently will bear fruit. 😎

Great advice that I've been implementing in my Steemit journey, I will be pruning my followed list of deadbeat accounts that only follow-refollow and contribute and curate nothing. My feed is pretty rapid but the signal to noise ratio is still higher than Facebook.
You've been followed, upvoted and resteemed, thanks for making Steemit a better place!

Great advice! :)

Great article. When I first joined someone freely gave me about 0.01 steem as well. I think its a really nice gesture for whales to welcome newcomers like this. 😌

I wonder how many people I will be able to follow without feeling overwhelmed by awesome posts.

Great! Resteemed!

Easy, clean, and valuable points. And a simple comment has definitely been keeping me motivated this week. Today marks my first week on here. I've already made a ton of mistakes and I'm still learning. I've realized some of the same points you share here and I've been thinking about putting them as a footer to remind us all to help ea other. Also Q for u - I can't find anywhere how make clickable text. How do u do it? And thx again! I resteemed ya.

Thank you for simplifying this game. The more I read post like yours the more I feel ground under my feet.

Still being new here, can I ask a question about resteeming a post?

I'm sort of trapped in the classic blogging mindset where resteeming something will 'mess up my blog'. For example, I read and comment on a lot of random topics, but I only write finance trading related posts. If I resteem say a sport post, then it doesn't fit in with what I'm trying to do.

Am I wrong in having this mindset?

You are so right about this! A lot of times, people just think of upvotes as ways to promote other's content, but the truth is there's so much more. I believe Steemit is a great community in which people help one another and spread the wealth. Because the truth is, we were all newcomers at one point or another, so why not help someone succeed on Steemit, just like in life? It pays to be nice and pass it forward. Thanks for sharing :)

Very motivating for newbies like me. I will never ask for anyone to upvote my post or to donate me some SBD, I don't want to sell my self-esteem for some pennies. I will post what I love and one day I will be a millionaire on this platform :)
Dreaming high but yes, that's what I want to acheive.

Commented and resteemed! You're absolutely right. If we all give we can all take!

great tips! upvoted

Thank you, very good advice, especially to follow only ones you really like / respect, so you can keep up with what you consider quality content.

It is true. We should be helping each other, growing together and making the Steemit community stronger.

Thank you for the valuable information. I agree that we all need to help each other. If the tables were turned, workable we want others to help us?

Excellent post brother, thank you for the information, I would like you to give me your support as I am new to Steemit and my only goal here is to make known to the whole world the situation that is living in my country, Watch my blog as much as you can, God bless you.

Good sounds advice for new people. Glad to see people sharing thoughts like this.

Hi @calamus056 I enjoyed your post and I'm telling - oops, resteeming LOL 😃

good post for newbies

Hello you did a good job by posting this post thanks a lot of man i hope all the best for you

That's a good tips..upvoted and followed you...kindly upvote my post..thanks in advance

Love makes the world go round!

Thank You so much for the help.

@calamus056 another great post. 3rd post in last 45 minutes. I believe you are destined to great heights here. You have my gratitude for your wonderful advices.

Thank you for posting this and good to see your posts making at least double figure rewards. Mine are highly undervalued for 2 weeks now and I think you talked about me in this post. Have a look at my blog please.


Only sometimes they are, and it usually depends on 1 person. The system is so unfair right now.


I would add a 'highly' before the adjective though.

This newbie thanks you @calamus056 Sometimes I get a little down and disappointed because i put a lot into my poetry to provide quality content. I just want as many eyes on it as possible. Which is why this type of article will help many of us. Everything you mentioned I am doing consistently to help others and will continue to pay it forward. Wishing you continual success.


Thanks, good luck. Don't give up.

thank you for the advice and thank you for 0.0001 steem :)