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Today at 1 am, I lost a friend, a great steemian I met early on when I joined the steemit army. A father, proud American, Veteran and MY FRIEND.


He was a warrior, an exceptional human, mister positive and great STEEM curator. Sunday morning Engagement Leaugue talk and a whole lot off other stuff we had an opinion on. You loved our welcoming terminal and had a #payitforward hart.

Although we were a milion miles apart, and in different timezones we talked every day. Had fun, ideas and talked steem.

Dear Wolf,

I knew the moment you were not there when you were supposed to be there, the end came. The battle was tough and unfair. You stood ground, untill 1 o’clock. You left instructions to contact me, and i am forever gratefull for that.

So my 4 o’clocky today , i know it was a favorite of you, Is a tribune to you and a BIG thank you, for being the first one that really made my steemjourney a personal one.

I have so many more words but tears won’t alow it.

Have a safe journey untill we meet again Some sunny day ......


Love B


Every burden we bear presents a challenge to conquer, a light to be found. In my life I had laid my burdens on strong shoulders with the knowledge they would be conquered. Those shoulders were not my own, but my fathers. The light shown me, came through him. Two days ago, I was presented with a burden to bear, a challenge to conquer. My father passed away. I could not lay my burden upon his shoulders. I could not seek his light, or so I thought. Today I feel as though my burden is again lifted to his shoulders, his light shines once more. His Steem community, this community, has shown me his light through the amazing words and works presented from all of you. Dad was a positive man. He was a proud man. As I look upon these post I feel proud of him. Yet, if he were here standing next to me, he would simply say, “Do better than me.”
You have all helped a grieving family. You - who are hundreds or thousands of miles away have helped a grieving family deal with a devastating loss. Your impact is immeasurable.
I hope to get to know you all, and I will do my best to continue on in my father’s footsteps.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you all.

I'm glad that you checked in and have seen the impact your Father had on so many of us. Know that without being part of this community of people it's hard to understand the bonds that are formed, but they are strong. Your Dad had a big heart and was always willing to lend a hand. He will be missed.

Please accept our condolences from the entire eSteem team. Your father was one of most active and loyal user and we will miss him!

@esteemapp thank you for the Nice comment its appreciated by me immensly

Dear Robert,
Welcome to you here on the steemisfere. We are PROUD that you are in your fathers footsteps and Will help you start the new chapter !
You Will love it here ....

Dear Robert, My sincere condolences. We will miss your dad so very much and you have no idea how delighted I would be to see you keeping his account going. I am here to help you find your way around Steem anytime you have a question.
Hugs to your mom from me.

Farewell on your new journey, brother...My heart goes out to all the loved ones who will be missing you.

I'm heartbroken @brittandjosie! He was such a wonderful man... things won't be the same here without him.

Not sure if you know, but we rescued a kitten when he was first diagnosed with cancer...she shouldn't have been alive, a real fighter...so we named her Wolfhart, Wolfie for short. Our friend @wolfhart loved the idea of "him" snuggling up with Brian and I every night, but he especially loved that the wee kitty loved and snuggled me more lol Exactly where @wolfhart said he'd prefer😊

A one of a kind man and I will miss him dearly ❤️

I knew the wolfje story, he told me and he always talked about Brian and about you. I Will miss all the endless talks and the fatherly advice. I am devistated and proud at the same time.
I hope his legacy Will be a comfort for the non-steeming wolf family and i Wish you strenght and love.
Blog to you soon.

We talked a lot, and I was always amazed that he was more concerned for me and Brian than it seemed he was for himself! Such a great guy <3

How are you guys doing, @lynncoyle1? It's been a while again :0)

That's our story hey? "it's been a while" lol

We're are doing well actually; still enjoying life and each other. Could always be worse I think! What about you and yours?

Glad to hear that 👍

Nothing much changed here during the last year. Except for my mindset, maybe - I almost see just as many positives as negatives these days, instead of only the negatives, lol 😉

I never knew from your engagement here dear ! @simplymike

I've been out all winter - No engagement, because I couldn't handle it.
I did publish a couple of posts about it last year, but I limited those because while writing them, I felt guilty. because compared to others, like Brian and wolfhart, I thought I didn't have the right to whine. The few times I did, guess who was the first one to tell me to not feel guilty about it... @wolfhart, of course 😉

And, I'm pretty good at keeping up appearances. 😂
I was taught not to bother others with my personal issues. It's because of this place that I opened up a little more, both here and in real life

Your personal issues would never be a bother to me buddy!! Glad to see you're seeing the glass half full and half empty ... nothing wrong with a little reality :)

I remember that story....
Although me and @wolfhart weren't very close, we talked every once in a while. Mostly, it was him cheering up me... :0(
I will surely miss him :'0(

Cheering up was his favorite thing to do

A huge loss :’( I wish everyone who knew and cared for him strength. Carpe Diem

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Hi dear indeed CARPE DIEM most of us take life for granted

So sad to hear/read. I am glad someone reached out and let you know, that you reached out and let us know. I will miss him, he was upbeat, and had kind words for all, he will be missed.

