Work as ONE on Steemit! Hang in there, crypto BOOM is coming soon!

in steemit •  11 months ago

Dtube wasn't uploading so i used the youtube link.

WHATS GOING ON STEEMERS! the video will explain the topics, but as i mentioned in the video I was going to include some links about the crypto boom thats to come.

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Only time will tell. We wait patiently. Steem On! & Crypto On!

Banks think that crypto is dead, but soon the dead will RISE



Definitely agree it's time to buy and hodl.

I just made a post about this (also happens to be my first SteemIt post ever). Shameless plug here is the link:

Thanks for the video.


I used to have 99% of my investment in Bitcoin, times have changed, whatever it dose next, i'm OUT! Just SOLD almost everything and Bought myself a brand new ford Mustang 😍
I vlogged it here:


I hope it goes up again to 19k $, that was the best time ever for me.


Well, good for you the car is looking nice. I don´t just get it why did you buy a new car? I mean I don´t know you or your life but one thing which is annoying me that 99% of the people want to buy fast cars, which is great don´t get me wrong, but isn´t it a huge opportunity to open up a business or giving money away to finance some great projects instead of buying a car?


lol i hate you xD but it must be said Congratulations !


thank @brandonscalera doing good job

Nice post my friend. Thanks for your effort

HODL. Dont panick sell. Crypto right now is like doing a fat chick. Slap her ass and ride the wave in.

Nice blog
Nice video
Tnxs for sharing information with us

So true, near the rear end of 2018 the crypto currency will have a massive spike so the time is now to buy and hold. Sweet video couldn't agree with you more. @brandonscalera

Nice Job :)

nice vid! can u do a review on ico


Yes, review on ico’s coming soon!

Best part of the video: "Steem is not yet number 1 but it has potential to be" - i strongly agree with your view on this :)

really nice info,
thanks for sharing :)
stay blessed

Hey that was a nice vid, and I agree with what you say. Each blog post to me is practice to get better, my most recent one I spent almost a full day on for fun. Steemit always has me dreaming up my next idea.

I'm curious as to why in your wallet you haven't converted everything to Steem Power, would you mind sharing your strategy on that?

really i ready for boom

I agree with you, this dip is just a dip. But on the other hand, the graph you are showing is kind of what already happened. Right now we are at a point beyond point 3. Too bad there is no way of knowing what that graph will look like exactly, yet.

I agree with you. The cryptocurrency market is still in it's infancy. People should hold onto their coins when the dips come. In fact, dips like we see now are opportunities to buy. Anyways, thanks for a cool video bro

You Made a Good Share
Thank You
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i appreciate your work friend!

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Sorry your promotion didn't go better.


Happens to the best of us.


Yeah. I haven't gone over .001 sbd for my promotions. I wish more people would support the advertisers so we could use less bots.