Congrats Arrogant Steem Whales

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Steemit Your Dead to Me

This will probably be the last post I will actually waste my time writing. I hope the Steem Whales that bitched about everything and changed things to this crappy perverted system that they though would make steem great again... So just like a centralized government they have steered steem into position where no new people can really join and profit, and the dolphins - minnows are leaving because you can earn better else where. Just like FB Libra you think you can control something that is supposed to be decentralized. Well that's just an oxymoron. I'm sure there will be great projects built on the steem blockchain, and I'm sure someone will come up with a better social network. Instead of fighting bid bots, the steem whale elite should have come up with a better promotion system than the bots. That's how you make a system better and get rid of unwanted systems. Instead they implemented featured, where you have to be "approved". That sounds like more centralization to me. So now they can pick and choose what lucky person gets at least some exposure. It couldn't be more centralized if you ask me. Things are so bad here the price isn't even sharing the rally the rest of crypto is having right now. That says it all. It was fun while it lasted. I'm OUT!
Here's where I'll be
I think streaming will be the future of social networking because well its more..... social


The platform has a way to suck the life out of you........Take a few days off, maybe you'll get the itch to get back to posting some content......Good luck

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