I bought a two-wheeler from steemit earnings : Day 1

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The #steemit family has been nothing short of an exciting journey for me. From @firepower who indirectly introduced me to this world to great support from users like @s4s , @hr1, I have made enough friends in the form of @rainsa, @bikash-tutor, @nelkeljdm, @wandereronwheels, @rogerloren, @pkvlogs, @thenomadictales, @steemflow, @silenteyes, @geetharao and others

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And I today managed to get back to four wheels thanks to all of you. And the earnings from here.

What is she
Its the Aprilia SR150 Race Edition : a 150cc moto-scooter that is also the fastest scooter sold in India

How much does she cost
All including, about Indian Rupees 82000 or about USD 1280

Did Steemit pay for it
Well, almost. I did a down payment followed by EMIs which I am sure will be dealt with from the earnings here

What will I call her
I will call her 'steem' for obvious reasons :-D

First impressions
Rode her for around 70+ km today, met friends and got used to the little pocket rocket. Will keep updating her in my daily blogs :)

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It is very good that steemit not only hobby, but also a way to realize some of your dreams and desires :) Thanks to all who help each other.


Congratulations @bunnypunia its look awesome enjoy it =)

Thanks @venela

Congrats Bunny.

Steemit helped me in planning my baby girls' birthday and there are many such things which are going to happen just because of Steemit.

I am really glad to be part of this wonderful community.

Your bike looking super cool. I would have ride it, if I were there. I would like to meet you all Steemians because you live in India.

Why didn't you bought Avenger or Thunderbird @bunnypunia?

Its great to hear stories about how steemit is helping people out with actually getting things that make life more enjoyable.

True @gyro

Everyone has story about how Steemit helping them. I am sure you too.

Thanks - as for avenger or thunderbird - well, I wanted something for easy commutes and the SR150 is the best scooter out there and hence :)
Followed you...

I also bought Activa recently and Steemit is helping me to pay my EMIs.

Scooters are easy to carry.

Wow - another example right here. Yeah, super easy i agree

Congrats mate awesome scooter

Thanks - the best scooter in india currently. Unfortunately we dont have big 250cc + moto-scooters yet

Congratulations! :)

Thanks man, look forward to your Delhi visit

@bunnypunia Congrats...really great to hear :) looking forward to meet u ..soon

Sir it is you who actually made me come to steemit.
I read your story somewhere online I think it might be cartoq and then I decided to come to this platform I really have no idea what this platform is and how to get on with it, I would be grateful if you could help me understand it.

welcome to the big little world of #steemit @amoghsharma - in a nutshell, this platform pays you in turn for creating quality content as well as encouraging others to create similar content (by replying to their posts / voting up etc)
Stick around, do a post or two - probably in the introduction section by tagging it (max 5 tags) and be patient. it takes a while but once you get the hang of it, its an addiction

Congrats Bunny.🏹

Thanks @sundararaj

Thats a great news. I was skeptical about spending time on SteemIt from past few days. My hopes are rejuvenated with this post.
Congrats mate.

Rome wasn't build in one day. Hang on here, do genuine and meaningful posts and the rest will be history :)

I am liking the SteemIT community now. Earning money has become secondary now. Its a great social media platform with enough techie articles too.
Follow what you like, they have everything here on SteemIT.

Awesome man! Congratulations on your new steed!
My bro is also planning to get used to riding scooters on roads and been asking my help with it. He's not used to the Delhi traffic. Once he becomes steady I could gift him one of these on his birthday. All thanks to Steemit :')

This is a pocket rocket for Delhi. Official figs are about 6.6 sec for 0-60 which is excellent

What was the on-road cost?

About 82k and you get 2.5k cashback from paytm - just in case

Congrats buddy


Congratulations friend, and "STEEM" looks good.

Thanks @inuke :-D

this is the reason why i say steemit is the best. helping and changing lives.

well said

Wow Congrats @bunnypunia . 'Steem' is awsome!!😊

Indeed :)

Congrats BP. It's the stories like these that makes us all keep going and putting more efforts.

With steem growing our earnings too are shooting up.

Hum sab saath saath hain

Congratulations man

Thanks bro

Congratulations @bunnypunia! That is a mighty fine looking two wheeler you have there. I bet it's really fast too!

fast by Indian standards :-D


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Seen, voted, followed. Great work there


as in...