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RE: A post of much greater value. How to increase your VOTE COUNT dramatically, just like the big fish do.

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@bycoleman Thank you for explaining how that works so well. You made it very clear and easy to understand. As a 9 day old user I have been seeing a lot of this minnowbooster stuff and have even done a little preliminary research but your explanation makes everything quite clear. As a new user my biggest hurdle is getting those views. I have been posting quite a bit more than I had ever expected to post but I have become very intrigued with the platform and Want to learn to become a better contributor. Although I think I have had some decent post so far, as I said in my response to your last posting I am getting next to no traffic due to the fact that new post disappear fast and don't get seen. I can see why new users might resort to this as a way to get themselves out there. My goal is to build relationships through commenting on other users posts and hopefully have them view mine and eventually upvote me. A long journey is ahead.
Thanks for the infor and I look forward to more!


I'm terribly new myself--about two days old...(wah! wah1 (that's a baby crying--lol!) Anyway this is a strange platform albeit an interesting one. Having written umpteen articles on the WWW and seeing little results because of the overcrowded market on YouTube, in the blogopshere etc, I think Steemit is at least new enough, and perhaps with time they will iron out the kinks. Hopefully by then we newbies will be a bit more savvy. So don't be hard on yourself. It takes time to learn. I plan to write a lot and "engage" and who knows what the future holds!

Thanks again,
Hang in there, stay engaged with everyone who stops by. Go out and read and comment earnestly and honestly. You will be noticed. And use these tools to help the process along.

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