Always a kind word in his position fighting his life fight, i make a bow and take of my hat.
And he prepared to let the community know, i was honored to be picked and to be called His friend

These are very sad news. I has rooting for him all the way. I hoped that he could keep fighting it, he surely had a fighter's spirit. 😖

I know he loved the pifc crew and you were a great addition to that family that Made him proud, he Will be missed in the paying forward house, offcourse we Will make sure that great work Will stay on the block

My heart breaks and I will miss him very much. Thank you for letting me know. You were a great friend to him and made his last days so much happier with the arrival of the goody box you sent. I hope all the seeds he planted grow into healthy plants and bring a bit of a smile to his family.

I had hoped he had the time to make it into a baby tree tuesday or a simplymike garden blog.
We laughed and the fact he ate the chocolate after treatment , Made me smile, ohhh welll dear i ( we ) have so much in 1,5 year to look back on, i hope robert Will take the account and fly to whaledome with it. But he might need us.
Talk soon

You know you can count on me! Feel free to let him know that I am always here to help.

That was the answer i was hoping for. I Will contact him and share the message thanks i love the fact you are with me on this one

100% I will do all I can.

Well iT looks like you have too good news

Sorry for the lost. ❤

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Thank you eliza

I am so sad to hear this. I knew he was ill, but not how ill. My condolences to all who love him.

Yes the body survival alot but God thought it was his time, unfortunately!
We lost an icon , an steem icon

I did not know @wolfhart but after reading his last post I felt the sadness hit me…..…and also a content feeling because he had a loving supporting family and you guys on the Steem Blockchain.

My condolences @brittandjosie

ps: There is a cure

There isbutits to early for a cure, and the steem blockchain is huge but one big family in good times and bad

It's so good of you to let us know, and not an easy post to create @brittandjosie. Virtual Hugs ❤

Thanks Jill , it was edited 5 times due to tears , but he deserved this and so much more!

@brittandjosie @wolfhart

You already know how I feel... so...

Unbroken Chain.jpg

This broken chain text i will treasure , thanks Wes, and thanx for being there, always , ..... with cigarette hahahah

It’s deeply saddening to lose a fellow supportive brother but the inspiring part is to know that during the limited days he had a drastic impact was made!

And thank God its on the blockchain forever, and his impact was huge, and i am proud to say he was my friend

Oh no! I hadn't written to him for a couple of weeks... I hope his last days were peaceful.

Well the battle was fierce and unfair

I am so sorry to read that ;( .. I only knew him for a few weaks, but I found him to be a very strong and nice person .. thank you for sharing that post with us .. I imagine it must have been hard for you to write it ..

It was hard but i promised and with alot of tears and 5 times edit i did it, and i imformed like i was supposed to , thank you for your message

So sad for your loss and wonderful that you could develop such a close friendship and that he had such an influence on your steem journey. Lovely way to honor your friend and may he rest in peace!

Yes we all have our favorites for different reasons but this was the whole package, i Will miss that.
Thank you for your kind Words

I'm really sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences

I highly appreciate that, and i does help.

I am very sorry for your loss, and saddened to hear of @wolfhart's passing. We all have to go sometime, but cancer is definitely a terrible way to go. He fought a good fight, though, and seemed to be beating it for a while! I am glad he left instructions for someone to get word to you. I have done the same, left instructions for someone active on the blockchain to be notified, and hope others will do the same. I wish you comfort, sweetie... 💖

We talked about it after soyrosa and me did a blog about crypto and having or making a Will.
So great to hear you Made arrangements too.
As you said we all go, better prepare ourselfs.
And thankyou for all you did insurance house while i was to sad to do anything.

