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Hi you, ๐Ÿ‘‰ BrUpVoter followers, bidders and sponsors.

We need to announce that, in order to balance the ROI of our Sponsors, we have set the maximum ROI for our bidders to 15%.

We still will guarantee only positive ROI for our bidders, but to help us sustaining our non-negative ROI policy on a long term basis, we ask for steemians who approve our initiative to delegate STEEM POWER to us.

To delegators/sponsors/SP Holders

Considering the non-negative ROI bid-bots, we offer the highest rates in the market. If you delegate with us, we pay out 100% of the STEEM and STEEM Dollars received daily from vote buyers.

If you appreciate the @brupvoter team work as a fair vote promoting service, please resteem this post and help us to grow our community.

Best Regards,

BR-UpVoter TEAM, Jul 19th, 2018 at

Traduรงรฃo para a comunidade Brasileira e da lรญngua portuguesa

Precisamos anunciar que, para equilibrar o ROI de nossos patrocinadores (delegadores de STEEM POWER), definimos o ROI mรกximo para os nossos usuรกrios em 15%.

Nรณs continuaremos a garantir apenas ROI positivo para nossos usuรกrios, mas para nos ajudar a sustentar nossa polรญtica de ROI nรฃo-negativo a longo prazo, pedimos a todos os que aprovarem essa nossa iniciativa que deleguem STEEM POWER para o @brupvoter.

Aos delegadores / patrocinadores / detentores de SP

Considerando os bid-bots que garantem apenas ROI positivo, nรณs oferecemos a taxa mais atrativa do mercado. Se vocรช delegar SP conosco, nรณs pagamos 100% dos STEEM Dollars e STEEM recebidos diariamente dos nossos usuรกrios.

Se vocรช aprecia o trabalho da equipe @brupvoter, por favor, encaminhe este post e nos ajude a crescer nossa comunidade.

Equipe do BrUpVoter.

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Would you please check this two transfers: @brupvoter

Skรฆrmbillede 2018-08-24 kl. 19.50.25.png

Skรฆrmbillede 2018-08-24 kl. 19.50.40.png

Thank you :-)

Hi @brupvoter , I have not received an upvote for the fallowing link:

Please double check:)

I sent steem for an upvote but I received only an comment but I did not received an upvote. The link to the post is

I will double check it

Thankyou brupvote
you are the best ;)

@brupvoter hey will you upvote my post or can u refund my 3.5 steem :)

@brupvoter, I sent 1 SBD two times with the same memo due to transaction error. Memo:
Can you please refund one of the two payments I made? Thank you.

@brupvoter, I sent 1 SBD two times with the same memo due to transaction error.
Can you please refund one of the two payments I made?
Thank you.


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Hi.. 8 hours ago I sent you a bid as much as 4 STEEM.. and still not receiving any upvote.. please upvote.. here is my link

You got a 5.07% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @brupvoter-fund!

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