I Interviewed Witness @Aggroed About Steemit & Posted It On My 10k YouTube Channel!

in steemit •  10 months ago

This week I was lucky enough to get a message from @Aggroed that he was in town here in San Diego and so we met up! First we got in a workout, which you can see more of here if you'd like on aggroed's blog: https://steemit.com/fitness/@aggroed/working-out-with-brianturner-in-san-diego

Then we went to Native Foods for lunch, which was aggroed's treat and then we sat down to talk about Steemit. I wanted to make a full in-depth informational video for my channel about Steemit on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/HumerusProgress which is where I post about entreprenurial topics and cryptocurrencies that my main channel isn't interested in.

What ended up transpiring was an awesome conversation firstly about the basics of steemit then the idea of how it works, what it's doing in the world, how it and crypto's give an opportunity to change the system we operate our money on, what you can do to use steemit effectively and to support yourself and a bunch more topics. It was great to meet one of the first people who helped me on the platform (along with @teamsteem) in person, we got along really well and were chatting the entire time we were together! I really enjoyed this and hope that there are some steemit meet ups or events in the future in SD or LA!

Check out the video and see what you think, I'd love to hear what you can add to the conversation! The video is also posted on my youtube channel and people will be linked here to this post to see what Steemit can do and how the community comments and interacts! Thanks for the support everyone and please check out @aggroed if you haven't for your witness vote and to follow!

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yeeee boiiii


Hey Pete, we were talking about you joining a bit in the car! Glad to see a fellow OG youtuber on here brother

good idea

The video is quite informative. I bet you have had a great time with @aggroed. He's a whale of steemit and he had contributed to the community in so many ways.


He has SO many ideas about steemit and crypto in general, it was really enlightening!


We look forward to people like you.

really nice 👍 thanks

You haven't been able to redeem paper currency for gold at a US bank since the 1930's when your pal and mine FDR signed executive order 6102, which limited the amount of gold a US citizen could own to about 5 ounces.


and that's where it all started going downhill haha


Yeah, strange that countries kept saving in usd ... would of thought they'd see they were next in line.

"I'm just doing my job and having a nice crypto life."

I want this quote as a T-Shirt! 😂
Thanks for promoting our blockchain on YT. This is the best marketing possible.
Also I saw @aggroed for the first time in a video, and I have to say that he is even more likable when you hear him talking than just reading his posts 😉
Awesome job! Keep on living the nice crypto life!


Hahaha I take pride in being one of the first to catch @aggroed on film and in photo :D Thanks for the love atmos!

Quite informative. I classify this video as a "Repeat". It means you watch it, let some time pass and watch it again, let some time pass and watch it again, etc. This way you get to absorb more meaning from it each time.

Steemit is the best thiing I have found since donuts...hehe @lovecoins here~

What a great interview, and an interesting post. Nice post altogether

Hi @brianturner, im new stemian in your bloge. I hope we will be good friend in this place.

congratulations for luck and insightful reward .. good luck with you

Thank you for sharing, sucses always for you,

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thanks for sharing such kind of amazing information. :) you naild it

Thats a great congrats for your view

really what change!

Good change...

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:0 agroeed is younger than I thought. Definitely you don't need to be old to be successful.

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Steemit womdeeful

Great interview! Your videos are great keep making them :) Steem is exciting!

Really enjoyed the interview. It was nice to hear @aggroed, who has one of my witness votes. Also nice to find another interesting blog to follow, @brianturner. 😎

Amazing video thank you!

very good idea, I will be visiting you now that I found the channel

Great interview @aggroed and @brianturner Thanks for sharing!! @journeyfeedom

Very good ideally

great ❤

This is a very important post!!! thank you for sharing
I am upvoting you!

Enjoy :-) live long life

A good plan idea in developing the economy.

OMG! This was such a wonderful interview. So inspirational to see that @aggroed started with nothing and now has an amazing inspiring account and is also a witness! YES!

Also, pretty neat to see what @aggroed looks like! I was always wondering. @aggroed, you would make an awesome base! :P Acroyoga!

Interesting your post bro @brianturner

Hello. I liked your post, keep it up. Good luck to you and have a nice day :)

Nice information...i likd it


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Thank You! ⚜

Very interesting interview. But for newcomers it's hard sometimes to get the exposure to actually start making those sbd's. Did you already had major exposure on youtube before you started using steemit/dtube? And did it help to get exposure on steemit more faster?

The devaluation of fiat currency is 100% intentional. The steering us into a cashless society and cryptocurrency is a big part of that agenda. We should use cryptos with great caution


True, there is caution needed as we move forward!

We also want to know more steemit what we do always prompt even during work time

it's an amazing interview, I am living in Russia and the money that I earn in steemit is reallly good for me, you are right that steemit helps a lot of people to grow, thanks for advertising steemit that way, steemit will be on the top 100 in alexa by the end of the year, and in a few years it maybe the first and even better than google. ☺

Good stuff @brianturner. Love to hear @aggroed talk. Amazing he's been here at Steemit only since August 2017.

Great Interview, thank you !!

upvote follow bunny.gif


I know, it's absolutely mind blowing!

Awesome interview, super interesting and informative. This gets me so hyped be more involved with the steemit and dtube community.


Me too! I got even more excited about steemit after this meeting with aggroed!

This is, by far the best crypto group on discord - https://discord.gg/xuByDZc

It was this vid that I watched earlier this week that made me further look into Steemit.
Surreal and excellent info.
Also had me looking at your previous vids and what you've done - totally dig it . Awesome stuff! Followed all the way. Cheers


Ayyy what? That's tight, I'm glad to have helped you join man!