He's gone @brittandjossie? He left us? Really? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Sweet sister , yes we lost out mentor, i know you two had a strong PIFC connection too,
Take care , we need to move on and blog proud

My condolences. :( <3

Thank you so much, we blog to little, hope you are fine. Blog soon

Oh... damn! I barely knew @wolfhart, but the small glance into his life he gave me through those few tagged and untagged googly posts, the show of strength in his soul and the positive spirit which he brought along in these blunt and honest yet heartfelt accounts of the daily struggles... I was honestly deeply impressed with what little I got to know about him.

I found myself checking his profile several times throughout this week, looking whether he had made another comment, whether he was still holding up... It's strange, I've never really talked to him, but I still feel like he had an impact on me.

I'm actually close to tears.

@wolfhart, you won't be forgotten!

Dear @fraenk, thats so great that you wrote that cause the impact he made on people with this curation , funny comments and his strong opinions, i Will miss the most, and he won the last googly contest thats special too, i dont know if he saw, i hope cause i know he would say, i forgot the googly tag and i threw eyes in my food and i won hahahhaahah he loved it
I appreciate your message , And i am in tears too

yeah... I like to think winning the googly show gave him a good smile during his last days with us.

I’m very sorry to read this post and although I had not much contact with him I was aware of his fight... and I know perfectly how it feels when you loose some of your beloved ones.
I can only say that this is not the end, this life as we know it is only a spark in the infinite of our existence, I’m pretty sure and confident about this.
Sending you a warm hug @brittandjosie
Pd: we all one day will meet @wolfhart in an infinite discord session and we’ll laugh together

You wrote : I can only say that this is not the end, this life as we know it is only a spark in the infinite of our existence, I’m pretty sure and confident about this.
I Will stand up tomorrow and believe this to be true, i would love to meet up later in life, and talk steem, hell i might tell him i Made it into dolphin hood too😉👍

Really sad. A lovely guy to engage with, lighthearted whenever we spoke.

And a huge EL fan ! And a PIE fan too come to think of it

So sorry for your lost.


YES AND SOME ........ it hit me hard 😢

I am so sorry for your loss
Hugs 💗

Thankyou sheela

Very sad to hear this :( He seemed to be absolutely wonderful, a person of warmth and care, and his passing is a terrible loss to us all. My condolences.

All my love to you and his loved ones.

It is ad your condoleances Will geofferde to the family and are highly appreciated

So sad to hear this...
God please bless him with peace.

Yes give him peace and relieve him from his pain

My condolences. :-/ I wish you a strong beeing, for the next hard time. Do not be to sad. I am sure, your friend will see you be happy, in your life. Salve Alucian

Alucian, i love that idea, that he Will see me happy here, but the missing is huge and fresh but i will steem on, like he would do too.

so sorry to hear that. may he RIP


Thank you and indeed may he be in peace without pain

I did not know this man but I think I saw his avatar and nick in a couple of Steemit discords. :( So sad to hear this, may he rest in peace.

Hi @direwolfslair he was everywhere, always looking to help and teach and an power up mad man. He is a dolphin now, a proud one.

Very sorry to hear. The end of the circle of life is always hard, particularly when it is shorter than it should be.

Yes i would have wanted him to have a much bigger circle, and i would have loved more time to learn and to have just fun conversations

May his soul rest in peace...

And be painfree, that is my wish for him too

Oh @brittandjosie, I'm so sorry for you. He was one of my favorite people with a heart of gold.

I know he loved you and would have loved to havemet the xcountytravelers couple, but he was also proud ofus and the cooperatiom hhym and steemterminal , he said i cant refuse anything you bothwould eat me alive hahahahah

I can't believe this.. Few days back may be last week I talked with him.. Omg!! I still can't believe this news.. I am really shocked.. No way..

Hi dear PRI, its true , i couldnt believe it but knew when our meetup sunday morning wasnt possible.
Thank God he Made arragements to contact me.
I treasure the past

Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

My condolences to his family and to @Brittandjosie.

Rest in Peace, Good Friend; thanks for letting us know...

James from the bottom of my hart thank you , also for doing all the terminal work yesterday

Awe Wolfy ❤🌻❤
How little did i know the last comment we exchanged would be our last. RIP @wolfhart it was a pleasure to interact with you from near the beginning of my Steem journey. So much love to your family now tasked to continue here without you. You will me missed & always remembered.

