Yesterday Was a Massive Media Day for Steemit -- Here's How You Can Keep Momentum Alive!

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After days of anticipation, my column on InvestorPlace Media, which discussed how Steemit represents a major risk to Facebook's seemingly sacrosanct dominance of social media, went live yesterday! You can check out my article here --

Ironically, although my Steemit postings advertising the mainstream coverage did not generate much interest, the mainstream media networks absolutely LOVED IT! Indeed, I was able to snag the "Big Three" -- a republishing through Nasdaq, MSN Money, and Yahoo News! This might even be the first time in history that extensive Steemit coverage was republished across the major networks on the same day!

Here they are for posterity's sake:



MSN Money


Yahoo News


Keep It Going! And Don't Resteem Me!

I've had many conversations with people who wished that more people would come onboard Steemit. Logically, more volume means more engagement, and therefore, more profitability for all of us.

Well, this is your opportunity! Share this InvestorPlace article -- -- with your friends and family! The more we get the word out, the quicker we can turn Steemit to the FB slayer that it is!

By doing this, you are also helping bring cryptocurrency news to the mainstream. Presently, I cannot write about bitcoin, ethereum, and the other cryptos because the interest is simply not there. But if you read my InvestorPlace article, it will prove that people are genuinely hungry for crypto (and STEEM) news!

Honestly, I'd much rather you visit my InvestorPlace article and share it on Twitter, Facebook, or what have you, rather than resteeming me. I appreciate the resteems, but in this context, it's sorta like crypto-masturbation. The point here is to draw new folks in, not circle-jerk each other.

It's Up to You...

You can either help build this momentum, or you can let it drift into Steemit compost. I'm alright with either option. But if you choose the latter, I will not be able to help the cause, so to speak. I'll be exclusively assigned to paper equity markets, while the foreseeable future Steemit coverage will have to be generated through internal circle jerks.

Now, don't get me wrong. Circle jerks are fun! But they're boring because they're preaching to the choir. At some point, we got to get out to the mainstream and acquire real reputation and real credibility.

Folks, this is it ... I started the story. Hopefully, you will compose the rest!


Nice to hear that it caught on.

I noticed it didnt get that much attention here, but as you say, that matters much less.

Yeah, it's great that the mainstream ran with it, but now, I'm being punished. I've got a couple of I'm assuming jealous whales that are deliberately downvoting my content -- you know of any way I can defend myself against these ridiculous attacks?

What would be a plausible reason for the downvotes?

I'm too new here to understand the politics.

I honestly have no of my posts was making $24 within 15 minutes, and then suddenly, after the flags/downvotes, I was down to $6. I'm only up to $9 or so, so the flags really hurt momentum.

I personally think it's jealousy, and I suspect, cultural tribalism.

I'll add you to my auto voter. I wouldn't let this get you down. Eventually you'll have more than enough support with the service you are doing for Steemit.

Thank you so much! Although I strongly feel this is an area that should be resolved...criticism is one thing, but to flag a post as inappropriate just because you didn't like it is just so petty; plus, it impacts my earnings.

I agree don't let it get you down!

You let them WIN if you let it get you down!


P.S. "Eventually you'll have more than enough support with the service you are doing for Steemit." <<<=== damn skippy

Don't worry, stay calm and carry they love to say. Just watch and wait. Wait for those over-bloated whales drown from their own weight, then just cruise on by.

If someone stole money from you, you wouldn't be singing such a tune.

Plus, I'm in the mainstream media. This abuse of power is definitely a risk to the Steemit platform, and I will disclose it as such if I have another opportunity to write about Steemit.

By the way, I'm not singing any tune and if I was in your situation I would be taking this as encouragement, not a mockery or whatever you think it is.

Mad respect getting your article published, I'll write something also, motivated me 😂🙌🏼

Awesome, thank you!

Ah damn it. I resteemed after reading the first couple of paragraphs. Guess I need to share it elsewhere too. Good work!!

Haha! :) Thank you so much!

Great work, I'm thinking your article had a lot to do with over 9700 new accounts on Steemit in the last two days!

If that was the case, that would be so humbling! :)

Congratulations! Links to the news sites and your post were included in wiki pages In the news and In the news/2017. Thanks and good luck again!

Yeah, I saw that ... that is so cool! Thank you so much for sharing this with me! :)

Great post, this was very useful. I'll be following you for more updates and news.

Thank you for your encouraging words! :)

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