He Will sure be missed both on and of the platform, but he loved the interaction, his lifeline outside of being sick, with all of us , so thank you

So sorry for the loss of a dear friend. My sincerest condolences. ♥️

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Thats highly appreciated

So sorry for our loss, thank you for letting us know. 🙏

I did what i had to do, and you message is appreciated it really helps thank you

Oh my God I was so hoping for this not to happen although I knew it would - I am in tears cause to me too he had become a great friend - he so reminded me of my dad whom I lost over 30 years ago to the same disease - rest in peace my friend - sorry for your loss too Britt :o

Dear Renata i knew when he didnt meet me on sunday, i never knew friendships on line could be so special. Bit it was and i know you had the same in PIF house, so we just have to move on and be as good as he is and was.

Sorry for your loss. And thanks for letting us know. He will be missed.

Informing is needed , cause the community was important to him

so sorry for your loss.. @wesphilbin let me know about your post through #steemusa ... I wish I had known him. My brother is battling with cancer at this time.

Hi Rebeccabe, you are in the middle of the battle from yourbrothers, its unfair, brutal and i wish we could find a cure, i wish you strenght and want to thank you for the comment here.

So sorry for your Loss my thoughts are with all of his family and friends

Thank you Jay thats highly appreciated and i Will send the message to the family.

Most welcome, Having Lost friends and family over the years I know how tough and sad it is

It's so painful to lose a great hero in the community, his demise will sure leave a heart filled with pain for a while. My short experience with him was such a memorable one and which stands a greater chance of missing him so much. Rest in peace @wolfhart

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Dear great artist, your art piece Will be so appreciated , i have sent the link to the blog to Wolfs family and i think in due time that Will be a piece of comfort to them.
It was beautiful

Thank you so much for everything and thanks for standing by all. You are unique

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I take that a s a compliment thank you

Really sorry for the loss. We all have to go one day. But it feels more terrible if we have to fight with such thing in our life. May god bless him.

Yes sometimes life is really unfair

Xxxxxxxxxx I have no words xx

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Me neither, we lost an icon

So sorry for your loss sweetie. There are no words that can comfort such a pain. But I hope that you will find eventual peace knowing that he is no longer in pain. Much love and strength to you and may @wolfhart rest in peace xxx

The fact pain is gone and he might be around somewhere is a great thought
Thanks dear is appreciated

They are hard moments but thanks to steemit we will have your thoughts and desires for eternity. Receive my condolences friend @brittandjosie

Felix that is so true, we Will have the blogs forever

A great tribute @brittandjosie. It took me awhile to get around to joining Pay it Forward, but I'm glad I did. @wolfhart had a great soul.

Thank you for the lovely compliment, and indeedhis hart was always paying forward and the blockchain Cannot do without that concept i think.

It is sad news indeed. Thank you for sharing with the community. I will always think of him as one of the building blocks of Steem, his dedication to the Pay It Forward initiative where I interacted with him about a year ago. Sometimes a person believes in something enough that they seem to transcend into becoming what they believe, and that was Wolfhart when it came to newcomers staying and growing.

My prayers are with his wife/family, and all of you who here in the community who held a love and respect for him in your hearts.

Dear @practicalthought indeed he believed in the payitforward concept, and it works, he was a builder and teacher. He wouldnt treat anyone in a different matter, he would always have tips and would always teach.
And he kept tabs and loved if accounts grew and did well.
Thank you for your wonderfull Words i think thats great to read and the family Will love it to.

Soryy for your loss. He was a great member of the community.

Indeed he Will be missed

My sincere condolences, my friend. My heart cannot endure any more loss. The loss will be felt for a long time, so much a part of the steem family he was.

Rest in Peace, Wolfhart. Rest in peace.

Hi Denise yes the steemit blockchain Will miss him dearly, and the knowledge of it for the new and smaller accounts lost a great teacher

I am so sorry to hear for the loss to both you and the Steemit community. Peace be with you @brittandjosie. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

Steemit lost an icon, i thank you for your message

A gentleman, a kind soul with always a positive word. I've spoken to him a few times but never anything but positivity. I take my hat off to @wolfhart for standing so strong where others would have given up and bemoaned their lot a long time ago. One doesn't have to know someone well to know their character and their heart and he was old school with a heart of gold. RIP @wolfhart and peace on your journey without pain and suffering. Thoughts and prayers to the family. May your sadness be comforted by the knowledge that he's still in your hearts and forever will be. Thinking of all who's lost a good friend. @brittandjosie sorry my friend.

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Dear Karolien, the fact that he Made an impression on you too in the short time you have been on steemit is one off the many stories and examples of his journey here. That would have Made him proud for sure
Thanks dear for the comment

Sorry for the lost, may he rest in peace. Hugss <33

Peace is what he deserves and without pain

sorry to hear about your loss. We loose once steemian its like loosing a family member.

Thats so true, steemitfriendships do exsist !

I am so sorry Sweetie 💖 Sending all my love , hugs and prayers


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Thank you, i hope he is at peace

Howdy brittandjosie..this is a great tribute to a great man and a great friend who so many will miss.

Dear Texas friend @janton yes alot off great steemians Will miss a friend and the newbies Will miss the best teacher there was

Yes, I couldn't agree more!

I've only interacted a few times with him, but I know that he was a great soul and I felt sad reading his updates about his fight.. Sorry to read that he's forever gone now... but thankfully for him, he's without any pain now..

My condolences for everyone that cared for him! <3

That fact to not have pain anymore must help everybody around him but he Will certainly be missed

@brittanjosie I am so sorry for your loss. Know that he is in a better place now without any pain and suffering. May this bring peace to you in your time of need. God bless xx

It helps a little bit, but the sad feeling is still bigger at this moment.
I hope that Will change untill than i thank you for you sweet message.

Sad news indeed my friend.
All strength to you and his family during this time.
May God hold your hand!

May God hold the hands that need it while putting this loss in a good place to remember, hard but nesseccary thank you for your kind Words

Never easy my friend and I have buried enough people to know that, even my own parents and many of my family.
People all carry their own pain in different ways and one can never know how they feel about.
Best is to lay down a few kind words and to work through one's own hurt.
Know that we pray for all, including you my friend.

So sad. May God strengthen you my friend

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I hope it does for everyone involved

Oh how very very sad. I’m so sorry, @brittandjosue, and all who knew and cared for @wolfhart.

Jayna that is highly appreciated

So sorry for your loss ... and I have been around here just long enough to realize how much your loss is a great loss for all of us Steemians...

Yes thats so true, i think you met in pay it forward a few times too, thank you for the lovely comment

Oh, man. I had positive interactions with @wolfhard on this site. We weren't super close, but I am sad to hear this.

My condolences to those close to him. May he find peace.

The positivity was always his thing, and helping out! He Will be missed

I didn't know this person but still it's so sad to know that one of our fellow steemians past. May rest in peace...

my condolences...

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I know you have a difficult family time at the moment too, and for you to leave me a message is very Nice. Strenght for you too

Such a sad news! He always managed to cheer me up with his lovely comments! He will be missed, no doubt about it!

The lovely and witte comments i Will miss

HIs body may have decided it was time, but he will always be apart of us. The strength and support he gave even when all of this started and through it all. He taught us a valuable lesson. Appreciate what you have. Don't dwell on things you can't change.
One of the things we would joke about was age. We both agreed that you are as old as you think you are. He said most days his mind had the energy and love of life that a 5 year old has, but the wisdom of an ancient to appreciate it.
I feel like I should make a joke, it's what he would want. The only kind of snarky comment I can think of is 'Well, I guess you got the last word." 💜💜😔 I wonder who you're going to harass first?

Hidear the comments and the humor, that Made me have tears in my eyes often, only not as the tears as i have now. The witty comments but also the things mentioned in blogs that i did in the past Made good Jokes onthe moments i needed it and vice versa, i Will always be paying back just to honour the blockchain
I lovethat you wrote thiscause i am smiling writing this comment, all because i am thinking of the last witty things he said. He Will be grately missed by all off us.

This is indeed a great loss. I have known him only recently when he went through the ordeal and still in the midst of the challenge he remained happy and bubbly and positive. An awesome man. He will be remembered forever.

Hugs to you Britt. ❤️

A great loss thank God for the message

That candle Will burn on / in the blockchain forever thats a Nice gesture.

Oh no it is very sad for his passing, I'm I follow him and must I left a comment or two on his blog in the past.
Having to know he is no more is a loss to the STEEM community 💔.

May he rest in peace.

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Yes is a very big loss for the whole platform and beside thatbits unfair

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Number one would have been the only spot @wolfhart would belong this time 12 sucks !!!

sad to hear those bad news, there is a friend died 2 days ago and now this.....so sad

So sorry to here that my condoleances and sorry that i reply only now , take care and we are here for you

I had heard about him, but I never realized what he was going through or just how great of a man he was, to those around him and the Steem community as a whole... The Steem community has lost a great member.

Cattle die, | and kinsmen die,
And so one dies one's self;
But a noble name | will never die,
If good renown one gets.

Cattle die, | and kinsmen die,
And so one dies one's self;
One thing now | that never dies,
The fame of a dead man's deeds.

- Hovamol 77-78, The Poetic Edda